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    mark s

    Absolutely, Bob is the total package of BF knowledge and stays a simple guy, that’s what I like.

    Tony M

    I have to agree with Stan in regards to hidden evidence and the points he made. I also enjoyed Will on the show.

    Kim G

    Tony, Stan…Yep.


    Considering what has happened in the past with other researchers including Bob, I doubt that I would release anything I deemed definitive even if I had it. The past track record of the Bigfoot “Community” certainly doesn’t lend itself to warm and fuzzy feelings regarding how footage and images will be received. Many of us change positions more often than a pornstar in a gangbang video and allies can quickly become some of your biggest detractors. I could have HD video from my Red Epic of an Alpha Sasquatch tossing Ford Festivas from atop the I-45 and Beltway 8 overpass near downtown Houston and it would, in due time be decried, derided and defaced by red markers quicker than John Goodman would register for a butter convention.
    Aside from that, not all researchers harbor overwhelming concern in regard to proving the existence of Sasquatch to the masses.

    Stan B

    Hi James, you say about researchers not harbouring concern in proving the existence of Sasquatch. I thought the whole point of research is to find the answer, whether it be Sasquatch or Cancer.


    This is just a general comment that’s not pointed at anyone in particular:

    Wes should do what ever he wants because it’s his show (IMO) .


    There are a few out there that do what they do in the way of research solely to further their own understanding. I think we would be amazed at what could be hiding in closets and sock drawers of laymen researchers.

    Angela T

    This is my first post and the name Bob Garrett has brought me outta lurk-dom.

    Bob Garrett is so humble and that is so very refreshing in and of itself. I absolutely love every episode that he’s been on and I wait patiently ( or not so patiently ) to hear another episode that he will be on. I have listened to each episode a zillion times ( okay, that’s an exaggeration ) but the BG episodes , I have listened to far more than any others.

    There is just something about Bob that is so gentle and he’s speaks in such easy terms for every age and walk of life, to relate to.

    Bob has lost all of his ( except for recent ) gained evidence ( photos and video’s ) due to the gooberment remotely stealing everything from his computer after the “torn up camp” video was released on Youtube.

    Wes has said, on his show and on the UR interview,things we didn’t hear from BG about the Torn Up Camp and all the shenangians that the Gooberment has done to Bob and his family and the others that are in the field with him.

    Let me ask the skeptic’s……….would *any* evidence , video or photographic , be enough for you ?
    Would y’all be willing to drop your lives for a couple of weeks and go out in the field with Bob , to gather evidence and do all of the footwork for that evidence ? I ask out of pure curiousity, not in a confrontational way at all. Pure curiousity.
    For the record, I would not because I admittedly, am wayyyy too chicken. Besides, the BF /sasquatch community eat their own more than not. Why would anyone want to put themselves through all the BS and be under the microscope even more than they are right now ? It seems a no win situation for anyone of Bob’s calibur.
    Perhpas BG one day would give Wes a few more photos or a short video clip that can only be shared by SC members ?

    I’m all in a thousand percent for BG to be on the show more often. He and Wes have a wonderful relationship and one can feel the respect that Wes has for Bob and how much he admires him .


    I’ve had the pleasure of being in the woods with Bob and Tim Sermons. Both guys are a class act all the way.

    Angela T

    James, you are very blessed. I agree fwiw , and I’ve not had the pleasure to meet Bob or speak to him.

    Tracy A

    I like what Wes does, the encounters are the show. Wes instinctually or intentionally has cultivated the skill to not make the shows about him. A true gift/skill many hosts do not possess. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
    I enjoy BG and think the respect Wes states he has for him is good enough for me. Perhaps Sunday night “BG updates from the field” 10 min segments would be a good show feature.
    Personally I would not like to distract BG from his research with show prep/co- host duties.


    Hi Angela. Welcome! Glad you posted.
    I agree 100% with your analysis of Mr. Garrett.

    Tracy A., well said! ????

    Angela T

    Agreed Tracy A !!!!!!

    Teal, thank you for the welcome. I appreciate it.

    Tracy G

    Tracy A has a good idea,that could be very interesting.maybe not every show,but at least once a month.
    Honestly,I like the way Wes is doing it now! He doesn’t need a co host,no matter who they are.

Viewing 14 posts - 16 through 29 (of 29 total)
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