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    The direct link to Melba’s reply (with many of her fans unloading on Wes and his guest) is

    Amy H

    Good for Melba. It sucks to be the point of the spear. WE know they’re real but it’s obvious many don’t want that to be Acknowledged. It always makes me wonder what these creatures are hence the need for secrecy (I do not believe they’re made by the government but rather a branch of the family tree)?. Perhaps they’re big lab rats the government feels the need to study without giving them rights that they likely deserve? Wouldn’t put it passed ye ole gobermint asshats.

    In terms of her publication, it is a known fact that many who don’t get published brushed up against people who simply did not like them (usually political or settling an old score, and, yes, being female is often still a barrier). It’s not like getting something published is as simple as shopping around for socks. Just how many journals (reputable) exist for some branches of study?? I can tell you! Try finding more then a few REPUTABLE journals to publish icthyology work? Try finding a publisher if you’re not one of the well-known kiss-the-right-ass kind of scientists. Try branching into a field where you not the accepted expert! No matter how good the work, as those of you published know, if you’ve not kissed the right feet, you’ll never get published. It’s a petty, and as we’ve discovered in medicine and psychology, rotten with publications that cannot be replicated. Why do you think that is? Could it be the publishers don’t do their do diligence because the writers are so-in-so (or not) in the field? Wanna talk about bias and prejudice…. look no further because in this realm, it’s palpable.

    I read her study. She could have done better but she’s no worse than the majority. She did choose Nature and that publication should have the mantra of “if we don’t know you, don’t bother”.

    Do you own digging into the BS good ole British boy’s Nature publication. It’s like discovering your friendly neighbor commissioner is a perve… unbelievable and disgusting.

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    Well, Melba has listened to Sasquatch Chronicles at least,, lol.
    And kudos to her for NOT giving up , defending herself and her work and I cannot wait for, “When I bring it all out at the right time!”

    greg d

    Glad there was some clarification. The Modern scientific community, mainly those at institutions of so-called higher education is bought and paid for. Just look at climate change or the covid response. These science departments don’t exist without funding and those who fund them do so for a reason.

    “Science” has been hijacked by the left to literally shut down the science. “97% consensus, the debate is over”.

    “When he (Kepler) found that his long-cherished beliefs did not agree with the most precise observations, he accepted the uncomfortable facts. He preferred the hard truth to his dearest illusions, that is the heart of science” – Carl Sagan


    I don’t know how true it is, but I once read that 20% of all scientific papers have something that is fudged in them to get a desired result.

    Science is politicized, and the bigfoot phenomenon one of those anathemas that science avoids, even patting each other on the back for refuting it, which I believe is involved among a number of debunking scientists who are in the good ole boys and girls science club, where peer pressure and facts don’t always match.

    Pam made a good comment about how this anonymous John XZ had nothing good to say about the paper. It was the one sided PC world review with the goal of striking it down. I’ve told Dr. Ketchum one day she will be vindicated. Even by common sense standards, of especially the Native American tales of children born due to relations between sasquatches and Homo sapiens, tells you its a hybrid that has Homo sapiens in its gene pool.


    Good job Pam??


    I was a bit surprised that ‘Dr. John’ found only negative points to talk about. I was wondering that if he had a sighting himself and was a listener, that he couldn’t find one thing that Dr. Ketchum did correctly…or find something interesting? That just stuck out to me for some reason.

    Peter said-
    “I am sorry, but there is no need for some deep government conspiracy to suppress the publication of her data – she has done that herself.”

    You’re a layman on some things.

    quote by Denise F

    Amy H

    I do believe there’s a fair number of dedicated ethical scientists doing science for the sake of science. They’re not often found. I believe it’s still a good old boys club too and not just because they exclude or belittle women. They have a pecking order akin to most high-level pursuits. Like it or not, white men ruled it heavily until generations X and Z came along. Now it’s more diverse but the same under current flows. It’s who you know and where you went to school (and who your supervisor was). Melba has strikes against her for obvious reasons. If she would have been Jeff Meldrum, it would have been different, no doubt (nothing against him). If she would have been a known human geneticist and male, it could have been very different. She’s pretty, she’s Southern, she’s smart, and she tried to claim one of the greatest discoveries of modern times. Those old boys wouldn’t let that happen…not to mention the governments likely involvement.
    She’ll win but it might take another 30 years.



    Robert L

    I would hate to be caught in a verbal “Dark Alley” with Dr Ketchum while on her bad side!

    Johanna V

    As a woman who’s in the science field (a different discipline than genetics), I’d love to sit down with Dr. Ketchum for a few minutes and invite her for a tea or coffee.

    Denise F

    Amy, funny you mentioned the reasons that Melba wouldn’t be successful at this endeavor. I just told Chris that I think a tough, east texas woman is the type to walk around saying ‘aint nobody gonna tell me what I’m gonna do’ lol …. That’s what got her this far I bet 😉.

    I speak from a pinch of experience. Lol


    Melba Ketchum posted her rebuttal on May 18, 2021 at 8:06A
    They need to change the phrase “Trust the Science” with “Trust the Propaganda”


    Wolf said: “scientists are just regular folk like you and me, and as such are as individual in their mental maturity as you and me,” and I couldn’t agree more or less. It would be wise to re-read what Wolf had to say.Then do your own due diligence.

    Science is not perfect nor pure.
    It is highly territorial where money and the deepest pockets rule and dictate in this elite club of exclusiveness. It is this group who believe they are the final arbiters and master of the universe by edict who by declaration determine right or wrong, who is or isn’t going to be heard and given their prestigious official stamp of approval.

    They unwittingly show this over and again by beating up on Melba with these ridiculous claims. They are not certain they are winning the disinformation war about Bigfoots and DNA, if they were why expend so much time, money and effort to come out and undermine Melba?

    Nobody here has researched, I mean really researched, the loudest voices against Melba have they? That is never a question asked why? Follow the bread crumbs and see where they lead. That would be a real show.

    It is the dumb and clueless who embolden this group of elites who lead by allowing them to think for you like an oxen with a ring in the nose.


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    Amy H

    Yes, scientists are just like you and me because they are people. The difference is they know and understand the scientific method whereas we do not. Truthfully, without the years it takes to practice the method, we will always need them to guide us. We”re alive because of science. We learn our universe and environment because of them. So on the whole, they are magnificent.

    The kind of fighting we see regarding Melba and he work isn’t at all unusual. That’s partly why other scientists just shrug about it.

    With time, the truth will be known. He paper someday will be seen as the first hint of science being used to call attention to this.

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