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    anthony m

    Its 8 oclock and we still have no show. wtf man? lets go dude! get the show on!~ we pay good money to be members of this site and we want the shows on the days you say will be posted and at a decent time. come on!


    His computer crashed and he’s moved the show to Monday.

    Donald B.

    Is it your connection?
    I’m just saying from my own personal experience [If it don’t apply let it fly]
    last year I lived beneath a bridge with a few other trolls and “all” of us had bad connections.
    And I don’t consider $7.00 mnthly, good money.

    Donald B.

    Oh his computer crashed Thank you Chris.

    Garry M

    Lighten up Anthony, or maybe get all of that $70.00 back and you can retire
    in Pakistan……..

    Tracy A

    Anthony, you are free to cancel anytime. Wes has made it very simple (see FAQ). I think you should…or just de-wad your PANTIES/GET SOME LAXITIVE/GET LAID/GET A LIFE!

    Bobby W

    52 weeks. Times 3 show’s a week more or less. At a yearly cost of 70 bucks (two months free by the way) = $ 2.23 per one hour plus show. Wes is getting ripped.

    Kim L

    Wes be havin pals! Well said you guys.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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