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    Steven J

    “The owl crows at midnight…”

    Doug, that is essentially what I was trying to say before. If its digital, its by nature insecure.

    Sheri S

    Yes, Red Dawn it is among my favorites.

    Elizabeth E

    Hi Doug, expensive housing in that area, it’s much more affordable in SXn AntXXio. In my humble opinion, the facility in UXXX should have it’s water supply cut off by the state, you know, water shortage and everything, (leave some water for the squatches) 🙂 . ThXn ThrXXd should be used, as it maintains privacy, would be much more effective tXrgXting risks while maintaining privacy, cost millions less, and is legal. (Yep, I’m a BXnnXy fan, plus, he’s a nice, honorable guy to boot.) I originally posted the link so people could research it and decide for themselves. Btw, do you know what the coldest place on earth, 0=1, DiXgo GaXXia and flt37X have in common? Quite interesting. I’m betting the CXX is trying to figure it out. I realize all information isn’t interesting to all people. Kinda like most of my friends couldn’t give a hoot about big hairy fellas running through the woods. If he doesn’t bop ’em on the nose, he doesn’t exist. I’ll tell you what I tell them… check it out, what you find might surprise you. Questions are good, the X game is fun, and I hope you have a good Holiday. 🙂 ((Haha, and the tape is placed diagonally…))

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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