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    Gabriel H

    Just wanted to toss out some educational material (not mine) reinforcing Northfork’s point regarding deer and their comfort ability with humans:
    Money the deer ~ Everybody eats


    LOL that’s awesome!! I love deer, I also love back straps and tenderloins too..
    Do you think they can tell?

    Teresa V

    Gum, do you have any reports of Sasquatch crashing into a vehicle, or are all of the reports you have about front end collisions? I’m just curious because I once had a big deer hit my car in the back and it then jumped over the trunk area. This happened over 25 years ago. I was driving a little Nissan Sentra. I was coming home from my mother’s house one Thanksgiving evening after dark. I saw this big buck out of my driver’s side window. And thought oh good I didn’t hit him and the next second, he hit me. I figured I had a torn up car. I pulled over at the radio station about a quarter of a mile down the road and got out to check my car. I didn’t even have a dent, but you could see the hoof marks in the dust in my black car as they slid across the top of the trunk area. I drove back down the road to see if I could see the deer injured, and he was nowhere in sight, so I’m assuming he survived. If a deer was dumb enough to hit the back in of a vehicle, I was just wondering if there were any similar reports of a Sasquatch doing this. If so, then I would be more inclined to believe Sasquatch were just misjudging speed and distance of vehicles when they were hit crossing roads.


    You’re welcome, Gum. I think it’s a good report and their story would make an excellent interview/episode.
    I agree, it was time to go and it’s a good thing the guy thought to blast the horn. Thanks for the comment.

    Thanks for posting that video, Gabe. That’s something you don’t get to see everyday!


    @Teal – My pleasure really.

    – Hello Teresa, to answer your question yes. Some of them are of Sasquatches brushing the sides of the car even slapping the vehicle in annoyance. Some of them were reportedly chasing deer blindly across a highway or road when struck.

    Truck drivers report similar reports. Some witnesses Bigfoots were struck or nearly struck carrying a deer or dog over their shoulder underneath their arms when the collision occurred.

    Since I started watching specifically for BF Collisions with Motor Vehicles long after I started tracking all reports I suspect there are far more than 44 that I can point directly to now.

    These reports include all those reported from passenger cars, truck drivers and locomotive trains.

    Motorists or train employees reported Bigfoots were killed in 17 of those reports and all spoke on condition of anonymity.

    About half of these report where witnesses or motorist spoke with authorities they (witnesses) reported authorities denied existence of Sasquatch involvement.

    Maybe three, four of five reported helicopters responded to scene and airlifted “something away from the scene. Have you ever seen public safety seal off the highway and airlift a dead deer or injured dog from a roadway mishap?


    One lady claims she locked up the brakes and ran off the road, striking a tree where she came to a rest to avoid hitting a Sasquatch. She says the Sasquatch came to the drivers side door and whether it intended to render aid or not she says she pepered sprayed the creature.

    Another woman claims she a Sasquatch struck her vehicle causing damage and when she reported it to her insurance company they laughed at her.

    And still another woman driving alone one night with a small toddler in a car seat struck a Sasquatch causing damage. It went down. She seen the ape-like creature and sped away leaving behind crash debris and her license plate.

    Fearful witnesses on the road observed the Hit and Run crash she drove home worried and conflicted with thoughts that maybe it was a big man she hit and called police report it. They denied knowing what she was talking about.

    Augustine L

    Sasquatches are way too smart, as a rule, to just wander into the road in front of a car. Unless it’s past 2 am and they just came from the bar.

    I think stepping in front of a car is both a macho chicken-game scenario for bored juvenile males–showing off for their hairy bro buddies–and an attempt to get the car to crash. Maybe they have seen humans stop cars this way. Most sasquatch who get hit by a car seem to get up and walk away, so it is risky but not necessarily fatal. If you get the car to crash, you can loot the car and terrorize or eat the occupants. Big fun! Maybe they are hoping for some cute girls to romance, or a car full of dogs to eat.

    You or I might wave down or step in front of a car either to get help, which doesn’t work here, to rob the passengers, or to steal the car. I wonder if they have ever been known to yank out the driver, get in, and go. Joy ride?

    Also, in looking a game cam photos on Snapshot Wisconsin, I notice deer seem to hang out around the game cameras. They sometimes visibly out of breath, too. They often choose that spot for a nap, as well.


    Hello Augustine, there sure are reports of Sasquatches standing in the middle of the road directly in the path of vehicles and in those instances the drivers stop and watch however, those that get struck are caught directly in the path and get the full impact and most roll off to live another day.

    Then there are those who die.


    Bigfoot vehicle collisions remind of that eerie video on You Tube I seen a few years ago of Super humans. It’s still on You Tube someplace.

    It show’s two bizarre sisters throwing Britsh police around on a freeway before hurling themselves in front of trucks then getting up and fighitng some more and throwing themselves in front of vehicles again … It was too bizarre.

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