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    Looks like they inhabited the southern reaches of the Americas earlier than previously thought as well. I love seeing the accepted timeline of human history get shaken up. My gut has always told me we’ve got it wrong…

    Scientists in Chile find 15,600-year-old human footprint


    I remember when this came out 3 or 4 years ago and other scientists writing papers disputing the findings that it was caused by humans 130,000 years ago, explaining how there were other natural explanations for those mastodon bones, like the impact notches and scars have been found on many bone finds even dating back to the Triassic Period when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

    The purported stone tools would be the simplest used, not made by man but picked up randomly and used and these could be natural stones with natural explanations for their composition.

    So, this article dated 26 April 2019 is not new news; its regurgitating old news, and I think it should have included a more balanced coverage of the subject instead of writing it like these findings are only opposed because it disputes established science.

    So, at best this is inconclusive in my opinion.


    How embarrassing. I just re-checked the date based on your post…the article is from 26 April 2017. I wonder why it just showed up in my Google News feed today? Either way, I will seek out the papers disputing these findings. Thanks, Knobby!


    Regardless of the other news and facts out there, Google just shows you what it thinks is worthy. That’s the problem with some of these web services; They exist in a bubble. I have to check out the other parts of the web to see what’s hiding out there.

    We should all just blow bubbles for the truth. hehe

    Ronald Q

    The Cerutti mastadon find is not an isolated instance of evidence for archaic humans in the new world.
    There is Calico hills and a long forgotten paper from the sixties detailing tools found in the Yukon dating back to 300kya.
    The one piece of evidence about Cerutti that the critics ignore, is the fact that the hammer and anvil stones used are of types not native to the area. One, the pegmatite anvil, came from more that 20 miles away, and the andesite hammer stones travelled 5 miles uphill to get where they were found.


    Joe Rogan | The Strange History of the Denisovans w/Graham Hancock

    JRE Clips
    Published on Apr 23, 2019
    Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #1284 w/Graham Hancock:

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