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    John B.

    I guess most people use Fakebook? Wes should advertise it more. Maybe participate by posting when he is stopped at a traffic light in his hummer.(I’m joking. I’ve recently started listening from the beginning of the podcast. I think the show is better now with just Wes. All of those different voices talking over each other annoyed me.)


    Wes doesn’t overshadow the guest with commentary.

    John B.

    Agreed. He does a good job.

    Anthony S

    Hi guys. Yes, it was a bit confusing with Will interrupting. But, he did make some good comments. Are the reasons for him no longer being a show member, known ? And another thing. Why aren’t the videos attached to the earlier shows, still available? Very frustrating. Are there ways of somehow retrieving them ?

    Thanks, Anthony

    John B.

    I don’t think there was an official reason, but I assume it was over the cause of most problem$.

    In any case it was not an “Underwear Changing Moment.” 🤣


    _and those who want to from SC use mewe. It’s something knobby started to give us (members) a place to chat and create a profile page if you like. It’s in the pinned white section at the beginning of this forum. Thx, m


    It wasn’t over money, it was over integrity and Wes prevailed. Anthony, what videos are you referring to? The ones where he was visible in the studio, or were there witness videos?

    cyndie r

    Ty Esther.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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