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    Gabriel H

    The compliant gait is easy for us to do – although unnatural – and is far more effective at coping with a varied ground surface. Just pick a stretch of woods or field or what have you and commit to going through it quickly. You’ll notice that the bent-knee no-bob step-step-step leaves you moving quickly yet capable of adjusting to whatever you’re walking through. It even requires far less use of your eyes for navigating the terrain leaving you free to look around while you plod along. I’ve tried it many times. It’s very effective.


    Both MK Davis and Thinker Thunker have noted a knee wobble. The knee joints of sasquatches seem to be able to rotate contributing to their “in line gait.”

    On an episode of Monster Quest, it speaks of an odd movement of the knee at the 12:55 minute mark. Dr. Jurgen Konczak, a professor at the University of Minnesota who studies motor control looked at the Patterson/Gimlin film and noted some of his observations. Transcribed from the video it states: “The most telling problem is in the subject’s knee movement. There was a long sequence of frames where we were able to look at it pretty good and we can clearly see there is this lateral rotation at the knee where the foot is kind of like going outward, and so that is something that seems rather strange.”

    As the video continues at around the 14:15 mark it says they had a person they were trying to get to mimic the sasquatch’s walk, as they had observed it, and it states, “The athlete couldn’t do it. He couldn’t walk like whatever or whoever was caught on film.”

    So, perhaps some of their joints move differently than ours enabling them to perform the in line gait typically seen in sasquatch track ways.

    Knee movement: 12:55 and 14:15

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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