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    Jerry W

    Was just watching some of his videos, he hasn’t posted anything in 7 months. Anyone know what happened to him?


    Robin B

    I have been wondering the same thing


    Sue H

    Hi Jerry,
    I’ve also wondered why he’s been so quiet lately. I miss his breakdowns.



    I’ve also been wondering. I hope he is o.k.



    Me too!


    Bruce D

    Same here. Think Bigfoot Tony is taking on a lot of the stuff Thinker did…??


    Jerry W

    Noticed on one of the last videos he said that certain ad blockers were preventing him from continueing his work, not sure what that means but seems like he is all done.


    Judy M

    Lost faith in him when he posted a breakdown confirming vocalizations from known hoaxer Sasquatch Ontario. I listened to one of Ontario’s videos titled Sasquatch Singing and could hear office telephones ringing in the background. I guess times are hard and even Sasquatch needs gainful employment.




    I agree with TT on some things and think he misses on others. The Bigfoot Anarchy site you linked to Judy makes a false statement about an IMAX personal being on the other side of that water. That was made up by someone and got passed off as real. TT later interviewed the camera man who said they didn’t have anyone over on that side. So, Randy needs to correct that at his site.

    Some people just fall over Thinker Thunker like he’s the greatest but he can make mistakes like anyone. One criticism is he never debunks anything, that everything he does is to prove its a sasquatch, and he fulfills that end goal. But the flip side is he only focuses on ones he thinks are real and he doesn’t bother with the others. But I agree that sasquatch ontario is likely a fraud and that’s one of several missteps by TT.


    Judy M

    Good info. Thanks Knobby.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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