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    paul w

    Maybe a mag full of em but look what 9mm does to this aggressive attacking bear!

    in any case gives me hope 🙂

    Daniel O

    Anything that can pierce the skull, will kill that animal. 9m will do that and has been demonstrated in Alaska. But head shots only.

    paul w

    Yeah but the good news is sasquatch has a big head

    Jay Carlsen

    If the Sasquatch People are Real ? ( & yes they are. I seen a 10 foot Tall Gorilla in Northwestern Michigan in the Summer of 2000 ) Then this is what brought about the Second Amendment for us.

    Steven B

    “Then this is what brought about the Second Amendment for us.”

    Sorry, Jay, the King of England and the British Military is what brought about the second amendment for us. Nothing to do with hunting or BF – it was about defense against tyranny.


    Change the name of this thread to “If your close enough to kill one with a 9MM, congratulations, you get your own episode on Dave Paulides’s Missing 411” MAN FOUND WITH NO HEAD, TORN LIMB FROM LIMB…
    Good luck with that..

    Well said Steve B…


    Wes once told me himself that a .357 magnum round can bounce off of a bears thick skull. Shot placement is crucial. There is a story of a man shooting a sasquatch at near point blank range with a small caliber pistol and the round bounced off of its brow ridge. That one ran off, but I know of one story of the one shot running up and pulling the hunter’s head off.

    The hunter with him threw his rifle down and ran. Authorities rendered the cause of death as a bear attack.

    If you are able to kill one I hope you have a good exit or an armed group with you, or the others are

    Douglas K

    What a 9mm can give you is mutually assured death, which is a altercation bargaining chip. If the booger pushes the altercation he could get a stomach, torso and head full of slugs. If you push the altercation you could get brutally D-E-D and your next of kin told it was a bear.

    Gut shot animals die slow painful deaths, as there is no emergency room and doctor to fix the damage. They know what guns are and what they can do. I’m sure they have language and oral tradition stories of crazy cousin Eddies who got shot years ago, by being stupid. If the situation escalates to outright life and death violence, naturally you’ll most likely die first in the same gruesome way whitetail deer do at the hands of these things.

    Wise squatches avoid trigger happy and gun toting people. The problem is, like people, not all squatches are smart or wise.

    Daniel O

    Too many people here are assuming that it would be a body shot. You would never intentionally shoot any predator in the body if it was attacking you. Only head shots result in instant death of the animal.

    Is it easy? Hell no. It has been demonstrated that 9mm will penetrate both black and brown bear skulls. The brain box is the domino that will force the rest to fall down dead.


    Good article here from 2018 regarding bear defense and handgun caliber success:

    Defense Against Bears with Pistols: 97% Success rate, 37 incidents by Caliber


    The thing is, if they want you there’s nothing you can do. You won’t even know it’s coming

    Thomas W

    A .22 has been used to take down elephants…..with perfect shot placement through the ear canal. Shoot a sasquatch in the eye and penetrate the brain, I would think a 9MM would be lethal……but what are the chances you are going to make that shot, in the dark under extreme stress (you lose fine motor skills like trigger pulling under stress) and on a moving target…….that is getting ready to rip your head off. Good luck.

    Better to back out slowly, treat it like a grizzly bear like Wes always says. Holding the pistol as some have said might be enough……firing only as a last resort. In MT bowhunting I carry a S&W 460v with 395gr hard cast lead bullets. I have never pulled it out even though I have seen multiple grizz…..be aware and back out. Though our large “friends” need not to sneak up on you…they want you to know you are in the wrong place. Of course the silent ones are probably hunting you so we have Missing 411……Stay safe out there!

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