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    Jerry W

    I don’t want this post to be controversial, it’s just my opinion. If it’s not appropriate, mods delete.

    So, I just got done watching all of the videos on Todd Standings YouTube channel and my opinion has completely changed. I went from 100% believing him to not believing him. Or, at the very least, not believ9ng all the stories he told in the videos.
    Watch his whole series, would love to hear your thoughts.

    Todd has obviously done a lot of work out in the forests and is very passionate about the species, but in my humble opinion, someone with all those interactions and stories and wanting to protect the species would have a lot more proof.

    Sorry Todd. I’ll keep following because I think there is something out there, if you have something more, releasing it would be great. Again just MHO.

    Shannon S

    The muppet man


    Jerry, the better part of his earlier videos required you to buy them, except for some free promotional videos he released. And then there is the more recent documentary that’s available on Netflix. When you say you watched all his videos, what are you referring to?

    You like others who want to pronounce Standing a hoaxer don’t cite any evidence. Its usually based on a feeling or “looks fake.” The one Cliff Barakman coined the word “muppet” from is not even a photo by Standing, its a photoshop creation by a man named Alex Putney to show what the face might look like with the branches removed. The face is all smoothed over with photoshop tools and it looks fake because it is, its photoshopped.

    He gets on my nerves the way he’s so hyper and up talks, but there has never been any real evidence of him hoaxing, of which I don’t say he hasn’t hoaxed, I don’t know, but there is no actual evidence he has.

    The most common alleged evidence of him hoaxing is morphing of Standing’s head onto the dark sasquatch, which is nothing but photoshopping items onto images, and the measurements don’t work for that to be Standing with make-up on (the eyes are too far apart).


    Good points Knobby – I read this post by Jerry last night and gave it some thought … Two irrelevant things stand out for me:

    1. If you seen the photo I snapped of the beast I encounter in Southeast Michigan and posted here someplace there is a striking likeness and I am not ashamed to admit it, I am no wizard at photo shopping.

    Similarities? A few, nearly the same hair color and similar facial structure.

    2. I studied the eyes and I recall the many times I looked into the “Deadman stare” the eyes almost have this same glazened plastic quality. There is this almost unreal appearance the eyes of a deceased take on with that gives this glazened-over hue that can almost be mistaken as a fake eye look.

    But, I agree. That particular photo depicted in Standings presentation had a plastic smooth manikin (mannequin) quality about it.

    Teresa V

    I tended to shun Standing because of all the folks yelling hoxar , however after watching his videos i actually believe him. Yes, he’s a little annoying like my ADHD students, but his hyper personality don’t make him a hoaxer.

    Amy H

    Well said Knobby.

    I think, as Teresa says, his hyper nature is off-putting to a lot of people. However his message is true. These creatures are real.

    I think it’s the perceived certainty on Todd’s part that people don’t like. Many people have said, and continue to say, Todd’s pictures show animals that look just like ones they’ve seen.

    Though he may not be liked, he’s got a lot of legitimate evidence and he puts it out there. I give him credit for doing so. It does seem the haters are often envious of his truth and his seeming self-assured nature.

    Akela I

    Did Todd Standing actually pull it off? Or this another hoax?bc post




    I merged your topic into this one so we don’t have two competing Standing threads. I believe this is the image you were attempting to post. I’m not sure how you tie this to Standing. Posters like this are fake.


    I’m on the fence about Todd.

    I’m totally put off by his “action hero” persona and the fact that he drags out 30-seconds worth of evidence to fill a 30-minute (or longer) video. Does that mean he’s hoaxing? No. But it doesn’t inspire faith, either.

    I just wonder what the point of padding his videos with so much filler is. Money, I suppose. If he has evidence, I wish he would share it in a succinct and straightforward way. Stretching it out just makes me question both his motives and morals.

    Gene P

    Todd Standing is the real thing.

    Denise F

    I’m not sure what to think, I have questioned the ‘face shots’ of the creatures on his documentary (features of the creature) BUT Patty doesn’t look a whole lot like the face I stared at either.

    So for now….I give the benefit of the doubt.


    I believe Standing. He’s very respectful of First Nations/Native Americans.

    acrylic sand artist

    Todd Standing is who he says he is.
    Very much the real deal~


    Until proven otherwise, I have to say I think he has some real evidence.

    Mark R

    I’ve always thought that Todd was for real. People who claim he is a hoaxer have not provided enough evidence themselves to prove it. At least the man is out in the field doing the work. I can’t say for sure, that everything he presents is 100%, but maybe it is. Les Stroud did not seem to think he was a fake.

    Jerry W

    Knobby, when I say all, I mean all. Every video he has posted on you tube, every interview he has ever done (that I could find) the documentary on Netflix, going back at least 9 years.
    First, let me also say, I never said Todd was hoaxing either.
    He has told so many incredible stories yet has very little in actual evidence. He claims he watched the one lookout for quite awhile, yea not a single piece of it actually moving other than a little sway.
    If you haven’t watched every video, I encourage you to do so. He claims he has seen all kinds of things, multiple physical contacts with them, yet still no more proof than a few seconds of video. Sorry, it just doesn’t add up.
    I will say this, maybe the video he showed is real, and the rest of the stories he tells are not.
    After Les Stroud said he had a dream of feeling like he had incredible weight on him while sleeping, months later Todd came out and said “yea, I’ve had A squatch sitting on me, they do that while you sleep, I just never mentioned it to anyone until I heard Les’ dream”. So many more little things like that are what turned me off.

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