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    Robert V


    I’ve never seen one, not sure I want too. I came across this film. Wonder what you guys think It’s of a hunter being stalked.

    Bryan P

    I don’t know. The last frame where they slow it right down the Bigfoot looks real as far as its body shape goes,but it’s hard to see much detail in it. The hunter seems a bit phoney and just the way he takes a shot at it. But what do I know, thanks for posting it.

    Chris S


    Danny G

    Fear seems legit.


    This video was discussed here this past week.

    'Survivor man' Bigfoot video.

    David R said Snowwalker Prime had proven this video was a fake, and suggested it was obvious when viewing the whole video. What this NvTv did was take a tiny snippet from a longer video. Too many people on youtube hype things for ad revenue.


    “Too many people on youtube hype things for ad revenue.” – You can’t say that enough but they also do it out of self-absorption, self-regard and egoism too.

    David R

    Yah, that really ticked me off. You think it looks so real, until you see the whole video. I wasn’t amused at all! I can’t see NVTV posting anything unless they thought it look pretty good, but someone must of sent a tiny snippet like Knobby said.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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