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    Hang in there Orma, we are glad to have you in the SC group!

    Gabriel H

    Orma: wow. Thanks for sharing that. 90 by Pompeya (Wes’s closing music selection) slapped me in the face the first time I heard his show. Up until that moment I thought I was nearly the only person aware of that song. It totally sealed the deal for me. Thanks again for sharing what’s behind your presence here.

    Charles: side interesting story: I live in the BC interior. Yesterday while walking out of a local grocery store I commented to a woman and her 4 children heading into the store for an Easter event. She also noticed my shirt – which happens to say In Sasq We Trust – and goes, hey I grew up in Fouke Arkansas… I almost spilled my milk!!!!

    Her maiden name is Glasscock and holy smokes if there aren’t a TON of Glasscocks in Arkansas!!!

    So hey ladies if you’re ever looking for a source of… actually forget I said that…

    stephen P

    Getting interested in this subject, one quickly realises there are some good shows and some bad shows,as there are good people and bad,relating to this subject and the nastiness can be mind blowing. Being British, I wondered if the cynicism and nastiness was an ‘American thing’, but I suppose it’s just how some people can be no matter where they are from.
    Then there is this show. It stands tall above everything else I’ve heard and you are a gifted presenter and host Wes. Yeah it’s scary and entertaining, but so much more.
    I sense that you are gaining the respect you are due in this field Wes and you have to keep going for the sake of all the people you have helped. I listen to the back shows and you aint changed at all Wes, despite the obvious success of this show.
    I suppose you just have to keep going, for many reasons and to know that you and what you give are very much appreciated.
    Even my little Jack Russell looks at the computer when I say to her’shall we listen to Wes’!!
    Finally,what can you say more than what Carson H said. I hope things get better for you very soon mate, bless you.

    Scott B

    Hmm because he’s better than Woody!


    The comments Orma made seem to say everything to me about why we appreciate Wes and the SC show. (God Bless you dear Orma, and hang in there).

    And, just last evening my husband and I were perusing and landed on a couple “field researcher” utubes. We couldn’t stand it and said, Dang it Wes! You’ve ruined it for listening to most other shows (NOT Duke, ie World Bigfoot or the guys at Bigfoot Outlaws, for example; we love those shows, but again, thanks to WES).

    After all that Wes has been through, he still has a heart, is genuine, and displays no angst against anyone, speaks volumes to me. We just love Wes!


    Scott. when do we get to hear that German big foot encounter of yours?

    Augustine L

    I hope membership fees encourage him sufficiently. Plus, it’s bigfoot, and he can’t stop if he wanted to. You know how it is.

    His show is very authentic and has stood the test of time. Being able to recount your experiences goes a long way toward reducing the stress of sightings, and listening to others’ accounts does the same for the audience. He does a huge service for the beleaguered bigfoot community.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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