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    Jay Carlsen

    Jay Carlsen

    ……… I was reading the Book one day when I found the story of Isaac’s twin sons Esau and Jacob. And everything it says describing Esau can also be said about the People who the Native Americans call the Sasquatch.
    And I do not care who is related to Him later on in the Book. Or where He visited on the Planet. I am Specifically talking about Esau.
    This Nocturnal Nation of People who are of a Different MANNER Than You or Me
    Who are NO QUESTION the Stronger
    Who do Twin like we do
    Who do have the Dominant Red Hair gene in Their Population
    Who does eat Venison as the Main Staple of its Diet
    Who is the Cunning Hunter
    Who does live in the Field
    Who does eat Their meat raw
    Who does emit a Foul Odor ( just as Esau’s Housecoat )
    Who does have the Dominant Presence
    Who does live by the Fat of the Land & drinks of the dew of the Heavens from above
    Who is small in Population compared to the Great Nations of the World today. But are greatly despised ( because they are Cannibals )
    Who does live in the High & rocky places
    Where the Males are required to leave with the Space Brothers at a certain age ?
    Who will never deplete a Food Source , but will always leave a few – to repopulate the Food Stock for the next time they are through the Area
    Who does have Secret & Hidden ways
    Who has NONE Understanding in them ( Because they lack the part of our Brains that our High Forehead Protects : The Frontal Lobe of our Modern Human Brains )

    And I thought the Nephilim Connection was through Esau’s first wife Judith – and I cited the Megalithic Stone Construction of Hattusa as my Evidence. Because the AEsir of the Scandinavian Pantheon looked down Their noses at the Jotun. Because their Constructions were built with Sticks & Stones , and their dwellings were Unlovely. They were not like the Gold and Silver Palaces of Asgard.
    But now I find THIS ! Was this there before the Great Deluge ?
    Is it Possible something FOUL from before the Flood could have attached it self to this Stone ? And it’s Spirit lives on today through the Sasquatch People ?
    ………… Isn’t that CRAZY ?

    Bonnie I

    Jay – I agree with you that Esau fits some of the characteristics for being an ancestor of Sasquatch. He was the hunter brother of Jacob and rather tricked into giving up his birthright for a bowl of porridge. He was born with red hair all over his body and grew up to be a mighty hunter. It’s interesting that after all the difficult times and harsh feelings towards Jacob that Esau did not just murder him, his family and take all his possessions. Instead he aggressively rode up to Jacob with his garrison of men like he was going to really attack/kill Jacob and his family but then stopped in his tracks and ultimately went away. Sound familiar?

    Jay Carlsen

    OOOW YEAH ! The Dominant Presence ? When Jacob divided all He had and sent it before Him as a Gift for Lord Esau to spare His Life ? (… But didn’t they embrace as Brothers should after it was all said & done ?)
    I found this as I was tracing the Heritage back from Moses concerning the Ark of the Covenant. And I noticed the wording of ” The Lord’s Blessing ” , and I thought it was funny how Sara wanted to make Certain that Isaac got this ” Lords Blessing ” and forced Abraham to cast out her Handmaiden ?
    Then Jacob took this Lords Blessing at His Mother’s coaxing……..
    Did this same ” Lords Blessing ” get passed on to Joseph when He got that Coat of Many Colors ? Did He bring this Favor into Egypt with Him ? Where it was kept for 400 years until Moses took back this unsaid Object ? And constructed a Box for it’s Transport at the base of Mt Sinai ?
    —- Was the Object that was housed in the Golden Chest how Moses parted the Red Sea ? As the Ark stopped the Jordan River at Flood level for the Ancient Hebrews to cross on dry Land ?

    ((( I did not believe in any of this before August of 2001 ( note the Time frame ) After I had this CRAZY DREAM where HE said 4 words to me. So I am kind of a late comer to this ? My mind gets racing with Questions )))
    I came across this by chance ( Though after I found it I did recall hearing Old Timers call the Sasquatch People ” Edomite ” before. So this is not My Theory – I just agree with it ) And when I did , I started with only what it said in Description of Esau as given in the Book of Genesis alone. And with only that I was pretty sure I was on the right path.
    Then I found these People on the Youtube who tried to convince Me that I was of Esau’s Heritage because of my European Heritage ? ( Which is utter nonsense ) And as I would beg these People to consider that they might be wrong…….. They told me to read the Book of Obadiah. And now I am CERTAIN that Esau was the Sasquatch People. Because the first 7 or 8 Verses describe the Sasquatch Specifically.
    Some one also commented on a Verse from the book of Chronicles I think ? That addresses the Thought Capacity of these things ? That was just brought to my Attention…….. ( please forgive me as I do have the Head Injury , and I do not recall the verse )
    I took everything said in Description of Esau to my Friends Father ( they are Ojibwe – And He even goes out and draws these things in by Knocking on trees ! And He will stand there and Speak Ojibwe too the Sasquatch People ! He has even asked me if I wanted to watch Him do this ! Yet I flatly refused. I do not like that Feeling these things emit. That anxious Feeling. And after seeing a 10 foot Tall Gorilla in Northern Michigan in the summer of 2000 ………………. I do not ever want to see that thing again. ( call me chicken – But I do not care.)
    I have always thought that Hattusas Megalithic Stone Construction ws evidence of a ” Nephilim Connection ” because the AEsir always looked down Their Noses at the Jotun ( Giants ) Because they built with Sticks & Stone and their constructions were Unlovely , Unlike the Gold & Silver Palaces of Asgard. But when I seen this Clip about this Green Stone ! Could that same Green Stone have been there from Before the Flood ?
    Is it Possible that Esau could have came in Contact with that Stone ? Who is to say ?

    Bonnie I

    Jay – Since Noah and his family all existed before the “Great Deluge” seems they would have pre-flood DNA. We can speculate all we want about the specific genes that came through their DNA to their descendents (who inhabit the Earth today) but all seems relevant in one way or another to all of us. Esau gave up his birthright to Jacob which must have had enormous consequences. Over thousands and thousands of years though it would make sense that the descendants of the mighty hunter who married a Cananite woman (builders of stone houses) would evolve or not according to who they interacted with in their own environment. If the result of their lifestyle overtime became too offensive to other cultures they would have been driven out of the cities and villages ultimately to the highest most remote places. These are the places I think where they visually became so different for one reason or another. Just my opinion –

    Jay Carlsen

    Very well could be !
    But Esau & Jacob were born After the Flood. So is it Possible that the Essence of these Nephilim could have ” Attached ” itself to this Stone in Hattusa
    from before the Flood ? Can Spirit Manipulate DNA after Life ? ……. Whos to say ? Was it waiting for Esau ?
    When I first found this as I was flipping through the Bible , It began with Isaac’s Empty Blessing to placate Esau after Jacob left. When Isaac told Esau ” You will live by the fat of the Earth , and drink of the dew of Heavens from above ” And the Question formed inside my Head ” When have you ever seen Bigfoot standing in Line at Mcdonalds ? ” And that sparked my Curiosity and I needed more! So I went backwards in the Story to where Rebekah was Pregnant with the Twins and went before the Lord to inquire ” Why am I Thus ?” And as I understand GOD told her “‘ 2 nations grow within you now , and 2 Manner of People will be separated from Your bowles. And the one People will be the Stronger than the other People are , and the Elder will serve the Younger ‘” When I read that I was sure it was Speaking of the Sasquatch – because the Sasquatch are NO QUESTION the Stronger (Physically)
    And by then I KNEW It was speaking of the Sasquatch People. But even everything said in the Description of Esau after , Points to Esau being a Sasquatch.
    Because if you keep track of Hair Color ? Red , Auburn , Brown , Black Hair is dominant with the Sasquatch.
    And they are Covered all over , like wearing an Hairy Garment.
    They do eat Venison as a main Staple of Their Diet
    Who are the Cunning Hunter ( which is not because they Hunt – but HOW they Hunt )
    Who does live in the Field
    Who does have wrinkly Hide like Skin
    Who does emit a Foul Odor ( like Esau’s Housecoat )
    Who does Live by the fat of the Land & drinks of the Dew of the Heavens from above
    Who does have the Dominant Presence ( Because when Jacob heard of His Brothers Approach ? – HE WAS SCARED )
    And by just what it said in the Book of Genesis alone I was pretty sure that Esau was a Sasquatch. Even to the point I could debate it being Esau.

    But one day as I was surfing the Youtube and I found this group of People who believe I was of Esau’s Decent because of my European Heritage ! ( And I admit I never read the Bible from cover to cover before. But I am pretty sure there is nothing said about Denmark in the Bible ? ) And I have been debating this ever since that they are mistaken. Because the Sasquatch are different than You or Me or any other High Foreheaded Modern Human Today ( Not only are they Giant , Hairy , and the Midtarsal Break across the center of Their Feet ) But since they do have the Sloping Forehead ; that would prove that they have different Brains than we do? Wouldn’t It ?
    And from Their Sloping Forehead compared to our High Forehead , I would guess that the Sasquatch lack the Frontal Lobe of Their Brains. Which is where we get all of our Higher Thought Processes from , and our RIGHT NOW Processing capability. Was this the Birthright ? Our Modern Human Brain ?
    Everything else said in the Book of Genesis describes Sasquatch as they are Today. ( Except for Size ) Because there are Twins who are born at the same time – But look Totally Different from one another is Possible. I believe that it is Describing these Sloping Forehead People vs Modern Humans.
    And this group of People from YouTube are responsible for giving me the Book of Obadiah ! And after reading that I am now CERTAIN that Esau was the Sasquatch.
    Who are small in Population compared to the Great Nations of the world today , and they are greatly despised ( because they are Cannibals )
    Who do live in the High & Rocky Places
    Who do sleep among the Stars ( as we now know from Episode 419 You wouldn’t believe me if I told you )
    Who will never deplete a Food Source , but will always leave a few ; to repopulate the Food Stock for the next time they are through the Area.
    Who does have secret & hidden ways
    Who has NONE Understanding in them. ( Because of the lack of the Frontal Lobe of our Modern Human Brain )

    When this Group of YouTube People accuse me of the European White Man ruling the Planet today , I counter with asking if they know that the Sasquatch have never been Conquered before ? ( and they do not ) So could the Ancient Hebrews that recorded this make such a claim that it is the Sasquatch in charge right now? Since they have never been Conquered before ?

    Or the ones who tell me that Esau is Roman ? Because it said He traveled to Italy ? Or Arab because he went to Saudi Arabia ? When it said Esau’s symbol was that of an Eagle ? Is it Possible that the Ancient Hebrews who recorded this could have guesses where the Majority of the Encounters with the Sasquatch take place in the America’s ?

    Are the Powers that be hiding this because it only supports the Biblical Narrative ?

    Are these Aliens , actually Fallen Angles ? Are they doing this Mass Abduction of People for Biological Sampling because they lost their Salvation ? And are trying to slip through using Cloned Bodies ?
    ……… Who Knows ?
    Does the lack of the Frontal Lobe of the Brain make them more easily Inhabitable for these foul Things ?
    Or even when they were Driven Out ? Was that when the Sasquatch came to the America’s ? I think your on to something there ! I need to look into this more.

    Jay Carlsen

    Genesis 26 : 34 said when Esau was 40 He married Judith , and she was a Hittite Women.


    Talk about a monkey’s cousin! It’s good to still see you with us. I like what you have to say; It seems so straightforward and honest. Keep it up man!

    Christopher A

    Curious if you’re tracking the fact we dropped a MOAB, on the cords of the entrance to the cave of the Afgan. Giant, though he was not near Kandahar much closer to Kabul in the mountains. Now there is no trace what so ever.

    Rick F

    I think the extra biblical book of Enoch may be the most plausible explanation for all the strange and bazaar creatures/crypto’s.

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