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    Steve K

    I’ve been trying to get some videos with really cool evidence from my channel posted to the blog listing with zero luck. Wes said to send him the links and he would post it/them. I did this multiple times and have heard nothing but the proverbial crickets. Can anyone explain the process? I don’t get it.

    Lisa B

    Hi Steve K. What’s worked for me is click the share button on the video, then hit the copy link tab, then go to forums and open a new forum window and paste it there. Not sure how well I explained it. I’m still new here. I love the forums and being able to talk to everyone, such a great group of people here.

    Steve K

    Thanks for responding Lisa but I was actually asking about the blog.

    or @gumshoeguy may have some ideas if I can get their attention.

    I consider this a mystery rivaling bigfoot/sasquatch.


    @Steve K,
    What is your Youtube channel name?
    You can share your personal videos from
    your Youtube channel.

    First select the video you want to share to
    Sasquatch Chronicles “FORUM”.

    See “SHARE” below your video on Youtube?
    Click on “SHARE”.
    Next you will see a pop up window, within the window
    you will see the address to your video’s URL.
    Click on “COPY”. It will highlight the color blue
    letting you know your browser has copied the URL.

    Go to Sasquatch Chronicles “FORUM”.
    Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
    See “Create New Topic in “Sasquatch Forum”…
    Give your video a name by filling out the “TOPIC TITLE”.

    Next, see the white square? Place your browser in the white square.
    “RIGHT CLICK” with your mouse.
    Select “PASTE”.
    Notice your URL address to your video in the space?
    If you see it, you did it correctly.
    (If you want to, just below the URL, explain your video.

    Next, give your video “TOPIC TAGS”
    (Like, sasquatch, bigfoot).

    Next, if you are finished, click on “SUBMIT”.


    @Steve K,
    One more little suggestion for you, “BLOGS” are
    subjects Wes and his team of helpers deal with.
    I understand you have been trying to get a hold of them.
    Many Sasquatch Chronicles Members simply share videos within
    “FORUM”. Just make sure
    it’s not going to be offensive material.
    I hope this information has been helpful.

    David R

    I want to see them Steve, and i’m sure most people would too!


    If you have a youtube video just copy and paste the address of the video here.


    Steve K, as far as I know Wes decides what he posts to his blog.

    He has posted some of my videos presenting topics for discussion but none of my speculative accounts of encounters (even his and Woody’s) because they are obviously fiction and he wants to keep the blog non-fiction.

    I am sure he has to deal with an enormous amount of emails and does his best to cope with them… which is why you will get a response some times but not others.

    As suggested, post your shows here on the forum.

    Erin Y

    Wes asked me to write up my encounter (#362) so that he could add it to the blog. I wrote it up emailed it to him and he never posted it:(
    I am still disappointed about that as the entire reason I contacted him was to get my encounter out there to as many people as possible, I was hoping that one of the MANY witnesses from that day would read it and tell their perspective of the encounter.
    I also emailed him an update after I returned to the area the following year, again nothing.
    I emailed him again last fall, no answer….
    I’m a Realtor and I get a ton of emails each day that I must deal with so I understand however anytime I ask someone to do something for me , I answer them and respect the time they put into it.


    Hi Steve K ~

    I agree. As Wolf & others have said, please post the whole thing you sent to Wes, here in the forum. We’ll read it for sure. Plus, under Selina Not Afraid / Another Native Girl, thread made by Steven B, Gumshoguy asked if he (I guess Steven B) could help in some way, talking about you. Maybe you could ask Steven B. too. You are right, they (GSG & Knobby) are very resourceful moderators. Blessing Steve.

    Welcome to the forums!


    Erin Y,
    Post your stories in this thread or post a new story in FORM.
    Your true accounts with something you witness will be read by
    Sasquatch Chronicles members.


    Steven K, if you post the video here and I think its worthy of his blog I’ll forward it to Wes.

    Erin Y, you are welcome to post your encounter here. If he did not post it to his blog at the time of your encounter #362 I don’t know if it is too late, or how that works to be truthful.

    Denise F

    Someone could start a grievance thread. ?


    No, we don’t need SC grievance threads.

    Denise F


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