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    Isaiah J

    I hike all over whined island and up in Mass a bit. Anyone in Connecticut, RI, MA, or NH that knows Sasquatch spots?

    Denise F

    Hey Isaiah,
    Are you too far to travel to Western Mass? I know a friend that said the National forest area in the western part has some sightings/ activity.


    I lived in Rhode Island for many years. There was talk of a light colored (blonde, grey, white) adult in South County. Particularly in the Great Swamp area.


    Isaiah, I live in western Mass. yes the Berkshires fro Ct. up thru Mass. are areas where people have seen them, check out the BRFO site maps for the encounters.
    Also the Ct. Mass. border in some area is remote and there have been sightings, as I am sure the Mass. Vt. and NH. borders may be active..

    Paul A

    @Isaiah Have you checked the Google Earth bigfoot reports map?

    If not, here’s the link: http://download876.mediafire.com/bol3587wf3pg/k9pky0pzcbaikoq/bigfootreports.kmz

    If you don’t have it, download the free google earth pro to your desktop. Double click the kmz file to open, and it will automatically open google earth since .kmz is a google earth resource file.

    Wayne K

    Litchfield county Connecticut from August to December is active


    Yep. right there in the corner…Rt 7 corridor north to south..

    Thomas W

    Used to live in CT, the Northwest part of the state (Kent, etc.) has had several recent sightings, Western MA also (same watershed) up through Williamstown. Not far from there to Whitehall NY which had a famous series of sightings some time ago. I would think the Appalachian Trail could be productive along with any of the national forest campsites….you kind of have to go explore and see if anybody is home…..though the usual “be careful what you wish for” warnings apply.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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