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    A thread compiling the never-ending stream of evidence of election fraud.

    Let’s keep the comments on this thread out of it (post comments on the Politics thread maybe?)

    I will kick it off with this ‘less obvious’ example:

    “Just weeks before the Kentucky election, 175,000 purged voters were put back on the registration rolls after the Democrat challenger Attorney General Andy Beshear sued to have the inactive voters reinstated. A new recorded phone call with the Kentucky Board of Elections office with a journalist named Tore, evidences that her and her immigrant husband, who is ineligible to vote, were placed on the Kentucky voter rolls as registered Democrats. Only problem is, Tore and her husband haven’t lived in the state Kentucky for years and both of them have never registered as Democrats. Tore was concerned about her husbands immigration status and how the apparent election fraud could impact his ability to remain in the United States.”


    Another ‘minor’ error (more blatant ones coming soon)…
    Votes marked with sharpies have been ruled invalid AFTER election officials told Republican voters to use them and even handed them out at some polling stations…


    A registered democrat speaks out:


    Software ‘glitch’ causes votes to switch:


    Ballots with no names attached:


    “Janda’s guest in his latest broadcast is former high-level intelligence official Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney who warns that the Democrats and the CIA have put in place a mechanism which can alter the voting results of electronic voting machines in key swing states.

    The software is ominously named “Dominion”. The project to deploy this software is called both “Project Hammer” and “Operation Scorecard”.”


    Thomas S

    All of you people that are believing this shit are just not looking for the truth. You are only wanting to follow a , I can’t even call him a man bc he isn’t.

    You lost, just be a good person and accept it.


    So the answer is to deny the truth evident before your eyes?

    jeff m

    It’s very concerning. This is just a small sampling of the fraud being reported and what’s even more concerning is the censorship and silencing of this information getting out. We’re being over thrown and a puppet regime being installed that’s controlled by China.


    Amen jeff and Wolf. Amen. Well I guess the boobie prize is this, Biden will be a one term president too. The downside will be president Harris.


    Interview with Source on Electronic Vote Fraud…

    greg d


    Ignore the man behind the curtain with the fake news. The election is not over yet. The media doesn’t get to pick the president, they only project what they see as the inevitable outcome.

    The Newly Announced 100,000 ‘Provisional’ Ballots yet to Be Counted in Pennsylvania Put That State Back up for Grabs
    By Shipwreckedcrew | Nov 06, 2020 8:00 PM ET


    Provisional ballots are in person voting on election day. There are multiple reasons for provisional ballots, including a mail-in or absentee ballot being rejected, or if you vote at a precinct that is not your precinct, which I’ve cast a provisional ballot before myself.

    Sekulow: Campaign Should Be ‘Demanding a Manual Recount’ in Places with Software that Glitched in MI

    On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Trump attorney Jay Sekulow said that the Trump campaign’s lawyers should demand a manual recount of any other areas that used the same software as Antrim County, MI, a county that had errors with reported election results.

    Sekulow said, [relevant remarks begin around 2:15] “If 30 states have used a software that there’s already proved to be a glitch of 6,000 votes in one balloting area, and now you’ve got over 30 states using it, lawyers should be — for the campaign, in every one of those jurisdictions, demanding the fix and demanding a manual recount.”


    This is from Larry Schweikart Twitter page

    5h, 4 tweets, 1 min read
    Just spoke with Richard Baris @BigDataPoll: AZ now down to 19,000 with over 200,000 (maybe 240,000) left. Quite doable, esp at rates they’ve been coming in for Trump.

    *Says @govdougducey has done a stellar job in making sure we have a firm count on how many ballots are . . .
    *contd . . . outstanding, so they can’t keep coming up with “more ballots.” Says Trump should win AZ by 6,000.

    *Says GA will def be recounted, but now with machine issues may also be recanvassed. Said Kemp did very little to get the “extra ballots” under control.
    *Both in WI and MI there are now clerical problems/machine problems, which in one county alone would flip the vote.

    “MI legislature is engaged.”

    *Seems like these guys are taking it seriously.
    *Tossing illegal ballots in PA would give Trump more than enough to win.

    The fight goes on.



    This video was taken on Nov. 4 at 4 a.m., and was posted to the political thread. But its a noteworthy video of possible ballots being snuck in during the wee hours of the morning in Michigan. What is a bit nefarious is they were not only bringing stuff in, but bringing things out. I hope they were not disposing of Trump ballots.

    video provided to Texas Scorecard from a poll watcher in Detroit shows wagons, suitcases, and coolers moving in and out of a vote-counting center during the early morning.

    In a video taken by Kellye SoRelle—a Texas lawyer and member of Lawyers for Trump—a white van is seen parked in front of the location at 2:40 a.m. A box is taken out of the van and placed into a red wagon, which is then pulled inside the facility. SoRelle is raising alarms that the box may have been a ballot box that arrived long after all ballots were expected to have been received at the counting facility.

    Other images appear to show suitcases and coolers moving in and out of the secure area where mail-in ballots were being counted during a shift change at 4 a.m.

    According to SoRelle, visitors were able to enter and leave the facility where the votes are being counted without any identification check. The workers were apparently working in six-hour shifts, meaning they did not have a need for overnight luggage.

    WXYZ News in Detroit responded to the video, claiming at least one of the people filmed by SoRelle was wheeling in camera equipment.

    Michigan is currently one of several states labeled too close to call, with allegations of potential voter fraud being leveled by President Donald Trump. On Monday afternoon, Trump’s campaign announced they would file suit to halt the counting of ballots in the state until the campaign could be given “meaningful access” to Michigan’s counting locations to observe the process, something campaign manager Bill Stephien says has not been afforded.

    “As votes in Michigan continue to be counted, the presidential race in the state remains extremely tight, as we always knew it would be. President Trump’s campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law,” said Stephien.

    ***Updated to reflect the statement from WXYZ.***

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