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    Rodney M

    I saw the latest Aquachigger metal detecting video. He was down in the Bayou checking out an old shack. Watch the video and look at the size of the prints around that shack.


    Ben H

    Woah. I had to go over that one a handful of times. Yeah, I know, I overly pick apart pics and videos. I tried thinking over sun angles and shadow angles and reflection angles. I don’t think that was his reflection or shadow. He seems to hold the camera pretty still as the figure passes. I’m at a loss on an explanation.

    Either he caught a skunk ape, rougarou, dogman, alien…meth head?..or someone was out there with him and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    The tracks, although a bit big, don’t look to be any bigger than my German Shepherd would leave.

    Good catch on this one!


    Amy H

    Whoa! Whatever passed the window was big! At the beginning you can see some black walk thru the trees too. Yikes!


    Denise F

    Whoa…that was scary looking. I almost feel it moved off like a monster with a stiff neck….something in the movement around shoulder area jumped out at me.

    One of the first sounds reminded me of a tin sound, was I the only one that heard that? Could be the poor audio on my phone.

    Wild video, ty for posting.


    Kelly W

    Considering his shadow is in front of him, which you see in the first few seconds, could possibly be his own shadow playing across the window. I also wanted to say, they told me when I visited, to be careful of the wild and stray dogs in the swamps, since many went feral after Katrina.. could explain a larger than average what he thought was a coyote print..


    Steven B

    I downloaded and watched the video. I then started doing “play,pause,play,pause…” through the portion with the figure. There is not very much to work with, but whatever/whomever was outside that window appears to be wearing a heavy jacket of sorts – like one of those winter canvas jackets and some sort of head wear. It is a little distorted through that window but I’m leaning toward it being a person that, for whatever reason, did not wish to make themselves known. It is still creepy as hell and I hope that the dude that was videoing carries self-defense of some sort.


    Ben H

    I went to the guys YouTube channel and looked back through his videos. I didn’t watch but a few but read the descriptions of DOZENS of videos over the last year and he seems to be a serious metal detecting/relic hunter. The video in question is the only one I saw like it.

    For me that further rules out hoax. But after watching it many more times, I’m leaning towards Steven B’s assessment. I think he likely caught a human. Maybe some fugitive, hermit,trespasser, I don’t know. I still don’t think he or the camera were moving enough for it to be a reflection, but it does appear to be someone wearing clothes. Like a heavy light colored dirty coat.


    Denise F

    I’m thinking that’s even more frightening than BF. Only a select few could say that I suppose because we start a video prepared to see ‘that’….now we are left saying “omg, you mean it’s a creepy weirdo stalking people in a remote swamp”. 😋

    He shouldn’t go too far out alone.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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