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    Robert J

    I just wanted to help the audience a word of advice. This Sasquatch and the various types all seemto correlate to one of the existing primates. These are hybrids that were created by the satan to do abominations to Gods creation. The paranormal attributes are just passed down from their ancestors who were giants but over time the sizes have reduced over the centuries. I know they are not all bad temper but I recommend people to keep their distance before someone else loses a life trying to understand a creature that is an abomination and should let them live in peace instead of trying to prove their existence. I’m not claiming to be right, but if you can convince otherwise, please let me know


    After looking it in the BF eyes, I dropped my glance and asked God for help
    All the hairs on my body stood up and my skin felt like it was vibrating then sees BF crouching
    As he began to panic, he heard a message of peace and non-aggression in his head
    Believes they were using some sort of “telepathic” communication
    BF also possess some sort of hypnotic powers as he stated they put him into a trance
    BF approached within ten feet and witness received this thought: “You will not be hurt and you need not fear. Go. One more time I shall see you.”
    BF beings with powerful magic to lure people toward them and steal them, never to be seen again
    BF caused instant tense, all-in fight-or-flight in a fraction of a second my arms and hands began tingling, my ears rang with a TV static kind of sound
    BF communicated with man with friendly eyes and unmoving mouth through his mind
    BF either thought it might have heard something or felt that he was being watched, but it was casual, but saw me right away
    BF heard my movement or just finally felt it was being stared at
    BF looked at one another and move their mouths, as though they were communicating and “appeared to be talking”
    BF might have ‘willed hunter and partner us to sleep,’ as they inexplicably fell asleep
    BF presence was intense and was making me a little nauseous
    BF ruined the electrical system of man’s car he says
    BF seemed like it had us hypnotized or something
    BF symptoms can be experienced: unstoppable shivers, the heart beats faster, accompanied by shortness of breath
    BF symptoms can be experienced: the back of the neck will tingle, skin will break into goose bumps
    BFspoke without moving his lips, “Stop. I’m dangerous.”
    BFspoke without moving his lips, “Stop. I’m dangerous.”
    Bigfoot-type creature spread a pair of huge wings and took flight, quickly disappearing from the sight
    Car ”purring like a kitten,” suddenly sputtered and stopped and there is a BF
    Cloaking Witness claims rare encounter with what some claim to be a possible invisible bigfoot
    Experienced some lapse in memory
    Felt a tremendous feeling of dread
    Felt it was trying to communicate with me
    Felt like pure hatred
    Felt overcome with sense of dread unlike anything ever experienced
    Felt utopia, or mesmerized, almost like a floating feeling, but I was still in my chair
    For some reason I started to get very nauseous and became dizzy
    Got a strange feeling of dread and being watched, hair on our arms was standing straight up, and I have never had such a weird feeling
    Got a uneasy feeling, almost like something was telling me “don’t be here”
    Got this terrible feeling, like a message in my mind telling us to not proceed any further
    Heard a loud sound of something walking next to our camper with a heaviness and sound of heavy arm movement
    Heard a voice in his head that said “Next time, I’m going to kill you.”
    Heard two loud thumps like heavy footsteps and see something that seemed to snap me outta the trance like state
    Heard vocal noises and started feeling absolute primal fear with feelings of sick stomachs and disorientation
    Hiker puzzled over 2 hours and fifteen minutes of lost time
    Hiker said he felt like something had taken control over him and his emotions
    Homeowner was zapped him with feelings of vibrations causing some very fearful reactions inside
    How it was so close to me close without me not hearing it is something i cant explain
    Hunter raises his camera and telepathically receives the message,” If you take that picture I will kill you”
    I felt like it was reading my mind
    If you sense or see something keep your eye out or youll miss something
    Infra Sound Witness badly scared and his dog was fairly paralyzed with fear
    Infra Sound Witness became became light headed and dizzy
    Infra Sound BF more suited to notice low frequency waves produced in tremors and smells of volcanic activity
    Infra Sound Every time the monster comes around, the radio quits playing
    Infra Sound Every time the monster comes around, the radio quits playing
    Infra Sound Felt genuinely paralyzed with fear and could neither make movement nor sound
    Infra Sound Felt paralyzed for seconds when you hear screams
    He had a strange, almost ESP like sensation
    Infra Sound Witness felt faint, like going blind, seeing colors as though shot up with hallucinogens
    Infra Sound Witness felt like he wanted to vomit when he observed BF
    Infra Sound Witness says his sleeping son was having nightmares and felt physically ill during this event
    Infra Sound Witness snapped out of a trance and saw BF outline
    It seemed like it was saying, “you are not welcome here,” in its own language
    Lady went to sleep oddly, and was unable to explain the sudden need for slumber
    Man claims losing 3 or 4 hours and doesn’t know why or remember leaving or walking home
    Man can’t seem to explain his blacking out in the truck
    Man says he has repeatedly seen “Bigfoot” creatures that “talk” to him
    Man tells BF “You get away from here,”
    BF was giving off some strong vibrations
    Native Americans are spot on when they say Sasquatch can communicate with mental telepathy
    Neighbor shooting a BF began breathing heavy and growled before passing out and another witness felt faint
    Seen four BF’s then blacked out, woke and found himself on a rock
    Sense of evil came over hunter
    Soothing female voice uttered the words: “Do not be afraid. You will not be harmed. Do not come closer
    I was talking to my husband on the walkie talkie and felt like I got zapped by infra-sound, felt disoriented
    Tall hairy “thing” brushed against his hunter’s cheek causing him to pass and wake up disoriented
    Telepathy Felt telepathic warning them
    They give off some pheromone that makes you confused or maybe infrasound
    I almost felt like I was going to lose consciousness turned and seen this tall hairy creature
    They said they were guardians and that if I listened they would direct me back
    Tlicho, the Dene First Nations say BF are beings with powerful magic
    Trance like spell
    Wintesses felt drained and had to eat a lot of food like our bodies had used up all of its reserves and needed to replenish
    Witness felt BF spoke to her telepathically
    Witness ignored the words and continued to frantically dig for his camera, then had these thoughts: “No, do not. No, do not.”
    Witness lapsed in coma later and awoke and displayed other traits of a psychic nature
    Witness makes quck move for his backpack and pull out his digital camera, two ever so slightly stern words reverberated around his head: “Do not.”
    Witness said BF “talked in her mind”
    Witness says their mind filled with soothing female voice saying “Do not be afraid. You will be harmed. Do not come closer.”
    Witness says we were thinking the words, but listening to them, too
    Witness sees BF and faints
    I was in a daze
    Witness shot BF from a distance of about six feet , there was a bright flash andthe creature vanished
    Witness went down their knees and covered their eyes
    Witnesses see BF have tears in there eyes and scared to death, sick to his stomach and both so confused
    You can get disoriented when in the presence of Bigfoot in the area
    I felt the familiar ‘don’t come over here’ sensation
    Hunter suddenly felt light headed
    I became light headed and dizzy
    Several of the night crew reported periods of memory loss
    I felt the vibrations of it running after me
    Woman telepathically received the message, “You were not supposed to see me”
    Telepathically she received the message, “Please do not come closer”
    Hiker went to sleep oddly, and was unable to explain the sudden need for slumber
    Hunter believes BF might have “willed us to sleep.”
    Something bumped into sleeping man he felt vibrations
    Felt faint and nauseated, dizziness
    About ten minutes we suddenly came out of that strange WTF trance, and decided to get the hell out of there
    Witness felt he had a strange, almost ESP like sensation at the things presence
    My father could not reply if like he was hypnotized by this thing he just grab my hand and said run and don’t look back
    I felt as if I was starting to get a bit dizzy and a little nauseous
    BF gave off a metallic-sounding laugh as it walked
    Heard ‘beeping’ noise sounded like it was coming from the creature itself
    BF seemed like it was better than me or something
    Heard sound of like a growling mechanical sound, though no machines were machines running in the area
    Felt faint, nauseated, had to sit a while, catching her breath, letting the dizziness subside before entering the house
    Kids were hysterical and screaming and neighbor boy was passed out cold on the ground
    I heard this voice calling my name over and over again. “Pete, Peter, is that you?!”
    BF had a white glow to it and had no movement
    Person fell” into the creek and was underwater when found a few seconds later and doesn’t how he got into water
    BF seemed to communicate without sound saying I will not harm you
    Hiker puzzled over two hour fifteen minute’s of lost time
    The red eyes gazed at me and it was like I was in a trance and started walking toward it
    The hair on my neck was really getting it and I almost felt electric
    There were so many calls, it felt like they were trying to daze and confuse me
    I got this terrible feeling, like a message in my mind telling us to not proceed any further
    I got another bad feeling, like someone in my mind telling again not to follow, stay back
    Got a very scared creepy intimidated feeling and rushed back to the car
    Feeling like very distinct “leave here now” kind of feeling
    All of a sudden received clear mental picture they were in danger and should get out of there
    Feeling was that of malice, anger and intimidation
    For some reason, felt like her eyes were glued to the creatures eyes
    My body froze, it was like my heart stopped beating and all the heat from my body was sucked away
    As I was looking at the phone, time stopped for me…
    Suddenly became scared, and felt the need to leave quickly
    Had feeling that he was being watched by something “menacing”
    I felt throughout my body it paralyzed me with fear without moving
    I remember most is the feeling of my senses disconnected from my brain while the encounter took place
    My brain could not process what my eyes were telling it they were seeing
    I was disoriented and confused; I thought I might fall
    I still felt ill, but dazed, as though I were asleep, but awake
    Hunter stood amazed and spellbound for a moment, but soon gathered his scattered senses again
    Marine found lmost incoherent, his rifle bent almost in two and he described what was to be called “The Yucca Man”
    BF creature used infra-sound on me one time, which left me very confused
    BF creature used infra-sound and several times and my big dogs, which died next afternoon
    Had an electric shock passed through his system he could not have acted more quickly
    Strange sensation washed over me, and I became very still and very quiet


    “but over time the sizes have reduced over the centuries.”


    Do you think they’ve gotten smaller? After careful reading and study of over 40,000 BF reports collected from across North America this is what I found: 830 reports from witnesses estimating sizes from 10 feet and above. The largest being 18 foot reportedly tall and about 30 claiming 15 foot beings. The remaining majority are 10 foot tall beings. For my purposes of collecting data, I use the EXTREME HEIGHT benchmark of 10 foot. – Gumshoguy

    Marc R

    Gumshoguy Thank you for putting that together. Electrical stimulation is definatly part of the phenomina. Been reading about our fear centre in the brain called the amygdala. When probed with electrical current it will induce a strong fear response. Mysteriously it can also induce a euphoric response. It depends on how you are feeling at the time. Bf seems to be like a amplifier that can jack us up. You are on to something.

    Marc R

    Gumshoguy Re your observations and excellent rundown on witness reports. Good work. I feel inspired to add more detail to when I looked in Bf eyes. I said I saw a spark. It was like this. As I was trying to see his whole face and eyes clearly he showed a quick frown of annoyance. Then from one eye came a very split second of luminous light followed with a small spark like static electricity. The result was a wave went through me and I felt like a flag in the wind. Zapped is a suitable word as it feels like your whole body is in a light socket. I collapsed into my blanket and cried for god. You don’t forget something like that. I know Bf has some amazing tricks and for what its worth I think a lot of them are electrical in nature.


    @ Marc R – Thank you Marc. I retired out of law enforcement on June 2012. I spent the next few years reading and studying these reports. I constructed a profile database from principles and ideas learned and applied them on BF Sasquatch and used that as a guide. On July 2014 I did indeed encounter in a state Park, Washtenaw County, Michigan 8-8-1/2 brown beast about 10 feet in a tree.We fled and discovered a 17 1/2 inch track impression and stayed only long enough to photograph it then scoot.

    I chased very bad people. I’ve held the dying in my arms and wept with a grieving mother over her baby son. I’ve seen the death stare too many time. I was part of a security group for a major airline crash with over a 100 dead and served two honorable tours. What I saw felt or experienced was upsetting to me beyond anything I ever imagined. It was soul numbing.

    Ray Crowe, a highly respected individual in the BF world and founder of the Western Bigfoot Society, and the Bigfoot Track Record once suggested one be spiritually strong before you meet a Sasquatch.

    Steve E

    Sorry, but I don’t believe for a second that Sasquatch was created by Satan.

    It is no more dangerous than a Lion, or Bear, or Hippo or Ape, so why does this one creature have to have been created by Satan? (No need to explain, it’s a rhetorical question).

    For the religious among you, couldn’t Bigfoot simply be God’s work? (again no need to answer).

    And they were most likely not created by Aliens either, why can’t they simply be an as-of-yet undiscovered primate? (anyone can answer).

    Thomas W

    Steve maybe not Satan but many people grapple with the “what do you think Sasquatch is?” as posed by Wes in every interview. As Gumshoe so well shows in his list, the types of interaction are well beyond the “undiscovered ape/primate/hominid” realm……far too many strange things for this creature to be a normal animal that we just can’t catch up with……even in my own encounter there was a serious wrinkle…as the creature was pacing us out of the woods in Florida, the creature started to converge on us in an intercept course, he was coming and picking up the pace. Then out of nowhere from the opposite direction, a golden retriever appeared and he was smiling. He gave us a couple of body bumps and tail wags and went back the way he came. The creature immediately stopped and headed back the other direction. The immediate thought occurred to me….guardian angel? OK, so if there was a guardian angel then I am assuming Mr. Stinky was not just an ape….Who knows, it was terrifying and weird and yet had the classic elements, some rock-throwing, some stank, paced us out and then it got strange……thus we wonder….what is Sasquatch?



    Without equivocation this has to be one of the most taboo aspects of Bigfoot Sasquatch with enough twist and turns to make most uncomfortable . I’ve tried to steer away from what is being reported choosing instead to illustrate it enmasse by example only when a thread of opportunity is appropriate. If indeed much of what is described above is infra-sound, it could be why the topic is off-limits and highly guarded among official agencies.


    I’ve never understood the need to find sasquatch in the Bible some way. Why? I just don’t get it. There are competing theories around Esau, Cain, and the Nephillim. What is the driving force behind that I wonder? Is it a need to explain them using the Bible, that if the Bible doesn’t mention them its a negative on scripture? That makes no sense. There are lots of animals not mentioned in scripture.

    In regards to non-religious or unconventional views, the woo comes from those who gravitate toward mysticism/spiritualism/paranormal things, and have in turn incorporated a flesh and blood animal that eats, defecates, can bleed, and dies into their otherworldly leanings.

    Infrasound might explain some unexplained aspects. It can cause a number of adverse effects on people and animals, and it has been recorded coming from sasquatches, even where that low frequency at high db drops to 0 as it takes a breath for a second before going back up.

    I’ve been hit with it several times. Its very unpleasant, causing a sudden unexplained bout of deep anxiety/depression, and confusion. I was with a man who went wandering off in the wrong direction when the way back to my truck was a no brainer, and he had me wondering if it was the right way too. I think this might be the cause of some people getting lost.

    I had heard that if you shout at them to stop they will, so I did that. I knew the general direction of them as they were driving us out. We could hear sticks snapping in the forest litter.

    When I turned and yelled at them I think it may have startled them because all the anxiety, every bit, lifted. I remember how much better I suddenly felt. But it was short lived, and I think became even worse than before. I think a group was hitting us with infrasound. Once I drove away from there I felt better.

    My feelings on people wanting to find supernatural explanations when they have no other explanation is some are not very well informed or can’t reason things out well.


    “And they were most likely not created by Aliens either, why can’t they simply be an as-of-yet undiscovered primate? (anyone can answer).”


    One can only see what one observes and one observes only things which are already in the mind is one way to put it. Yes, the glass is half empty. It is also half full, is another way to say it differently.

    Or, we can say people want to interpret, translate and categorize the unknown into known, recognizable and palatable things as the first line of defense whether there is a threat or not.

    If you want to know if the stove is hot, sometimes the only way to find out is to touch it! Pull up a seat Grabba cup of coffe or tea and we’ll engage in some interesting back and forth. There’s a big difference from believing all that is written and skillfully picking apart what is reported and recognizing a growing irrefutable pattern of this sort of thing, and the alleged facts strongly suggest that indeed this type thing is occurring frequently…

    Well, I know I’m dancing on the ragged edge of acceptability here when I say I recognize a growing irrefutable pattern of this (above list) sort of thing, and I’m pretty certain they are not angelic beings. I don’t know what they really are either are other than animal beings, but They take on physical attributes of humans to some degree almost mockingly so, and I wonder why the topic is taboo among most government agencies? They would rather deny, dismiss and then discus them only when forced in a corner.

    Steve E

    Nice post Knobby!

    I think the main reason (some) people are so freaked out about encountering a Sasquatch is that they have been told all their lives that these things don’t exist and when encountering one throws all your beliefs and common sense out the window causing panic and abnormal rationalizations. And yeah the Infr-asound could play a part in this as well.

    It’s the same thing in the UFO Aliens world, abductees are horrified at the sight of them and the things they put them through and knowing you cannot tell anyone, due to fear of being ridiculed and ostracized just compounds the matter!


    Steve, don’t abductees often not remember the abduction, but have missing time?

    Marc R

    Sasquatch with his strange and amazing abilities is not a normal animal. Most of the traits can however be found elsewhere in nature, some in the ocean, some in reptiles, some in invertibrates. Some like Wes points out àre shared with reports about demons and ufos also. No wonder people make a satanic link. There is one other link I think is signifigant. All the cryptids ( and I have seen two ) seem to be from another time zone, the past. That could go for aliens too, the future. Einstein proved mathematically that time doesn’t exist and is just an illusion. Its just our consciousness that sees time as 3 d. Maybe humans are more 4 th dimensional than we think, the fourth dimension being time. Maybe some of this weird stuff is also 4 th dimensional. We can laugh it off as nonsense or try to figure it out for what it is, a unknown with few clues. Why don’t ” they” want us to know? My guess is they have been tricked too and don’t really know anyway. Maybe others want to keep this from usso we won’t be on to them. I used to wish like Wes that it was just an ape but I think that horse has left the barn…. Personally I pray.


    @ Steve E, Knobby – ” think the main reason (some) people are so freaked out about encountering a Sasquatch is that they have been told all their lives that these things don’t exist and when encountering one throws all your beliefs and common sense out the window causing panic and abnormal rationalizations.”


    Both were very good posts. I do absolutely agree with you with you both fine gentlemen on lot points and I differ with you on some other points. It had nothing to do with loss of reasoning. It has everything to do with intelligently and logically thinking logically through my natural human process of inductive and deductive reasoning to reach a conclusion- that which I confirmed when I snapped a quick photo.

    Speaking strictly directly to generalities and not principalities.

    My honest first thought was exactly, was WTF? Well, I thought that what saw was a joke, but my temporal side said, there was a dark aspect to it, and there is a correct way to engage in discourse and the tempo and nature of this being encounter was wrong.

    I do recall thinking Are you kidding me already? or even chuckling thinking it had to be somebody’s idea of a joke. I felt a rush of emotions that weren’t good, almost uncharacteristically mesmerized that I knew was beyond my control.

    This is what I recognized and reported. It was indeed bothersome for me.

    I feel I am in a better place say it than most because I have scoured hundreds of reports and like it or not I also know what I reported is that I recognize a growing irrefutable pattern of similar high strangeness.

    If it had occurred once I could shrug it off as an isolated unexplained aberration and not speak of it again. If it happened a second time we could even call it simple happenstance. When it occurs repeatedly you have to recognize the pattern.

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