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    Steve K

    Thought I would share this with my fellow Chroniclers before publishing it on YouTube. I captured this last month. The camera is motion activated and has an infrared light source for night use. Interesting. Steve

    Daniel O

    I’ve seen another video where something similar showed up when a woman was in a video call from her kitchen in the early evening. That one was on a cell phone. I have no idea what to make of it.

    You might wish to give more info on the type/make/model of the video camera w/resolution it was recorded in. I dont know anything about camera’s but others do.

    Steve E


    Steve K

    Steve E, maybe the one doing the loops was a moth. Not sure about the roman candles.


    Steve K,
    What your security camera captured reminds me very much
    what I witness one night inside of my house.
    It was at the time my dad past away, a few days later I
    saw lights moving fast down the hallway as if they were
    racing each-other.
    What your camera caught I think are spirits.
    Because what I witness in my home I believe were spirits.

    I didn’t hear sound with the moving lights in my house.
    Some spirit activity indeed will produce sound along with
    the sighting.


    Well it’s always a treat to see what security cameras pick up. I have no doubt that we are surrounded by spirits, and that is of both good and bad kind. The bible speaks of such. The sound effects are particularly interesting. Thanks for posting.

    Ben H

    Wow. You’ve got me. I call insect on %99.9 of the “rod” pics and video I see. Mainly because I’m certain that’s what almost all of them are.

    I have no idea what you’ve caught in this one Steve K. But me thinks them ain’t no bugs!

    Jan F

    I Think its a moths

    Steve K

    I’m just not sure I’ve noticed moths behaving in this manner and flying with enough velocity to make the whooshing sound. I checked the doorway later that morning and there were no moths hanging around FWIW. Thanks everyone for watching.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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