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    I love the recent episodes with Bob putting his 2 cents into them. The man has so much knowledge on this topic that I for one vote that Bob comes on the show a heck of a lot more often. Almost like a another Co Host to help Wes out. Wes is a great interviewer don’t get me wrong but 2 heads are always better than one. Anyone else feel this way?

    David S

    Agreed. He seems to have more practical field experience than most. And he’s authentic.

    Christine J S

    I agree with both of you. Bob Garrett is such a nice person, has tons of stories and HE DOES NOT INTERRUPT TO BLOW HIS OWN HORN!!!! (snarky…sorry, I’ve been holding that in for a while…I’ve been listening to some old episodes…can’t help but notice how wonderful Wes has become vs the old days). Bob is so humble, no way would he pull this kind of crap…hope Wes can twist his arm to visit often.


    That’s a wonderful Idea!

    Garret is Def an expert..He might not have a few letters after his name but that’s the fault of the short-sightedness of science..if Sasquatch was accepted as real tomorrow..he’d be giving lectures in any university by Monday morning.

    We need to hear more from Garret, If not in a book(s)..if he’s too busy or the G-Men too threatening, the world is crawling with ghost writers or at least an oral history of all the knowledge he’s acquired over the years.

    I LOVED the H.G Wells Esque retelling of the Ostman encounter and the logical and fascinating discussion afterwards.

    Lots more stories like that out there, Lets say…. One new show a week, of Germer’s creativity and Garret’s insight 😉

    Marian P

    Great idea. I like his style and attitude. Maybe even Bib Gimlin after watching his live interview he seems like a no nonsense
    kind of guy like Garrett.

    Mark B

    I’m in. Fantastic idea, it settled then, can’t wait. Seriously though. I can’t think of a better compliment to Wes and Sasquatch Chronicles, ya that’s right I spelled it out,than Mr Bob Garrett. And yes Christina JS I see know hint of an ego with the man or an agenda. You know like selling books or dropping names left and right to remind people that he’s credible.
    But we can float out little hearts over the idea all day long but it would take a discussion between Wes and Bob. We will be waiting guys………..


    Yes, Wes and Bob have great chemistry, and do a great job, they ask good questions and then let the person talk…Great job all around…. I also have to say the content on the blog is just awesome, Wes!

    Elise B

    On shows with them together, it seems to work really well. I hesitate to suggest it as a regular thing because people are busy with lives we know nothing about, but from my point of view it’d be great.

    If they can’t do it regularly, maybe occasionally, every so often, once a month, twice, something.

    Tony M

    I agree! Bob would make an awesome co-host. I welcome any addition to the show. The more the better.


    Totally agree. Its nice to have someone Wes bounces off. Also I agree with Christines snark comment. I really had issues with certain people kinda interrupting.

    Stan B

    I just find it odd that one person can have so many encounters, and yet so little evidence. No clear cut photographs, or videos. Some researchers spend years searching for Bigfoot and find nothing, then others have them everytime they step outta their door. Mmmmmm I’m not so sure! I know I’m going to upset some people, but i really enjoyed Will on the show as I’m sure many others did…


    Bob and his crew have the evidence but when they show it they get called liars and hoaxes. I’ve seen a couple myself and it’s better than anything out there including the Pg film. I don’t blame them a bit for not releasing it

    Stan B

    If they had the evidence surely they would produce it & not hide it away? If it was me nothing would give me greater satisfaction, than proving to all who doubted that Bigfoot exists. I get a little sceptical when possibly the greatest proof of their existence is hidden away. I say “if you’ve got it show it.”


    It is highly unlikely that any video or photographic evidence will ever be enough to convince the skeptics.

    Kim G

    I believe there’s plenty of exaggeration & embellishment in this field. To go “all in” with every encounter story without some skepticism is naïve.

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