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    paul w

    One more thing. This bible verse here rings true for our time. its in revelation.
    Revelation 6:7-8
    “When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the

      wild beasts of the earth

    I was always perplexed by the final verse as it describes alot of deaths by “wild beasts” i wondered…ok so yeah lions kill people randomly, croc attacks, hippos kill people, but why such an emphasis on this, according to pertaining to this verse wild beasts killing people. Wilds beasts have been killing people all thru history even mroe so in the past….but we have an emphasis on the last days. Anyways i believe God led me to sasquatch as before this he led me to watch missing 411. Questioning the odd occurences youtube just so happened to reccomend sasquatch chronicles and thats where i began. So my discernment leads me to believe these sasquatch (which are growing in huge numbers…they are moving into every stretch of woods) and combine that with the chronic wasting disease deer are getting. their main food source! We could see a rise in humans being killed and eaten by them…on a scale thats biblical. Hard to believe but missing 411 lets you know its pretty massive.

    Anyways i fully believe God put Wes in his position he is in now as the prime source of info for this and God led Wes and his brother to have that encounter altho scary, that encounter made Wes 100% believe they exist and he got a crash course in alot of the things they do, move like spiders, sourround you, menacing behavior, stalking and a real sense of danger to his life. But God kept him safe to do what he does now. God bless you Wes and your brother.

    Paul A

    There is actually quite a bit we know about them:

    1. They are mammals.
    2. They are omnivorous.
    3. They tend to be territorial.
    4. The can travel for long distance either bipedally or quadrupedally.
    5. They can swim, climb, and jump.
    6. They are intelligent (even though the quantity of intelligence is debated)
    7. They have a language used between each other.
    8. They are living beings (see 1 and 2)
    9. They need water.
    10. They produce offspring.

    Those are basics, but what more does a person need?

    Paul A

    @Paul W — Concerning ape rape offspring. Not happening. Scientists tried hard in Russia to create a human/ape hybrid, including but not limited to artificial insemination of both female humans and apes with the opposites sperm. Simple fact is that an ape cannot breed with a human and produce offspring. The DNA is not close enough to be viable, unlike with, say, zebras and horses producing the hybrid zorse, or lions and tigers producing the hybrid liger.

    Russia was after a super soldier with the strength of an ape and the intelligence of a human… a mini squatch, in essence. Yet, even with years of manipulation and experiment, they never could get either type of egg to grow with the other’s spermatozoa.

    When they say that an apes DNA is 96 or 98% human, that disregards that the DNA “blocks” are not put together the same way. The DNA in a side by side comparison is not even close to identical. Of the 96 to 98% (of the same type “blocks” or sections of DNA dealing with specific traits) nothing is in the right place or sequence, or of a huge majority of critical blocks, not even close to being in the right place or sequence.

    For a saasquatch to mate with a human and have human offspring, it not only has to share the same type blocks, but the order in which blocks are assembled has to be the same as well. The DNA has to be able to link up properly between the two strands to join in the nucleus and ultimately make a viable living cell.

    If sasquatch can mate with humans and have kids, then, like it or not, they are human as far as their DNA is concerned — not animals.


    Humans ARE animals are they not?

    paul w

    Paul A dont expect truth from those scientists that “tried” in russia most likely they did succeed but they are NOT gonna tell the public. They probably admitted to the public “trying” to bury the subject. These are from the same scientists and like minded govt individuals who would tell ya “oh thats just a bear” Oh and theres a story out of russia of hunters capturing a female bigfoot keeping it in a cage and one guy did have sex with it and produced human looking offspring. I forget their names but its legit there are photos of the descendants.

    watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPb5j1cBjCM&t=

    Paul A

    @paul w I don’t doubt that there were offspring from that situation, which I am already familiar with. That is not the point.

    Someone can point at a sasquatch and call it an animal all day long, and it will not make it less ->human<- than it is.

    Humans, even something with DNA that is mostly human, can indeed mate with humans and have kids — I don’t debate that at all. Ape DNA is not even close. Apes are not close enough as a specie (science) or of the same kind (scripture) as humans to breed and have offspring.

    The only PROVABLE things that distinguish sasquatch from humans are actually minor, such as size, slight changes in foot structure, slight changes in bodily proportions, and dense hair covering over the entire body instead of just parts, such as head and groin. Various conditions known to affect humans can even account for everything but the foot issue.

    To put things into perspective, if you shaved one, trimmed it’s hair, and put it in pants, what would you think you see? What if you did that to an ape? You would still see an ape if you shaved one, same goes for any monkey or great ape specie. The differences are too vast.

    The information was in np way flattering to either Russia or their attempt. Russia in fact flat denied the attempts were even made for a very long time. You aren’t talking about a country like the United States where officials try to cover up the truth… You are talking a Communist Russia during the height of the cold war, that would bury anyone who knew anything about it. It was a totalitarian state. The facts about the experiments didn’t come out until long after the country’s government basically imploded. The scientists themselves neither had a choice of what they worked on, nor did their government even care if it was against their individual morals.

    @Wolf Define human or animal either one. Definitions get real sticky really quickly. You may actually come cross silly statements referring to such things as opposable thumbs.

    The problem I see is whether a person goes by specie, or by kind when you make the reference. Science would say all creatures are animals where religions as well as philosophies would digress.

    When you are talking about humans, it is humanity or “human kind” which cannot breed outside of the kind. Similar species often can interbreed. Al cats could fall under the title of cat “kind” where the same is not true of specie, as lions (panthera leo) and tigers (panthera tigris) are of two separate species but can interbreed, for example.

    Nathan E

    Sasquatch/boogers/grassman/whatever are what I like to call “the path not taken” by humans in the past. We didn’t grow big, and used our God-given brains to make up the lack of muscle by getting together to tame fire, knap flint, and use group strategy to survive. Sasquatch kept the bulk and hair, got more of each, and used it to their advantage, never needing to get civilized in order to survive. Born and bred to survive in the howling wilderness, they have persisted down the ages, keeping to the fringes of human settlement. The authorities today downplay their existence and role in the world, but the common people of the USA remember the hairy giants, as our predecessors remembered the Anakim, Fomori, Stone Giants, and Trolls.

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