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    Sean C

    Thank you Pam!

    Chris C

    Kenneth M

    It depends on the isotope you use. Every living creature including us humans has some radioactive isotopes in us. Mainly natural Potassium-40, Hydrogen-3 and Carbon-14 from spallation that ends up in our carbon-hydrogen based bodies in small quantities.

    I’ve developed radiation detectors and imaging sensors for a living – the idea of tracking an animal via radioactive tag is not new and completely viable. The trick is getting the animal to take the bait – usually food labelled with a strong gamma emitter. In clinical use we like to use things with short half-lives as not to give the patient a long burden of radiation. Typically these same isotopes are used in tracking animals – but because they decay within a few days – its good for species which can take bait quickly and tracked in short time frame -a bigfoot you may waste valuable days trying to bait and then can’t detect signal for long = not valuable for long term tracking.

    A long lived PET isotope would have very strong 511 keV photons coming off and could be detected by helicopter and by hand held instruments including smart phone detector apps. One would need to be licensed for radioactive materials but a university could have a broad scope license and propose such a project.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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