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    John A

    Check out ZooBank search.

    Denise F

    @ John A

    Oooh, wouldn’t it be fabulous to read some ‘autopsies’? Cold day in hell, unfortunately, lol.

    I suppose the closest thing we will find to that is certain witness descriptions of the creatures…..up close and personal. Preferably someone with a medical degree 😉

    I always found the write up about the Sasquatch that had been burned in the fire rather interesting. Supposedly a physician and veterinarian were on scene and narrative is given by a fireman (if memory serves?). I will have to Google it really quickly.

    John A

    I agree Denise – I doubt we will ever see any autopsy reports. Most likely if such specimens exist they are located at one of the class 4 biohazard research facilities. I worked at one such facility for many years. But if they do have a specimen most likely they have the genome. I often wonder if Sasquatch is or in part biological then perhaps they have genes resistant to diseases that continue to cause us great morbidity and mortality. Could these genes lead to the development of treatments for diseases we cannot manage today? From what I hear on SC they are close to us in some way. That’s one of the reasons I’m hoping that someone continues studying samples of Sasquatch tissue and moves ahead with new studies building up a body of knowledge. I do not see any recent attempts to study Sasquatch genome or tissue. Perhaps someone is but I can’t find anything ongoing.
    But I agree with you – I don’t think it will happen.
    Thank you for your comments.

    Denise F

    In my opinion I think we are witnessing two types of Sasquatch. One that is somehow a distant ‘cousin’ and one that has been genetically modified, whether by gov or private corp (or together)… Who knows but it explains the variations in the encounters.

    I believe studies have been done (just a vibe of course) but no one would dare come out with that info for fear of being …..well you get the picture, I think.

    John A

    I think you could be right. We have the capability. Gene therapy/regenerative medicine has developed over the past twenty years with spectacular results ( curing blindness) and failures. It’s a global phenomenon not exclusive to US. The primate center in Poolesville MD is where research on primates is conducted (I have been there and will spare you details). It is one of the largest facilities in US and the vast Smithsonian zoo facility in Front Royal (Blue Ridge mountains) are all well funded and equipped. There are a few more as well as private. Euro region has similar as does Japan and China.

    Trust your vibe on this one. I can’t even access certain servers holding inventory on what is in the 24 main biological specimens freezers at where I work at level 4 facilities. I can’t say anymore.

    Denise F

    You know that I was on an episode around 407 or 408 and I talk about finding a strange ‘hand’ that my dog brought to my son and nephew.

    All in all, I called police worried a body had been dumped and they took it off and reported back that it was a dog’s paw. Maybe it was!?

    How many times has this scenario happen I wonder?

    Take care

    John A

    I’ll check out those episodes Denise Thanks. Have a great day

    Jeff S

    I would recommend reading’Truth Denied’ by Scott Carpenter. He provided samples for the study and describes what was going on behind the scenes during the study and peer review. Including the study being leaked to Matt Moneymaker while in review, which violated the confidentiality agreement singed by all parties and could have barred the peer reviewers from participating in other studies or from having their studies peer reviewed, of course there were no consequences for the leakers, no surprise there.

    As most everyone knows Scott Carpenter and David Paulides are working with Steve Isdahl and I assume, and hope, by her comment Melba Ketchum. There was substantial evidence not released by the team, including clear up close video footage, because of the sabotage of the study from outside players. I would love to see that evidence released in the near future.

    My opinion, I see Scott, Paulides and Isdahl as people who just don’t give a damn what people think of them and plan to put the truth out there and let the chips fall. Maybe Melba can be added to that list.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Terri N

    Jeff, Rant Away!
    Folks Need to know that the Evidence they want is already in existence,
    as each of these individuals you’ve mentioned have and continue to expound upon.
    Honestly, it’s these very Rants that have moved this subject matter into the
    ‘Serious Arena’, mainstream !
    We Are Mainstream in fact,
    and I am So Grateful for the courage and Tenacity of Melba, Steve, Scott, David and others who are effectively and exponentially broadening the awareness of humans,
    to these facts!
    It’s taken true caring humility to expose lies, and these folks have that character! Nothing less could work!
    There’s much more Evidence they have at their disposal.
    So, Rant on my friend, We’re listening!!

    Cali H

    I had a lot to say after I listened to the episode with the critic. I wrote a comment but never posted it because I didn’t want to come off sounding like, well sounding like I think I know more than I know.
    But I was offended by the episode, I thought the guest was mean-spirited and hyper-critical. Leave it at that.

    And to Dr. Ketchum: I liked the study. I’m with you.

    Cali H

    And one more item: Journal club is a group of individuals getting together to criticially review a paper. It is not a public evisceration of someone else publication.


    Jeff S, I read something Scott Carpenter wrote about this study and those refuting it. Sample 26 was from Justin Smeja. Justine Smeja later gave another sample to Bart Cutino who had it tested and it came back black bear. In the SC episode both John XZ and the main source he is repeating, Dr. Hart, claim sample 26 is black bear.

    What Carpenter wrote in one article is the DNA sample Smeja gave to Cutino is not the same as the DNA sample he gave to Dr. Ketchum. The two samples show completely different haplotypes. So, if that is true, these debunkers are refuting Dr. Ketchum’s paper using a sample tested by someone else that is “not” the same as the sample Dr. Ketchum sequenced.

    There are some theories as to why the samples are different. One is that right after he submitted a sample to Dr. Ketchcum that he became fearful he could be convicted of murder for shooting a sasquatch if the sample came back human. Indeed his fear of being charged with murder was made public after Dr. Ketchum told him they found human mtDNA in the sample. This threat of chargers may have been delivered by government agents who set out to suppress evidence. In that theory Smeja knowingly gave a bear sample to Bart Cutino to exonerate himself of possible murder charges.

    Another theory is the government might have switched the sample given to Cutino, and still a third theory is Smeja just made a mistake.

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    Denise F

    I doubt that one could go anywhere and get an unbiased, correct DNA test run on a sample. Just my opinion.

    This is the reason I don’t bother with physical evidence, ever.

    In fact I avoid it like the plague!
    Avoid All Star GIF by Philadelphia 76ers - Find & Share on GIPHY

    David T

    Thanks for posting these rebuttals. Not being on Facebook I had no awareness of this continuing debate. I heard the interview on SC and found it interesting but being a layman I have no idea who is correct. Dr. Ketchum appears to be an intelligent person who has deep knowledge of these issues so I lean towards her. Did the reviewer on SC in fact read the whole document?

    Denise F

    I’m curious on where John got ‘the paper’? I suppose off of Dr. Ketchum’s sight!?

    Take a ride with me on my tin foil craft a moment…..

    I’m almost positive that Wes is monitored….or should I say the show. Sooo if ‘someone’ knew that Wes was having John do this critique, are we sure he got Melba’s actual paper?

    I know, I know, it’s a crazy thought but the world is a crazy place 😉?

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