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    Gabriel H

    …and Wes & Woody you guys jump in on this too. I’ll kick it off

    Maybe they’ve figured this out… maybe they’ve figured Sasquatch out and they know this has to come out sometime, and Wes’s show is making a significant dent in the probably society-wide trauma. Not just of the reality, but the implications. The What-Ifs that arise as a result of Sasquatch being a reality.

    Maybe they know this show is doing palpable good, and know this will eventually pop, so the time is now, they’ve figured them out, so now it’s just time to let that unfold.

    I know that’s not the case with the Texas boys, but on the whole

    Carson H

    I believe that the government works in disinformation as well as complete denial. If they have a platform that they can interject “members” or “guests” on that are open forum and received by many then they can get stuff out to confuse people, to mislead people, to lie, to tell the truth, to modify and channel the narrative in a direction that is beneficial to their agenda.

    Its like 4d chess. This isn’t me bashing the program or Wes’s incredibly hard work and faithfulness to the subject and open discussion surrounding it, it is simply (in my opinion based on historical evidence) a very likely situation. Not only can the government monitor legitimate instances and get a gauge on how much the public knows, but it also has an outlet to put out whatever they want to alter the trajectory of the subject by disinformation, by individuals working for agencies to come on here and say this that or whatever, and by seeding truth as well to make sure its all confusing as hell so that any respectable research organizations will say no thanks.

    Gabriel H


    And I like that you said 4D chess. There’s that quantum physics thing again

    I see that too. I think that’s exactly what they’re doing. The smart ones. I bet the not-so-smart ones are just worried that we’ll eventually realize everything they do, is off our backs, to our detriment, and in their interests. One side wants control and the other side wants to watch humans hurt.

    The rest of us are ponds, stuck in the middle with the royalty always on the periphery

    I wonder if to them, “the lamb” is like an inside joke… you know… a “sacrifice” that we all aspire to. I wonder if they realize they too might be being played. Maybe something’s making them do their dirty work, justice our powerful people get others to do theirs.

    I bet their secret internal memo and motivational speeches end with, “…and remember, where devotion’s askew a promotion is due!”

    Gabriel H

    …when it should be, “Where notions ring True, promotions are due”

    If there were a larger power protecting this show, that’s probably their philosophy. Or hopefully at least

    Rich G

    I think a good example of a government run PHSYOP was the Dr. Bryan Sykes study and docudrama. That came our right at the end of the Ketchum Study, used some of the same contributors, baited them in and then produced fraudulent results. Sykes then had the contributors/witnesses, essentially discredit themselves/their research and their samples by claiming they were legit. So then Sykes and the show tried to project that the “sasquatch phenomenon” was nothing more than a bunch of delusional people making either fraudulent claims or they are mentally ill. That belief in this topic was nothing more than a “mental illness”. Pretty much they were telling the public “these are noting more than crazy people, move along nothing to see here”.

    Did you know that US Fish and Wildlife screened Sykes samples for that show? Hair Samples which I was involved in collecting which were presumptive for Sasquatch through visual ID by professional hair analysis and DNA testing via the Ketchum study were also screened by US fish and wildlife in the Sykes study, those samples were excluded as ‘Bovine” cow hair by USFW and were not even DNA tested. They did not know those samples had already been verified by Ketchum. Within the context of the collection of those samples it was impossible for them to be BOVINE, the collection happened out in the woods and no long hair species of cattle were in the area, some of the hairs were 15 inches long.

    Anyways I think when we get close to the truth the Government then runs PHSYOPS in attempt to successfully discredit the research, other than that they just keep quiet because the bigfoot researchers for the most part do a fine enough job of making sure the “sheeple” don’t pay attention.

    Rich G

    So with all that being said, I don’t think there is any reason the government would blatantly sensor free speech and block a show like this, that in itself would be an admission and pretty good evidence they were actively trying to suppress information and evidence.

    The government just does not work that way unless they have no alternative. What they generally do is what they did with the Sykes thing, they use their tools to misinform, like the media or syndicated TV.

    Carolyn R

    What are your thoughts about what they would do if a show was presented that told not only “what” they were doing but “why” they were doing it on this Cryptid subject ?

    Gabriel H

    On the whole my thoughts are pretty aligned with yours, Rich

    Carolyn that’s an interesting question. I think my response would be to have a quiet moment for all the people out there who have had encounters, only to then be ridiculed or otherwise not believed by family, friends, and society on the whole.

    I’d stick around here but I’d likely also quiet down a bit and observe where society went with it while staying grounded for myself and my immediate family

    Rich G

    A show like that would never get on TV, my experience with syndicated TV, (I’ve been interviewed by History channel “in search of aliens” and Discovery network “Monsters and Mysteries in America”,) is that it is highly censored for whatever reason.

    Especially I noticed this when I did my interview with History for “In search of Aliens”, I gave a 2 1/2 our interview and held pretty much nothing back, I said almost as much as I did in my interview with Wes and the production crew got it all. The producers later told me that they thought it was the most compelling interview they had ever recorded in the bigfoot/paranormal arena and that they would like to show the whole thing for a special. I got an email to this affect but when the show aired they showed 10 mins of my interview and held back all of the significant stuff like the DNA, my paranormal experiences and so on. They made it “vanilla” just like every other bigfoot production. Prometheus was the production company.

    So that was my experience, anything significant they held back, my impression after watching the show was they really didn’t want to “tell” anything, but they sure wanted to know what I had experienced.

    Rich G

    It all sounds a bit like a conspiracy to me. Are the TV networks in on it? I don’t know but it sure seems they are careful not to truly reveal anything for whatever reason.

    I can tell you that I have been in the planning process of a couple of shows, one recently and what ends up happening is they don’t want to publicize anything related to the truth about sasquatch but they are more than happy to keep making shows which only rely on modern scientific disciplines which go in circles and prove nothing, show nothing and so on.

    For instance this “nest” location on the OP. The networks are all over that, dissect some nests, find some unknown hairs, try and DNA test them, get human results and cry contamination. Meldrum will show off some track casts and talk about the mid tarsal break and then scratch his head about why the samples are contaminated with Human DNA when they took so much care to collect them, the show will be over answering no real questions and the public will not be convinced of anything.

    But to be honest a show with someone, who relentlessly tries to to answer this question with an open mind, using all available theories mainstream and not, and all tools available, holding nothing back would never be aloud on TV, because then peoples minds may start to be opened. That’s why the Ketchum study had to be discredited as it was major shift from humanities indoctrination.

    Gabriel H

    Agreed. 100%. Fitting production name hey ~ Prometheus. I swear they flaunt it immediately behind a front line of hand-picked numb-brains happy to please administration


    Let me ask you this; Who runs the world? What do they own? What would they do to keep it?

    Rich G

    Who runs the world? IMO the same people who own the Federal Reserve and IMF, but currently they are being challenged by the BRICS because the system run by these folks is in default and their power structure is collapsing. Since WWII The United States Corporation who is owned by the Federal Reserve has used its Navy to project its power beyond its boarders to give an impression of a world police force keeping the world in line, when countries try to do business outside the of the Federal Reserve system the United States who is the proxy of the Federal Reserve/IMF, starts uprisings, creates destabilizations or even wars to collapse sovereign governments who try and exert their own sovereignty by maintaining their own currencies outside the Federal Reserve Note, they attempt to trade goods in gold or oil instead of dollars, they refuse to purchase US Debt to purchase and sell imports/exports. As a consequence their countries are generally destroyed and the “head” decapitated, puppets for the globalist agenda are then put in place and the federal reserve then rapes the resources and wealth from the country as it to make it permanently dependent on federal reserve handouts to survive/exist. If you don’t believe this, just look at Iraq, the reason why we toppled Sadam was because he was being defiant, and selling oil for Gold and not dollars. Syria is another good example, Syria had to be toppled because they are not in the Federal Reserve System and Assad is standing in the way of a pipeline being built connecting the Qatar oil fields to Southern Europe via directly through Syria. This pipeline needs to be built as to undercut European dependence on Russian Oil and natural gas. You see Russia is part of the BRICS and has backed its Ruble with a huge hoard of Gold. If you can take the European fossil fuel market from Russia then Russia goes broke. Syria is standing in the way of this and this is why Russia is in Syria, to protect its own interests.

    Who owns the Federal Reserve? Rothschild’s, Bilderberg’s families like that.

    What would they do to keep power? Anything and everything.

    What does this have to do with Bigfoot? a lot actually, something about the existence of Bigfoot is threatening to the powers which control the globe, acknowledgement of the species quickly leads the masses to the question of what it is. Obviously, whatever it is, is stopping disclosure because it obviously is a danger to the power structure. I believe that reason is because the system we have set up currently is one of “voluntary enslavement”. You see we have the illusion of free will and freedom but actually we have enslaved ourselves, via the debt based monitory system we live in currently. This system only works as long as people believe a spoon fed fabrication regarding, practical accepted scientific disciplines, manipulated human history both ancient and current and a fake belief system meant to create walls and boarders. If one chooses to step out of the box and see beyond they are labeled as having a mental illness and potentially suffer extreme consequences.

    Gabriel H

    Chris this may be a bit long winded but here goes:

    What he said


    Rich G

    Forgot to mention an important example people probably overlook,,, Venezuela, the most oil rich country in the world got a big spanking because they were doing business outside the Federal Reserve note, and trading oil for gold., now the country is in collapse. Brazils leadership was taken down because they were in defiance of the Federal Reserve system as well, a new government had to be put in place to get them back on track, but they did it through fraudulently impeaching the president and holding a fraudulent election to put a puppet in place.

    The media tries to sell the narrative as “failed socialist model”, which is causing its collapse, but in reality a country who is as oil rich as Venezuela could overcome any amount of corruption and keep functioning, but when no one will purchases your oil then you are screwed.

    The truth is there is a “western” world wide embargo against Venezuela

    Honestly the BRICS, but Russia specifically stand in the way of the Federal Reserve enslaving the entire world. Enslaving the population who create wealth for the families who own the Federal Reserve. In return the populace who creates the wealth and gives it to the Federal Reserve gets debt/enslavement in return, in the form of a bunch of crap they don’t need but that crap owns them, creates stress and anxiety which shortens their lifespan and brings on disease/illness which takes them to the medical industry. The Medical industry convinces you that you need to take a bunch of “pills” which cover the symptoms but cause more problems, before you know it, your bank account is drained and your calendar is full of doctors appointments, soon enough you will be dead.

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