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    Daniel K

    Most of us here lived life wearing shoes. In Episode 115 the guy mentioned the splayed out toes of the track(s) he saw. DuckDuckGo’d it and here’s an interesting photo of humans who have lived without shoes: https://birthdayshoes.com/what-a-natural-human-foot-looks-like-if-you-never-wear-shoes


    I have a customer whose ties are splayed out like fingers on a spread out hand. His feet look like badly drawn cartoon feet.
    There simply is no way this bloke could ever fit his toes into shoes.


    *toes 🙄


    Sasquatches can splay their toes like we can splay our fingers, and will do so on slippery surfaces to gain better traction.

    Idiot debunking skeptics have claimed some tracks showing straight toes while others have toes played out is evidence of faking footprints, because they are too different.

    I cast a track that had been laid down when the ground was saturated with water that had all the characteristics of their footprints, proportionately wider heel (5 inches wide), midtarsal ridge (raised area in the center) the footprint was 15 inches long, the ball of the foot was 6 inches wide, and the toes were splayed, expanding to 7 inches and curved down some. I assume it was spreading its toes to help with traction.

    Denise F

    Just a side note but I have seen holes that look as like Sasquatch can use his toes to dig small holes too. Maybe those splayed toes are good for a few things?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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