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    Jerry W

    just curious, after you watch his video I posted above, do you think there should be more evidence?


    Christine J S

    @ cyndie r
    BINGO! You hit the nail on the head…go with him or back off and give him some respect. I just listened again to this video and IMO Todd is doing his best to educate the rest of us. He is a little full of himself, but what-the-heck, wouldn’t any of be if we KNEW what he knows?


    Jerry W

    Sorry christine, I like to have my own opinions, don’t really like to believe people ‘just because’. I will actually contact Todd , if he is willing I would be happy to go. Heck I’ll even be up near where he lives this summer. I would imagine he probably doesn’t just take anyone though. I’ll let you all know.



    I’m on the fence about Todd.
    His aspergis-like personality doesn’t bother me like it does others.
    The only thing I don’t like about him is the idea floated around the web that he ‘stole’ the research area used in his documentary… but then nobody owns Nordegg.

    What’s really sad is how the area seems to have been wrecked since, structures destroyed, etc.


    Christine J S

    Jerry good luck and please let us know…



    I view Standing stealing of someone else’s research area as more about finding anything to trample him down than real concern over this alleged transgression.

    According to Standing he first went to this place he heard about as somewhat of a skeptic, to check it out for himself, but became a believer after encounters there.

    There are all kinds of things put out to slime Standing, and these rumor mills can contain false information: like his sister is a special effects artist who made the props (actually its his wife — she is a make-up artist, she worked in beauty parlors, no special effects training). Another claim: Silvanic was named after Standing’s mother Silvia. Another claim: People defending Standing in forums are many times Todd himself posing as other people. That’s the length Todd Standing haters go to, and haranguing his stealing of someone’s else’s research area is part and parcel. There is also a claim Standing stole someone’s bigfoot call. It can get silly.

    But researchers can become possessive of their research areas and keep it under wraps. I don’t what people to know the exact places I go to. Ironically, another criticism against Standing was his reluctance to identify where exactly he goes, like he was hiding something, but people figured out where.


    cyndie r

    Jerry: I honestly don’t know what to think about Todd. He may have more evidence than he is releasing . Many, many researchers hold back evidence for lots of different reasons. One thing I have learned is that most researchers are NOT primarily concerned with convincing society, at large, that these creatures exist. In fact, it seems to me, that the folks who get closest to these beings, have personal agendas to fulfill. Whether it be due to a chance encounter during a hunting trip or seeing them regularly on their farm, or what have you, it appears the people who take the time and effort to find out more about the sasquatch do so mostly for personal reasons. They share bits and pieces along the way but they don’t necessarily care if others become convinced in their existence. Or they don’t want to become the target of the government to have their evidence taken and/or families harassed.
    Having said all of that, the odd thing about Todd is that he DOES strike me as a person who is trying to convince others of Sassie’s presence. He DOES seem to want to get the money shot and exploit it for all it is worth. But he is willing to take folks out and show them the ropes. Ever since Les Stroud accompanied Todd, Les sure seems convinced that something highly unusual is out there.
    And so it may be that Todd is just holding back some of that evidence which you believe should automatically be forthcoming. Perhaps he is holding it because he plans to release it in another venue (one which he can make money with). Keep in mind I am just speculating. I could be completely off base. But I think it may be a mistake to assume he has released all of the information/evidence/proof that he has acquired.

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