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    Amen knobby LOL! ?

    Steven B

    Hi Steve, Gum asked if I could help out in this, however, other than being able to post youtube videos, I’m not “in the know” of posting personal material
    If you have a youtube channel you can post there and then paste the link here. Put a note to the attention of Knobby and Gum and I’m sure that one of these gentlemen, as Knobby has already offered, would be sure that Wes gets the videos.

    ASA’s “share” suggestion sounds like it would work as well.


    Steve K

    I guess I knew how to cut and paste a link into the forum, what I didn’t know was how to get the link in the text I sent him posted on the blog which is what he had said he would do. I would offer a suggestion to append the FAQ to address these types of things. Would save a lot of frustration.
    That being said for the last time, thanks to all the nice folks responding. I really appreciate it.


    Steve K, you can also go to wordpress, make an account, and publish a post there and link it back to here. At wordpress you can control what gets out to the public and there you have the final say. I hope that helps.

    Steve K

    Chris422, thanks will look at wordpress.


    Bravo Chris422 excellent answer!

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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