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    If you are that unsatisfied, leave. I did once. I was annoyed because people were fussing and arguing, and I’m not into that. BUT. I came back after two weeks. I’m hooked on the feeling, high on believing, you know how the song goes.

    Really man, just email WEs. But, if you don’t get an answer immediately, or at all, please don’t start ranting in the forums!


    I’m glad you did too. “Iā€™m hooked on the feeling, high on believing,”a good song too.

    Ben H

    Me personally. I’m glad he brought this up. I finally feel I can get this off my chest.

    When I take the time to read that someone has taken the time to say they don’t have the time to spend the time waiting for what they feel they have the time for…well that isn’t worth my time!

    Phfeew! I feel better now! Happy Valentines day every body.?


    LOL Ben! Ya’ll too! And you too Michael! Just thought I’d take the time to say that, but I’m serious, and mean it.

    Oh, John that was a great point too. Hey you all, if you seem you’re being ignored, you’re not, so get over it, I did. This forum is a little different. But trust me, folks are reading your comments.

    Loves to all on Valentines Day ?

    Eric S

    I think the show is much better. It’s fun when he has the occasional co-host and they’re joking around, but I prefer the “just-Wes” format. He’s consistent with each guest and that keeps their story about them.

    Steve E

    I’m sure Michael c was not trying to create a riot or get attacked, he was just voicing his opinion to see if anybody agreed with him.

    The problem with this topic (and UFO’s for that matter) is that the eye-witness evidence keeps on coming and coming and there is no real payoff – meaning often times a persons EXPECTATION is to have a SCIENTIFIC CONCLUSION, and we are just not there yet…

    So please don’t feel set upon Michael..

    Michael c

    I guess there was no point….smh. well at least some had laugh with trolling …i even think alot responses are funny::).

    Ben H

    Haha, I know, I hear ya Steve.

    I don’t think he meant any ill intent. Mine was a vain attempt at humor to get folks to ease up on him a bit. I’ve been known to cast a stone or two prematurely myself!

    Laura G
    Denise F

    I feel bad, I’m the one that started all the bull**** and usually I try to be the peacemaker. We learn lessons everyday, I suppose ?

    I hope no one feels overlooked or purposely doesn’t post – that would like to…..there are some strong personalities here and some straight shooters but don’t let it deter you. I didn’t and I truly think there were days I drove some crazy but I made them get used to me, lol ?

    Denise F

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    Sheesh guys, cut the bloke some slack.?

    This forum is here for members to communicate with each other and Michael simply vented some personal thoughts about the show.

    Nobody has to rush to Wes’ defence, and in fact I am pretty certain Wes would not want anyone doing that, particularly over such an innocuous post.

    There are other forums where members have complained about the ‘hero-worship’ SasChronners tend to display for Wes… something I suspect he would most likely be very embarrassed about. ?

    As to the subject of this thread. Personally I have really enjoyed some of the more recent shows while others have been less ‘inneresting’… but that is the nature of such a show. I mean, we are well over 600 now!?

    That’s a hell of a lot of content! Congratulations Wes. You are doing a great job. ?

    Perhaps partly to blame is human nature. We tend to get very excited about ‘new shiny things’… but after a few (600+) no matter how good they are inevitably the shine begins to wear off.

    I dunno how Wes keeps it up. I hope he doesn’t but if he quit tomorrow I would understand.

    Steven B

    ” Iā€™m hooked on the feeling, high on believing, you know how the song goes…”

    Yep. I can see in my mind’s eye now, several Squatches doing the “Oogah-Chuckah, Oogah, Oogah, Oogah-Chucka”s… šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜€

    – the only thing better than a guard dog is a guard tortoise!


    The forum isn’t a place for complaints about the show or it’s host. Sure you can discuss likes and dislikes, but an attack on the show is an attack on the host. “Canned” means prepared and that implies fakery. Is he saying Wes is a fake? Maybe he didn’t mean it that way, but that’s what he said.

    Michael’s thread breaks rule #3. If you don’t like it, then change the rules.

    3)No Bad Mouthing Wes Germer or Woody Pratt

    Kelly W

    Michael, bet your feeling somewhat like the only person wearing a TRUMP FOREVER shirt in the middle of a Hillary was Cheated rally!!….. Expression of opinion and freedom of speech is merely a talking point, *whispers*”its an illusion! my guy”..lol..
    I will say the show for me takes ups and downs, I skip past the ones I don’t care for, Because I know Wes will bring it back around for me, as he usually does, but I don’t expect the content to be on top or enjoyable for me every single time.. JMO

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