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    Peter N

    This was discussed here in the forum some in an earlier video. The man is having a mental breakdown of some kind.

    Augustine L

    I believe him. It all fits. Sure, it sounds crazy and he acts pretty crazy, but they count on that to discredit his info maybe.

    The masters are devils. They have nothing to lose, are bored, and take pleasure in harassing and scaring us. Under the Earth–that is hell. Their kingdom is the Earth–God gave them the earth when he threw them out of heaven.

    They can put images in your head–an angelic power. That we would be a trophy to them goes without saying.

    Sparing you scads of scripture quotes, it comports with the Biblical story of the fall of the bad angels. They hate us. They have powers. They are directly created and immortal, and know us all too well. It would be just like them. In fact I have heard some of the same bullshit off New Age sources and from little gray aliens in encounter stories.

    I believe it.

    Bob B

    As in armed combat: some break down, some break bad, some just survive. This fella just discovered his breaking point, that point where he can go no further. It is not a badge of dishonor…. just an observation.

    In my view, those outdoorsmen who come face to face with the Boogey Man and never return to the woods are those who stared as far into the face of reality as they could go.

    F.E.A.R. stand for this: Fuck Everything And Run. Never live one’s life in fear! Walk with the Lord…one never knows where that path might lead them.

    I certainly do not condemn this man. However, we have witnessed the limits of his fears.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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