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    Gabriel H

    Take’em to court

    It takes balls to go out in the forest at night and look for real monsters. I don’t care how Fright your Bashlight is, that takes friggin BALLS.

    So this is actually the next viral internet challenge.

    Hey Science, Law, Academics, and the Privileged… why don’t you put your mouth where our money is. Step up to the plate and PROVE, there’s real substance behind your clai.. I mean name. You’ve been slapped in the face with the obvious long enough. What are you made of if you have nothing to add to arguably the most significant conversations of our time… Considered where that leaves you once the public realizes these and other things are REAL?? It would be in your best interest to take a look at the line in the sand and make the call about where you are vs where you should be.

    So yeah. Take them to court and that should result in proof because the more everyone doesn’t do what they’re supposed to (like the media not covering the most controversial Court case around) the dumber they all look

    all WE have to do is force the issue

    Carolyn R

    Hmm, I could be wrong but where did most of us learn of the Darwin theory? Those lawyers became famous! Should be an easy sell to them but financially we would need an Angel… anyone have an idea ?

    Gabriel H

    Run an on-going GoFundMe campaign and sue the parks service for withholding information and breach of trust in the name of public safety

    Seriously if someone wants to get this done use their tactics. Threaten them legally. The result is it either happens or the legal system is exposed as a secondary wall separating them and us. And this would be a wall they’ve already built and funded – off your (U.S. citizens) tax dollars


    It would take some flamboyant lawyer underwritten by some billionaire who loves attention with thick skin, with pockets as deep as his or her interest in science and mystery to push a case like that through court and on to the forefront of the public eye. The ensuing media headlines will do the rest.

    Phil C

    I would donate towards it.
    I wonder what OJs lawyer is doing these days?
    If the shoe don’t fit… Bigfoot be it.

    I get what you’re saying but the USA.gov pockets are waaay deeper. It, we, they’d. get silenced one way or another.
    It makes me think of the people involved in the Roswell crash. They claimed they were told to shut up or their dried out bones would be found in the desert.

    Gofundme account to get a load of cash and pay for trackers, hunters, veternarian (spelling) helicopters, cargo vans the works. I’d donate to that for sure.

    Phil C

    using the missing 411 accounts from all 4 of the books to show how serious the matter is and point out that our public services have failed to properly document and record missing people and marking potentially dangerous areas to the tax payers might bean angle to use.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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