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    Steve E

    I just looked and 13 of the 14 Threads on the first page of the Forum are OFF TOPIC threads..

    So I’d like to put this to Forum participants:

    Do you enjoy the Off Topic threads or would you prefer more On Topic threads (IE Bigfoot / Sasquatch)?


    Someone just asked a similar question and participants responded. A lot of them said they liked the off topic threads.

    I would prefer people not begin threads with O/T or Off Topic. I’ve never understood the point of placing that on every title that is not sasquatch related. People can see by the title what the thread is about.

    Plus, when people start several new topics that are identical to current threads and I go to merge them, I have to look through many scores of O/T titles to find the right one.

    Maybe if there were not so many titles that begin with O/T people would not be as encouraged to start their own off topic.


    We need another thread: O/T Off Topic posts Discussing Off Topic/ Off Topics 😜


    Is censorship really the solution? Do you really want to surrender your rights as a member or is it okay for a few people to tell us what is appropriate?

    Will Sasquatch Chronicles give in to the leftists mobs?

    XXXOOO Blue Lives Matter OOOXXX

    Denise F

    Sometimes I feel like we are in Kindergarten.

    I read the other day where someone wanted advice on how to deal with not looking at off topics threads because it angers them 😶 – somehow I got the feeling that that particular thread was more about basing thoughts and feelings about what they were reading than the issue of a problem…..you know what?….good on you….I’m totally grown enough to be able to understand and swipe the other way if I don’t want to read it.

    Many of us act like ‘the be all end all’ but don’t have the coping skills to rationally get through a few threads, words or topics that bug us….c’mon guys buck it up and suck it so we can get to some good topics 😉


    I think the reason this question comes up every so often is because SC doesn’t have forum categories. All of the other forums that I belong to have a separate section specifically for “Off-Topic” threads. That tends to keep them out of sight for those that want to focus on the main subject area, yet easily accessible for those who want to participate in them.

    Personally, I do think the SC forum is much heavier on politics and conspiracy theories than Sasquatch these days. Of course, I’m participating in those threads so I’m part of the problem. I would also love to see more Sasquatch-related threads and try to post subject-related content whenever I find something that I think would be of interest. So I think the key to SEEING more Sasquatch-related content is for members to POST more Sasquatch-related content. It’s on us.


    That’s right.
    The thing is, there is only so many times we can discuss certain behaviours, theories or whether we are ‘knowers’ or ‘believers’…

    So we explore other subjects and with what has been happening lately…. is it any surprise people are discussing current events?


    I honestly don’t think it matters because it’s not like there’s a lot in sasquatch world happening. Off topic posts don’t bother me. If the topic doesn’t interest me I just don’t read it and carry on.

    I think instead of complaining, people should start new topics if they want more on topic discussion. That’s just my two cents.

    Jo M

    Yeah, so that was me, Denise. I’m not quite sure what you mean by: “somehow I got the feeling that that particular thread was more about basing thoughts and feelings about what they were reading than the issue of a problem”. Did you mean that I was more upset about content than category? Yes, and no. The content annoys me, but also the fact that it’s so prevalent that it always shows up on top so you have to look through a number of pages to find other things that might interest you.
    1. Categories would be so cool. I mainly access the site on my phone, not my computer. That little screen isn’t nearly as easy to thumb through. Even on the computer you have to go through page after page looking at thread titles – not categories. Someone suggested I use the search bar to look for topics of interest. How do you do that when you don’t know what’s in here? That isn’t very practical unless you’re trying to find something you’ve read before.
    2. I don’t know if there’s a setting I can change, but the threads with the latest posts come up first. So the O/T threads are almost always first, and have by far the most comments. But the number of participants is very small considering there are literally hundreds (thousands?) of members.
    3. There’s a whole heck of a lot more that can be said on the topic. I know not many here are fans of another particular organization, but prior to being removed, that forum had a TON of topics. From research ideas to encounter discussion to worldwide differences to hair color! They were in existence for much longer than our beloved SC, and the topics were never stale and never at a loss for ideas. Not only that, but there are new members joining every day here. What might be old hat to you might be brand new information to them and perhaps they’d like to ask about it. It took me a long time to feel comfortable enough to post simply because the forum felt exclusive. The former GCBRO was another fun forum – full of stories, pictures and small talk, and never dull. Yes, I’ve been around the block and back again.
    4. Would it be a good thing to have a list of episodes – the first name or alias of the speaker and a 5 or so word summary – pinned to the top of the forum? I’d be happy to put that together unless someone (or Wes) already has this.
    5. How can this forum become more diverse (topic wise) and welcoming so that we regularly have hundreds of different members posting consistently? Now THAT would be a wealth of information I’d want to get in on.


    Jo, these are unusual tumultuous times with the pandemic, riots, and elections and a lot more are reading this forum than comments here. Maybe its a bit of an emotional catharsis to have a community to hash these events out with.

    I may be one of the main drivers of political, virus, and some others like the PC thread; so, I’ll back off a bit and give the forum a breather.

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