Aug 25

It Was Not A Sasquatch

A listener writes “I live in northwest Pennsylvania. And this is a little difficult for me as I never really believed in “big foot” or Sasquatch, or anything like that. I live in a town called Franklin but I grew up in cranberry township which touches.

My dad, big hunter! Always said there were other things out there and to be careful of big foot, I was intrigued but my mom usually hushed him up about it saying it’s not real or whatever. I remember some of his stories too, him and his buddy that owned some land use to say out a couple hours past sunset and continue to hunt. He always talked about things they heard, and seen in the distance. And what one saw one night through the cam on the gun but it was running too fast and dark they couldn’t tell.

I always thought as I got older, it was a bear, maybe a big dear; around fall of 2018, a year before Covid, I was driving early evening time, big wooded area, lots of fields, a few houses ya know. Something came out of the woods and ran across the road, right in front of me and took off into the field then the woods.

My boyfriend, has gotten me into your shows and stuff, and he’s been on it himself and he’s been telling me I have to tell you this. What I saw, it was not Bigfoot! It was not Sasquatch, it was very tall, it came out of the woods on all fours then stood up and ran the rest on foot into the woods, it was very werewolf like but not.

It was very skinny, I was able to make out the rib cage on the figure, very long arms! It was hairy but excessively hairy, the head was very human like, but also wolf/dog like, very long nose. But the head part had a lot less hair than the rest of the body. It paused for one minute after it crossed the road, probably a second honestly and that’s when it stood up on the back legs but the eyes were deep, almost like it was just an eye socket. It was very odd. I told people at work that night when I went in and one of my coworkers told me I saw a skinwalker and that she saw one as a child and it freaked her the hell out! She told me what the creature looked like that she had seen many years ago, and it did match the description I have of what I saw.

The more I’ve talked to my boyfriend about his encounter and listened to your stuff with him I’m just really stumped on what I saw! I’ve tried so many times to say it was a big skinny deer, or a coyote, but no deer, or coyotes are that tall! And they don’t run on back legs. I think about this encounter everyday! And it’s been a good few years but I have absolutely zero explanation for what I saw. It wasn’t a dog, it wasn’t something I’ve ever seen in the wilderness before.”

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  1. Richard W

    Do you remember of it having a tail, and possibly a mane down it’s back? I’m originally from Oil City and had strange experiences towards Rockland. Didn’t think Sasquatch at the time, but could have been. It’s possible you saw a Gugwe, which is a Sasquatch type having a long snout. Thanks for your post.

  2. Ron S

    Personally I do think there is something truthful to SkinWalkers or Shape Shifters. I’ve seen enough myself to know there’s an intelligence that can defy most of our logic and do things most of us would deem physically impossible.

    I realize I sound bat guano crazy right now to many people out there reading this… Well, so be it. For those of you who’ve seen or thought you saw something really bizarre for no good reason, maybe you did.

    You aren’t alone, remember that. It takes the most courage to come out and tell the strangest things, and you automatically get my respect.

    Maybe if I tell you my most “out there” theory to all of this, some of you can point at me and say “well, at least I’m not as crazy at that guy”, I say good as this is my intention. I hope it takes some of the pressure off others so we can all get our experiences out in the open.

    I think the majority of this weirdness and sightings is the same thing… if it’s something different and not meant to cause fear or confusion it usually has a very different feel to it, like a signature.

    But Alien, Sasquatch, Rake, Dogman, Shadowman, poltergeist, demon etc… other than appearance or where they’re seen what’s the difference, really? If you combined all those areas where they’re spotted I think that could potentially just be one entity covering every possible place a person could be.

    The nuttier thought I had was: What if all those creatures or entities are something like a decoy or even an indicator to how close we are to uncovering the deeper darker truth?

    Think of the possibility that we are indeed dealing with something that can change shape, visibility or appearance, structure or even physicality in this realm.

    What if we’re dealing with something that could mimic a creature or even a person? What if humans in power had made agreements with these things while they were posing in a certain form and not realizing what these intelligences or beings actually are or better known as?

    It would make more sense for something to gain control or power within media or government among other things, and then want to divide us, instigate infighting, cause us not to trust or know our neighbors… it would give an entity posing as a human much more room to do its thing as a humanoid and remain undetected wouldn’t it?

    So there you go, maybe something you haven’t thought of. You’re free to tell your less crazy ideas or experiences now without feeling like yours is off the deep end. I have a couple odd “people?” Stories for another time:)

    • Ron S

      Have you ever had a small rain cloud pass slowly by overhead, saw the rain approaching on the pavement, got rained on, and then wondered how that cloud ever held so much liquid weight to begin with yet still floats within our atmosphere (actually not even so high in elevation from the ground)? Could something be similarly created by man with as much weight and float as well?

      This is how my brain sometimes operates people, no scientific knowledge of jack squat yet I question everything. 😬

      • Ron S

        Maybe we could equip clouds with a form of liquid crystal display. We could play uplifting movies or messages on them (approved by the Foundation for Reuniting Everyone Equally) of course.🌞

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