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    I hope it goes well.

    Gabriel H

    Thanks Chris. All went smooth

    Yeah it’s interesting. As I’m typing this I almost want to drop the length of the impression to 12-13 inches and say that if anything this was a juvenile that was making left/right leaps when it left this impression. There is a slight left/forward slide which would indicate it was landing a leftward leap, from the right, and then off again to the right. But yeah this individual is smaller than initially thought and was leaping. The toes impressions are good so a 12″ toeshoe could have done it but there are no tread marks (which toe shoes have – I have some)

    No other impressions but the direction of this one lends to it coming up out of a dry creek bed so I will get back in there and walk the creek bed within the next week or so

    Anyway I have a bunch of stuff to get done around the house today but I’ll check back in later. Gotta run

    Thanks guys



    Congrats Gabe on seeing a print…..and seeing it through to a casting. The collection begins…..date and location in waterproof ink will become more important as time goes by (and it does). I’m assuming your find is in the “close to town” location you’ve been frequenting. The nearby forest fires and immense smoke we are experiencing from them have to be having some impact on all the fauna. Can’t help but wonder at how it affects/impacts the biggest of them all.

    Rob R

    It would be interesting to measure depth and to measure the depth that you leave, just to get a ballpark sense of weight difference.


    Rob, that could be a print that was made when the ground was still wet. It might not be that fresh.

    Gabriel H

    Jadescope: thanks neighbour. It was great to hear your voice the other day. Safe travels when you head out on Saturday. And thanks again for the offer with the casting material. I’m looking forward now to comparing the different casting material with you

    Rob: yeah Knobby’s correct. There was just a wee bit of moisture left in the underlying soil when I pulled the cast. The surface ground is rock solid. I could through the largest tantrum I can muster there and barely scratch the surface

    We’ve had pretty extreme conditions here in BC. As many of you probably know we’ve had many wildfires raging

    The timing of the track find & getting it cast worked out because it rained cats & dogmen yesterday (good for the fires) But prior to that I believe we went about 5 weeks without rain, and temps consistently in the 30’s (Low 90’s for you ‘Mericans)

    I will certainly do a few more images with some thoughts coming up


    Measuring the footprint by marking a piece of paper held against the computer screen the heel looks 3 3/4 – 4 inches wide, the ball of the foot 5 inches wide, and I can’t precisely tell where it ends but it looks 13 to 14 inches long.

    Looking at the cast is the second toe a lot longer than the big toe? That might be unusual for a sasquatch footprint. But the toes have minimal tapering like a sasquatch, and overall I lean toward sasquatch.

    Did the impression in the ground have a raised area in the center to indicate a midtarsal break? I side view of the cast might show that.

    Gabriel H

    Yes Knobby a mid tarsal break is quite apparent. It’s very cool to be able to bring the cast home, show it to neighbours (who are well aware of my interest) and then go into some detail on the distinct differences between human and Sasquatch prints.

    There’s an area of my backyard lawn that will be receiving sod in a week or so. I should soak the area and get my neighbours & kids to just walk through it and we’ll cast their prints 🙂

    I’ll try to get a side-angle image up today

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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