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    I apologize if this has already been discussed but I would like to lay out my case as to why they must have amazing eysight.

    We hear it all the time and ive heard it a few times on interviews on SC.Someone is looking through a scope at a SAs a few hundred yards away and doesnt know the hunter is there yet, before the leave into the brush they turn around and look right through the scope at the hunter eventhough he appeared not to ever notice the hunter before this. The lady that was taking her son hunting for the first time in Missouri they said, like alot of other witnesses, that when theyd look at it, it would freeze. they would glance away and it would move closer. I mean how many times do we hear that someone just glanced with their eyes in a different direction only to turn back and the SAS be gone. This brings up a side point i have been wondering. Do other great apes in the world freeze when theyre seen and move when someones not looking?
    Then we’ve got the whole thing of them being able to see in Infrared. I believe they do. Someone shoukd try ultraviolet light on some cameras to see if they can see that spectrum too. In the Insider episode the guy was hiding from the SAS and it walked right past him but, when it got away a little he flipped on in nightvision and the booger instantly stopped, turned around, and looked right at him. Is this because they have this good of vision or is it like what we have in being able to sense where they are. The gentleman that had a paper route did really beileieve in SAS but when he was delivering a paper his hair stood up and his body automatically turned directly where the SAS was at. a few moments later it growled at him. I believe that is a skill we have from ancient times but they must too. So i guess my question in all this except for the great ape one above is do they have good enough eyesight to see a hunters eyes at 300 yards or are they using some of the same ancient abilities that we are. im sure they are but what is yours guys input on this.
    Wes buddy i love the show and keep up the good work!

    Mitchell K

    Many many animals freeze when being looked at. Especially predators

    Rick F

    There may be something to the swaying back & forth and their eyesight.

    Elaine G

    I associate BF with Neanderthal. My thought is Modern Man hunted and tried to wipe out Neanderthal because man was smarter, had better hunting tools (still do). Modern Man became the Predator of Neanderthal and maybe has been for thousands of years and why Neanderthal disappeared into the forests and their very existence to maintain their species evolved their sight and sound. Why BF stays well away from man. An ancient inbuilt memory.

    diana m

    Elaine, I might be wrong with this but the mtDNA indicates BF, Neanderthal & Denisovan females interbred with modern man. It was a woman’s preference.

    The hunting & wipeout talk could only be scientist guys & locker room talk &/or trying to ‘protect’ us women & our delicate sensibilities, etc… lol, if only men knew how very predatory women really are!


    It’s also possible that bf may not hunt by eyesight. Bf might hunt like bats or even sharks. Bats hunt by sound and sharks uses smell and electrical impulses. Hunters develop techniques and methods through adaption. So many on this forum tout evolution when it comes to philosophy but have a hard time actually crediting bf with it.

    Jay Carlsen

    Could Be … Could Be …..
    I have a guy , who I am Friends with on the YouTube . Who does not Agree with me on my little “Esau is Bigfoot” Theory. His Photo on his Profile is supposes to be a Sasquatch looking into a Camera lens , The eye is Black. because the Pupal is Dilated so far. A Nocturnal Eye .
    An eye adapt for Hunting at Night .
    Perfect Design. Don’t let them Fool You with their Evolution Mumbo Jumbo.
    NO One can say 1 Animal , that has ever Given Birth to another Kind of Animal .
    It does not Work that way .

    Christopher c

    They have perfect night vision ,I can verify this.


    Trey, great point about them watching our eyes and only moving when we glance away. I think this might be the source of some the “sasquatch turning invisible” lore, that it moved while our eyes were briefly in transition elsewhere and people are amazed that it’s suddenly gone.

    It would take really good eyesight to discern where exactly our eyes are focused.

    They seem to have good night vision. Reports of eye shine and their nocturnal activities confirm that.

    In most ways they are physically superior to Homo sapiens.

    Farrell Stormcrow

    (In most ways they are physically superior to Homo sapiens.)

    It can be argued that most animals are physically superior to humans. Our greatest attributes has been our generalization. We adapt to new situations, new environments, we make tools to allow us to be generalized. We do not need physical superiority over other creatures, we have found reasons not to be. IF we specialize, we cannot adapt as well. The Neanderthal were adapted to the cold, and were much better in cold environments. As the Ice age ended, they had a harder time competing with us. To the point, they went extinct. But there is not a creature so far, we cannot over come in some way. Whales are among the largest of animals on the face of the earth, yet we nearly hunted some species to extinction. Elephants are still routinely killed. We don’t need superior physical attributed, I think better to be a generalized animal.


    Has anyone on this forum caught and/or killed one and then cut it open and studied it? No. Then all the theories out there are just theories. Not PHDs nor hunting skills has any bearing when describing an encounter while suffering shock. I’m not questioning their encounters but to lord one theory of another based solely on a secondhand source is not scientific(just hearsay). No one should be traipsing around saying my theory better than yours when they’re using a deck of cards for their basis.


    Farrell, most animals lack hands to manipulate objects with, I was making a comparison to us since sasquatches may be a species of man and have a similar body type as ours. I’ve read their motion of bipedal walking is a better, more efficient mode of traveling than ours. The midtarsal hinge, which some humans have to a lesser degree, helps in traction, plus they can splay their toes like we can splay our fingers apart to also aid in traction on slippery surfaces.

    A 160 pound chimpanzee is five times or more stronger than a human adult male the same weight because of the type of muscle fiber they have that we don’t. That might explain the superhuman strength displayed by sasquatches, like throwing 400 pound boulders or uprooting and inverting a 1000 pound tree back into the ground.

    Our muscles are of a different type that allows for our fine motor skills in manipulating objects which gives us an advantage in a technological and tool use sense. So, as a more generalized animal, as you say, we’ve traded brute strength for the fine motor skills necessary for our lifestyle.

    But other than that it seems they are more physically adept, from eyesight and possible other senses to running as fast as a horse. If they had our intellect to go with their brawn and other physical abilities what would the world look like?


    Christ, what theories are you referring to that some are traipsing around as my theory is better than yours? Some things have been observed multiple times, like sasquatches keeping pace with cars traveling 35 or 40 mph, or eye shine is commonly reported.


    I’ve never been referred to as the messiah, that’s interesting. I wasn’t talking about me per say. I often see people calling others ideas silly because of something they heard. I wasn’t calling anyone out but rather making a statement. If you took it as a rant, it wasn’t meant as one (mea culpa).


    Diana, you wrote, “Elaine, I might be wrong with this but the mtDNA indicates BF, Neanderthal & Denisovan females interbred with modern man. It was a woman’s preference.”

    It’s actually the reverse according to Ketchum, that bigfoot males interbred with Homo sapien females. Homo sapien DNA was found in the mtDNA that comes from the female. The unknown DNA unique to sasquatches was found in the paternal (male) side in the nuDNA.

    What I’ve read is that the Neanderthal DNA Homo sapiens have only comes from males, and the theory is that Neanderthal men could more easily over power the much weaker Homo sapien women, but Homo sapien men were at a disadvantage in overpowering the more robust and stronger Neanderthal women. So, in that theory its more a preference of might.

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