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    Robert V

    My theory…post yours too.


    I want to say I’m not a researcher. I’m scared to death of actually seeing one. Anyway, I’ve thought about the road crossings myself. I have three ideas, One: they think a Car is its own animal. Of course this would leave out the ones who see us get in and out of one. Again this is just a theory. Two: the one running out in front of the car is a decoy. Maybe, there are others around and it’s an ambush. What Sasquatch is hoping for is the car to swerve, to stop, or runs off the road in hopes we’re it’s meal. If this theory is true, it means for every time they try a road side crossing at least one has worked. Three; it’s happening more because cars make a lot less sound. If they hear or see us they duck but because new cars are a lot more silent they are crossing in front of us a lot more. If this is true, maybe Sasquatch doesn’t see the headlights until they’re close. If they see in a different wave than we do, maybe they don’t see the headlights until they’re close to us. To cross a road they’re using hearing more than their sight.

    Just a theory.


    Danny G

    To get to the other side?

    Steve E

    Hello Robert, I also think there has to be something more to it, I posted the following last July and it fits well with your thoughts:

    I’ll get to what is bugging me, but allow me to set it up first.

    Think about all the hundreds if not thousands of forest encounter reports, that feature bigfoot stalking people, hiding from them and never being seen, throwing rocks or branches that seem to fall out of the sky, how they pace people on trails, how they circle camp sites making noises, all based on staying mostly out of sight…

    Doesn’t this point to a creature that has some extreme abilities, Does this mean they have an enhanced sense of hearing?, of smell?, of sight – like night vision?, of being stealthy?, of being silent?, of being completely hidden when they choose to be? Doesn’t it show a certain level of intelligence?

    So assuming for a minute that all or some of those are true..

    Then how in the world does this stealthy, shy, intelligent, and secretive creature continually walk out in front of vehicles??

    Many of these reports are late at night when no one is around, so, if they have enhanced hearing – then certainly they are aware of an approaching vehicle, yet they simply stand there or cross dangerously close. If they want to avoid PEOPLE, then why not avoid vehicles?

    I truly believe there is MORE to roadside sightings than being just a simple sighting, but I am not sure what to make of it. I REALLY think they are choosing to be seen, but I can’t fathom why??

    1) Could they be playing some form of chicken? Surely they have seen dead deer and other road kill, so I believe they know the damage a vehicle could do to them.

    2) Could they WANT to be seen? If so why? Is it some sort of macho-bravado?

    3) Maybe they feel safe as they know that no-one ever stops and chases after them.

    I would love to hear any theories on this matter, and I am looking for some DEEEEP thinking!

    Bobby W

    Hey Steve E.
    I agree with your #1 theory. I also think in some cases they may be focused on something else and just and not aware at the moment.

    But I think that Ford mixed in some BF repellent into the paint and sprayed my F250.
    Because I’ve done some night driving around in known BF area’s both around my area and in the Kiamichi’s Mtn’s around Honobia and nothing has happened yet. But I’ll still give them every opportunity to try and miss me.

    Steve E

    Bobby, hopefully you have a Cattle-Catcher Grill and a dash mounted Go cam?

    I would also create some razor-sharp metal (hollow) tubes, about 1″ diameter and permanently affix them to your truck, one high, one low, on the both front sides and a few across the center.

    If you see one – aim for it and hit it! That way you will grab some DNA and have it filmed. Don’t hit it center-on, just clip it so that you can capture some DNA…

    Sound good?

    Bobby W

    Steve, I think that I’ll just settle for a pic’s. Cause I’m sure old SAS has let his insurance lapse.


    It may be more simple than some the theories already put forth. Perhaps cars/utility vehicles interfere with a sasquatch’s senses. More and more cars are built these days with sophisticated computers. These computers operate through a network sensors and relays. Perhaps bigfoot’s senses and these networks are simply conflicting with one another. It may be that they operate in similar spectrums. A false positive (cars) would act like magnet…


    We have heard Bear and Coonbo talk about countng coup.
    Steve’s first scenario is akin to this.
    Could they simply be pulling one over on us, crossing the road right as a car comes by and looking back at us ; or are there others in the shrubs watching as they get as close to us as possible?


    I’ve counted over 3700 or more Motorist related BF sightings. I’ve looked at them, I tend to examine seasons and hours of the day when studying this topic. Most crossing will occur between the peak hours of 10:00P through Midnight, but they also occur in great numbers from 12:00A through 6:00A.

    Heat Source:
    In the wintery cold months concrete and asphalt retain suns energy and BF’s have been known to lay basking in the sun on the pavement.

    Food Source:
    It is no secret that some stretches of the road seem to have more carcasses than others and that is a food source. In rural and isolated stretches such interstates surrounded by natural forestation, swamps, and water look for state posted Deer Xing signage. This warns drivers of deer crossing. State Highway Traffic Safety in concert with State Police log and record specific details of deer/ vehicle accidents and those areas with greatest number of PDA’s (Property Damage Accidents) get signage. We know that BF chase deer when they’re hungry and nobody as yet is ready to connect high deer / vehicle accidents with BF presence in or outside seasonal hunting seasons. I have a hunch there is some connection …

    Mobile and Transit:
    These animals are highly mobile and transitory meaning they move a lot and cover great distances. Chris mentioned something I never considered but in addition they could be following and or chasing something unseen to the motorist. They rarely are described as standing and waiting for a vehicle to pass they just go.

    There have a few reports of BF nesting close to Highways. Whether out of perceived safety or curiosity they seem to like watching vehicles whiz past, and it could be they are watching for food to cross since there are plenty carcasses too.


    Darrell O posted this March 24, 2017 at 8:39 pm

    “The woman believes she saw a Sasquatch chasing some deer along the highway and when she looked into her mirror to see the “hairy beast”

      “she hit a deer which was running from the Bigfoot.”


      T/Y for posting Gumshoguy!


      Counting Coo as I see it would be a group of people walking in single file line along a trail. The last person in line suddenly senses something and turns around only to find a Sasquatch inches away peering down at them before it dashes off leaving the trekker in shock … all true examples.

      Counting Coo as I see it would be a group of people walking in single file line along a trail. The last person in line suddenly senses something looks not in time to see a Sasquatch darting across the trail in front of them they only feel it breaking wind as it flashes past becoming obscure in the thickets and brush. Nobody sees it coming.

      Counting Coo as I see it would be a mother, husband or grandparent outdoors with a young child the phone rings or they step indoors momentarily when they hear the child scream. They run outside in time to see a Sasquatch fleeing away from the child. All three are examples previously reported and they are all provocative and hostile in my opinion.

      Kim C. L

      I’ve wondered about this for some time also. It may not be “the” reason, but I think maybe, a kind of optical illusion contributes.
      When you are being shot at with tracers, they appear to be just floating out there, briefly, then suddenly, real suddenly, they are by you and leaves and sticks are falling. Initially, they appear relatively motionless, not moving toward you at around 2500 fps, and yes, you can see the incendiary from the front. Fortunately, you can view the same illusion, standing by the road at night, watching cars approaching. For brief moments, the headlights appear almost stationary rather than approaching at 70 mph. What I’m saying is, maybe sometimes the BF doesn’t realize how swiftly the vehicle is moving. Notice I said maybe, could be BF is too smart to be confused by this illusion, like we aren’t, though lots of unfortunate humans have misjudged the speed of approaching vehicles. This isn’t meant to explain all instances.


      Most car sightings are at night. I think they know they are not really visible in the dark unless car headlights hit them and they are less deterred to come close to roadsides, but as roads curve or level off they get lit up, something they might misjudge. Some might not anticipate how fast a car traveling 65 mph can approach them. Its just accidental.

      Stephan B

      My personal theory is they seem to be focused on a specific task when walking around at night based on many different reports people have given. A car coming by fast may be too quick for them to react to, especially since the sound echoes off trees and terrain, and can be confusing. My 10 cents.


      Sounds as good as anything offered up thus far Stephen. Incidentally, which travels faster sound or light? Wouldn’t they see light before they hear sound at night? Just asking.

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