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    Kyle N

    I plan on listening to all of the member shows as I have listened to all the free ones. I am a new member starting today. I love the podcast Wes!! Thanks for always being thoughtful and courteous to others on the show along with having wonderful guests. Do any members recommend favorite member episodes to listen to first? Thanks in advance

    Denise F

    I was just talking about this show the other day on another thread and I found it. I think it’s a good one from way back in the early episode 100’s.

    SC EP:103 Wood Apes [Members]

    Kyle N

    Thanks I gave the episode a listen. Pretty wild that they shot one and seemed to have killed it with a elephant gun. I could only imagine living around destructive ones for extended period of time. Thanks for sharing!

    Daniel O

    I did the same thing just a couple months ago. I when through all the regular shows then did a search on the term “Members” and saved that search to my favorites to get threw over time. Still working on those shows.

    I recommend the following shows of which some are members only and some are not
    1. The Beginning
    2. Wes Encounters
    7. Sasquatch and animal sounds
    11. The siege at Honobia
    237 We Need Help! – the brothers
    270 Live show at 42 minutes a 2 bothers update
    There are many more but this the best content of shows that define what is happening overall. Welcome.

    paul w

    episode 423 is a good one. The caller is detailing how his father found a cave surrounded by bones and well…..just listen to it yourselves. One the the scariest best episodes.


    I misread the title of this post as Recommended Manbear Shows. I think I need to start wearing my glasses full time…

    Denise F

    Celia-, I swear I recently heard a guest on a podcast claim he turned into a manbear. He claimed many odd things so I’m not counting on it’s credibility but ya never know? Lol

    acrylic sand artist

    Welcome to this place Kyle N.
    I’m more into paranormal/UFO but sasquatch and dogman
    have become a little more interest to me.
    You might want to listen to this one sometime…

    Feb 9SC EP:404 Encountering the strange RELOADED[Member]

    SC EP:404 Encountering the strange RELOADED[Member]

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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