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    Ryan H

    Hey guys, can you recommend to me a few episodes that take place in Washington state? I have a friend that is moving to Everett, Washington, and I just got him into the show. He has three little kids and likes to go hiking, so I told him to be careful.


    Mark M

    Lived in Washington all my life and raised 5 kids hiking all over the cascades and the sound. It’s an awesome place for families to hike. Tell your friend to go to wta.org for info on hiking trails And trip reports. We have only recently found a trail with weird sounds and growls we cannot fully identify (but probably a wolverine)


    Hi Ryan H ~

    Gotta be careful everywhere, because Sasquatch IS literally everywhere. That’s nice of you though.

    When we first moved to Washington State in 2001 I remember thinking, oh wow, Bigfoot lives in Washington! I don’t know why I thought that because the only real encounter I held any stock in was the Patterson-Gimlin encounter in Northern California. But I did. Thankfully we haven’t had any encounters (yet). It was disturbing to learn that the hairy man is literally everywhere, except for Hawaii, I think. And there are many different types.

    Sorry can’t identify specific Washington State encounters though.

    Ryan H

    Thanks guys! Yes, Bigfoot is everywhere! I live in the Dallas area, and just a bit north of us on the Texas/Oklahoma border there’s a ton of sightings!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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