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    Gabriel H

    I have not


    Here’s my orb story….it is attached to a report made to Sasquatch Canada (Sheridan Lake, 2013/10/04). The report posted by Sasquatch Canada is by Thomas Steenburg and is limited to the bare facts of the homeowner’s sighting. I spent 2 different nights on sight, within days of the sighting and along with daytime exploration of all the many signs and evidence the homeowner wanted investigated very near the home on small lakeside acreage we deployed 2 audio recorders and 3 trail cams (one belonged to the homeowner).

    The homeowners were extremely anxious about the experiences they’d had in the six weeks since they moved into the lakeside property. They took extreme precautions to maintain their privacy and vetted me as to my purposes, intentions, attitudes before sharing their experiences and questions.

    I was awed by the forest findings and tale of events. It was my first investigation in my area and frankly I felt overwhelmed. I spent some time on the phone with Steenberg after my first on site visit to shore up for the following visit.

    When I arrived for second overnight visit the homeowner had reveiwed the trail cam captures with some interesting results. Great head-on of a cow moose, blobs of mystery triggers (finger? hair?) HOwever, on one tree mounted still shot shows a partial orb (exiting or entering the field of view) that is not only white/soft ivory but is self-illuminating, shedding a light to bushes and tree trunks in the field of view. The homeowner was very disturbed by this, would not share the pic (it was captured on the homeowner’s cam) and suggested we end any further investigations. Sighting report by Steenburg does not include any trail cam info or events other than the actual sighting and homeowner’s artistic rendering of the creature.

    Prior to seeing this pic, and I had a good long time to look at it in the homeowner’s presence, I experienced a gut wrenching paradigm shift in my view of the topic. I now had to include this anomaly and new mystery into my information. I don’t know what it was but I do know orbs are mentioned too often in the reported forest experiences to dismiss from the big picture here whether they are connected to the sasquatch mystery or a separate forest phenomenon.

    An attempt to provide a link to the report:


    Gabriel H

    Sheridan Lake is gorgeous. Jadescope any chance your name starts with M and you & I exchanged a few brief emails a couple weeks ago?

    ‘Cause if not I’m only about an hour from Sheridan Lake.

    Interesting account though. Makes me think of an orb video from Russia


    Caught me! SC is the only place I can think of where one might be invited to discuss orbs. I’ve set a few eyes a-rolling even suggesting the sasquatch topic in “mixed company”……introduce an orb into the story and the eye-rolling activities reach Vegas slot-machine proportions and are often accompanied by other signs of discomfort (shifting in seat, looking for the door, arbitrary deafness). Nice to be asked by one of like mind. thanks.

    Gabriel H

    LOL slot machine proportions ?

    The craziest part is joke’s on them

    How’s the hunt been? I was on the hilltop north of the plateau the other day and found a deciduous tree inverted & leaning up against a coniferous – with not a single deciduous within eyesight of the spot…
    I was gonna whoop it up a bit but thought better of it.

    Yeah I haven’t seen any orbs yet. Looking forward to the day though

    Anyone else has the (dis?)pleasure?

    Carson H

    I saw some lights in the sky once that were not airplanes or flares or satellites … back before drones were a thing so.. idk kinda


    Here’s what I wrote on Robin’s thread:

    ~~~~~Of orbs and little people~~~~~

    “I saw a white orb once. The white orb passed over me, stopped, then continued on after a few seconds. It was about the size of a basketball. This happened between four and five am while hunting out on my lease. It made no sound. It had to be about fifty feet or so up in the air. When it stopped over me, it gyrated side to side. It was white, but it also had little sparkly swirls inside it too. I’ll admit it was a little spooky. I don’t know what it was. Maybe a UFO.”

    Of orbs and little people

    Gabriel H


    It must be so odd seeing them

    Carson: yeah similar. I’ve seen nighttime ufos. The orbs in the woods though. I kinda like to see that(?)

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