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    Danny T

    The boys Aunt says that Casey likes the TV show Masha and the Bear, in which there is a young mischievous girl and a bear who is always trying to keep her out of trouble. We can’t ignore that the show could have influenced the story he tells, but it could also explain his willingness to go with the creature in the first place.

    The boy thinks he was with a bear so we will never truly know.

    Jennifer J

    This case really fascinates me and it sucks we will never know exactly what he saw (or thinks he saw). I did a quick Google search and there are historical sightings of BF in a swamp within 2 miles of where he disappeared though.


    “I did a quick Google search and there are historical sightings of BF in a swamp within 2 miles of where he disappeared though.”

    Not sure of the immediate area where this little disappeared, but in general, there are hundreds of sighting reports associating Bigfoot Sasquatch to swampy marshy areas.

    Beyond that there are indeed substantial numbers of swampy marshy areas mentioned alongside missing person reports involving not only children but adults too.

    Masha and the bear, [a popular kid cartoon from Russia?] I’ve got some grandchildren that watch that too. You’re correct. I also know of instances where large human like tracks have been reported within the body of some of these “bear” associated missing reports too.

    We shouldn’t be shocked that children describe them as bears though, because adults have described them as big hairy bear-like men also, like some children, it is interesting to note, neither group admittedly knew anything about Saquatches.

    Carla R

    I was just reading an article about this story. It said the little boys aunt posted on her Facebook book saying the boy was kept warm at night by a bear that would cuddle him at night. It said she posted and then later removed the Facebook post about the bear. I was a little curious as to why she would post about it and then remove the part about the bear.


    Carla, I believe because the bigfoot community swamped her with inquiries and telling her it was a bigfoot. She doesn’t have bigfoot on her radar and this community overwhelmed her. I believe she also made her facebook page private so the public couldn’t view it.

    Carla R

    I can’t say I blame her for that. That was probably a little overwhelming.

    Paul A


    I think there is some disassociation within the BF community. I get why some need personal confirmation of their experiences, but I see many who are getting aggressive about it, which makes no sense to me. As one who has dealt with them and their activities in my own personal life, yet having spent most of my life in the great outdoors not believing in their existence, I get the shock, the “what the heck was that,” followed by the “did I just see what I think I just saw” type of confusion. Even now, though, sign of BF is actually rare. Most of what a person sees is not going to be actual BF, or even BF sign.

    However, most of the “you probably saw a BF” crowd seems to be from those that have never personally seen one, which is confusing at best. I know this is a psychological issue, and hopefully not too far off topic, but the subject is starting to peak my interest.


    Your confused? Your blanket statement is confusing to me. Where is the aggression you see? You mentioned disassociation, confirmation, aggression and psychological issue all in one blanket statement that includes yourself knowing them and being an experienced outdoorsmen.

    I had one personal experience and I data mine study and analyze thousands of reports – more than you will ever see on a website together enmasse. That is a spreadsheet containing 68,000 kb (or 68 mb) of information with an estimated 40-50,000 reports in total covering the years of 2019 going back through 1603.

    I can see the ebb and flow of activity throughout the century with 96 indivdual groupings of interest but beyond that there are additional groups for years, months, days, hours, seasons of the year, size and color of BF by state and still learn something new nearly every day.

    Still yet, there are 80 pages or more of misc. topics such as this for quick reference to include the reports, dates and times and quick quotes such as references made of bears when Sasquatch was clearly described.


    No, I’m not an expert but I know a little bit and what I do know is the benefit I receive from the experiences of others is immeasurable. I share what is known and learned by hundreds of thousands of witnesses from across the North America.

    Don’t blame the messenger with blankets statements without first doing your own homework. The choice is always theirs to know or not know. Nothing too confusing about that. If they want to believe a bear is the culprit that is fine. You don’t know until you know.

    Otherwise when the discussion comes to a Sasquatch site “if it has black and white stripes and looks like a zebra, it’s probably a zebra,” unless it can be proven that bears are lurking out there looking for more than garbage cans.

    If there are bears of Ursidae family running around kidnaping people don’t you believe public needs to know? Should that not be of concern to you or me? Should we not just talk about it? Would that be less confusing?

    Paul A

    @Gumshoguy, my statement was made concerning Knobby’s last reply. The aggression I referred to is not emotional (desire to fight or argue) but in outlook (press forward boldly with a matter despite possible bad outcomes). Confusion can cause this outlook as well, which is somewhat noticeable in my own earlier reply.

    My references weren’t about people here or about sasquatch sites, as you are correct 100% in that, in places such as this, any and all topics about bigfoot are openly discussed without any reason for monitoring one’s words, excepting in my humble opinion politeness and mutual respect. Such sites are only visited by those who wish to discuss or learn more about the subject.

    My references were about those who press the matter publicly to those who express disbelief, knowing (or at least should know had they considered it) that it will cause conflict and rejection of the subject matter, such as people openly asserting to the aunt of the three year old that it was BF responsible, not just as a possibility to consider, but in such a manner that she felt the need to block her facebook page to make it stop.

    This type of behavior is common on youtube and other social media sites as well, which I state from personal experience. Usually, very little has to be assumed concerning either person’s belief or philosophical stance in the matter as it is usually explicitly stated early on. I restate that it is a psychological thing which I don’t understand.

    This type of aggressive (being overly bold) action is no different subjectively than that shown by those that reject even the notion of BF without evidence and troll places like youtube out of the other application of aggression (actively trying to cause argument). Unlike the youtube trolls, I doubt that any of the people who queried the aunt of the three year old were trying or wanting to cause the lady distress, and would probably have apologized had they realized that they were doing so. I hold that most people actually do care about others, at least to a reasonable extent.

    As a personal observation of the event with the three-year old, I do personally think the probability is very high that it was indeed a bigfoot, myself, as it fits a basic pattern that has been emerging through reports I have heard. The opposite position has to be considered as well. A bear coming out of hibernation at that time of year (winter) is half-starved, and generally will eat anything it can catch. That bear has an instinctual need to go back into hibernation. The odds of it being a bear coddling and protecting the three year old in winter are quite low. Without actual evidence though, not one human can logically or reasonably claim exactly what it was, since at that point all anyone is doing, myself included if I do so, is making a bald assertion based on opinion.

    Concerning discussion, I think all viewpoints are important in one manner or another, whether they agree, partially agree, or outrightly disagree, as all new ideas and perspectives within a conversation add new data points and possibilities to consider.


    Hi Paul, fair enough. Thank you for taking a moment to explain your concerns. I clearly understand where your disagreements were and why you arrived at that conclusion now and thank you for getting back with me.

    Explained this way I do see your point, and I cannot agree with you more.

    I cannot and do not want for one moment to place myself in that woman’s position. I would literally cross shark infested waters to save one of my own. It was indeed divine intervention that brought that little boy back to his family.

    Something good came of a potential tragedy. If it’s easier for her to disassociate herself with the likely reality I guess we should give her that and all be more considerate however, as was pointed out there are many ways and instances Sasquatches are referred to as the Ursidae type.

    Thanks again for clearing that up Paul, I appreciate that.

    May God Bless the children.


    I am amazed this story is still being talked about with great interest outside of this forum. I was talking friends in California and around Michigan who are not part of this particular venue and how it struck a chord and tugged at their emotions.

    What I found interesting is how many of them who generally place little stock in the missing persons books all agreed, a bear is not what the little referred to. Angels come in all forms don’t they?

    Brian L

    Lost people sometimes imagine a companion to stave off loneliness and find a little comfort. This podcast with Micah Hanks is of a girl who went missing in Arkansas for 2 1/2 days when she was 6 yrs old. These are her memories now that she is older. Her interview starts around the 49 minute mark.


    Thanks for posting Brian.


    I generally don’t share ideas about sasquatch with those who don’t already have it on their radar. It often doesn’t go well if they think its mythical, and I’m content to let them live in their world without inviting them into this aspect of my world.

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