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    Steven B

    There are areas here ” If bananas can grow and thrive, I will too.” Well, I don’t know if they “thrive” but people do grow them as ornamentals.

    Denise F

    Welp you know I’m going to say Texas, lol but I may have an even better compromise for you.

    I have told Chris that if I ever get sick of the heat….which I am….I’d consider moving to the ozarks in Arkansas. Chris agreed.

    He mentioned that it’s a great place due to the fault lines also.

    See ya there one day, mate 😉


    We lived in buses for almost ten years in total… it is by far the best way to see a country… and choose the best place to move to.

    Any nomads on this forum?


    I live in SE Texas. This is hurricane alley. A lot of work here. But I hate it. Born and raised here. If I could move it would be to NW Arkansas. Beautiful


    It isn’t Massachusetts, that’s for sure!!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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