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    Robert V

    Want to say I’m not an expert on anything…but I do have a theory on this…maybe I’m way off…or maybe it’s another thing to consider.

    It’s my theory that a Sasquatch type of Creature killed the group. After the Military found the bodies, the military was then harrased by the same creatures or the military figured out what killed the hikers. The military then killed the Sasquatch. This is where the radiation comes from. The key to this mystery is what and when the group did what they did. Sasquatch type creatures follow orbs. It takes military style groups to kill Sasquatch creatures. I’m not here to discuss where either orbs or Sasquatch come from, just presenting my theory on what happened to the group of hikers. How the group behaved points to something stalking them. The evidence points to Military involvement. Points to orbs. Maybe our mistake is choosing one over the other. I believe it’s all three. If my theory is correct, just a theory, the evidence points to involvement of all three things. The local peoples talk about a Sasquatch creature. I don’t believe any government wants to admit a Sasquatch creature exists. There is a cover up, there is evidence of military, and I believe the hikers show they were being stalked. If this is the evidence, instead of fighting the evidence, why can’t it be all three in play? The least thing any government wants to admit is Sasquatch exists. Not here to discuss reasons, just pointing out a fact, and the fact is orbs and Sasquatch go together.

    Would love to hear from others on what you think?

    Steve E

    Hello Robert, I remember being very intrigued by this case initially and watched those two shows on the subject, but after doing a lot of additional research on the internet, I came away with the view that this tragedy was neither caused by UFO’s or the “Snowman”.

    While I absolutely believe in Bigfoot, I do not think for a minute that one of them killed the entire party or even attacked them, there is simply no convincing evidence.

    In fact the evidence points to many things other than a Yeti;
    1) Historically there is no reports of Yeti/Bigfoot have killed anybody, let alone (9) people, I know people will want to point to Missing 911 books, but again any reports in them for 9 people?
    2) And if Bigfoot’s do abduct and kill people- the bodies are NEVER found, these nine people were all left right there in the open.
    3) If Mr. Yeti is standing outside their tent, why would they leave? they were safer staying together in their tent, just like the dozens of reports from the US.
    4) If they cut the tent with their knives because the feared a Yeti attack; WHY leave the knives in the tent and make a run for the trees? Wouldn’t they take the knives with them for defence?
    4) If the Yeti was outside their tent, and it is 20 below outside, why run without your socks, boots and warm clothing?
    5) If Yeti was chasing them, why stop and make a fire as one group of them did?

    The are supposed interesting yeti connections:
    1) One of the people wrote something like: “Now we know the Snowman Lives” in a Diary found at the Tent.
    2) They pulled out the Original Negative Strip from one of the peoples cameras (yes film survives in cold) and there was one shot that seems to show a Bigfoot, it is in the middle of the strip, which makes it hard to fake.

    Other facts include:
    1. They also reported that there was Radiation found on all of their bodies.
    2. The Mansi were cleared.
    3. When they exited the side of the tent, they had no intention of returning to it, as they destroyed it.
    4. Two searchers claimed to have seen “BIG” foot prints at the site when they arrived 14 days later: since everything was covered or semi covered with snow, I doubt it was a Yeti print that avoided being covered by snow: But it could have been the KGB with snow shoes a day or so before the rescuers got there.

    My guess is that may have seen and photographed a Yeti, but their last night the group was not adequately equipped what they were facing, they were freezing cold, disoriented, mad, blaming each other or the leader, arguing, fighting about what to do next, they were getting desperate and then some sort of military plane or bomb (hence the radiation) that crashed close enough to them to cause them to panic, (Perhaps they heard an avalanche that they thought was coming at them), so they cut the tent and ran for their lives out into -20 weather, where they died. Some went this way, others went that way, but they were all doomed when they left the tent. Later some animals came along and grabbed a few eye balls and a tongue!

    Also remember the Russians were masters at lying and disinformation, so anything that is revealed should be filter by logic and known facts. I don’t know about the Russian military showing up and killing a Sasquatch, it just does not fit with the known facts of Bigfoot behavior. The Orbs theory is interesting but it’s just not one I can support.

    I welcome all other theories…

    Danny T

    I think it was a Avalanche that made them run for there lives. I think they heard one in the distance and thought it was right on top of them making them grab random clothing and run for there lives. A few fell in to a ravine injuring or killing them. The others got lost in the weather. It was cold enough they would have perished rather quickly due to exposure. Within minutes actually.

    They could have been exposed to radiation where they went to school at the Ural Polytechnical Institute.

    joe r

    forget everything else and just 2 things will tell you what happened. #1, they did not exit the tent by using the door, they cut their way out in a panic. #2, there were huge bare footprints found at the sight. That’s all i need to hear to come to a conclusion. That’s making the assumption that both of these things were fact.

    Danny T

    1. I agree with them panicing. An avalanche will do that.

    2. Big prints could be from snowshoes.


    Some of you may have already seen/heard it, but, I recently found this interview with Mike Libecki (it’s from October 2016). He is the guy who did the investigation and was featured in the documentary that aired on the Discovery Channel.

    During the 50 minute interview, he tells us what really happened during his investigation of the incident and the production/editing of the show. Overall, I think it’s worth listening to.

    Robert V

    Great comments.

    The one thing it isn’t is an avalanch (sorry about spelling). It you read my theory I believe it’s both Sasquatch and the Military. Sasquatch killed them. Somehow, when the Military came upon the bodies Sasquatch was there. I’m putting out the theory that the Military used some Radiation device to kill the Sasquatch. The military was in a hurry and left the groups bodies there. Until the Sasquatch problem was fixed. Now the Russians are pointing to a “military accident.” There is to much evidence of both Military and Sasquatch. Why does it have to be one or the other?

    I read they carved the message on a tree near the campfire.


    Danny T

    Teal, thanks for the video! Boy does it show just how messed up TV production executives are taking Mikes documentary and twisting it into their own tale.

    Mike Libecki didn’t think it was an avalanche, but if they felt or heard a nearby one, in the middle of the night, in a dark tent, during a winter storm…I could see where they could have panicked. Snatching clothing, any clothing, and grabbing theirs, or someones shoes. One of them couldn’t find the door in the dark, so they made one.

    As they exited the tent a few small groups of them scattered. Trying to keep up they came to the same fate. If I recall correctly, it’s been awhile, a couple bodies were found at the bottom of a ravine. Others were found with missing clothing. The mad dash at the tent could explain that, but so can hypothermia. People have been known to undress as they freeze to death. I assume they start to feel warm as their nerve endings die.

    It was extremely cold that night, around −25 to −30 °C, add wind, and there is a deadly situation.

    Also if I recall correctly the body found without a tongue was located months later during the thaw. That could be explained by wild animals or insects. The tongue and eyes are easy to get to, they are also moist and yum, yum for most critters.

    Some were said to have brown skin when found. They could of been freezer burned from the cold.

    The common denominator that brought all these people together is The Ural Polytechnical Institute. I think this is where the radiation came from. Something they were involved with at school. The University dabbled in all kinds of things from industry to military.

    I agree with Mike, it probably wasn’t a Yeti, not this time, but HEY that’s just my opinion. It could have been the military, or aliens, but it could also have a mundane explanation.


    Robert, I just listened to that interview you posted. That was quite good. Interesting. Thanks!

    Hey, you’re welcome, Danny. If Mike is telling the truth, then I thought we should have that info to consider as well.

    I’ve heard a lot of theories and I don’t really know what to think anymore. It’s a disturbing case.

    Robert V

    Teal I agree. I wonder how much of this “Information” is “Disinformation.” What I’d like to know is what the native people in the area think it is….and the family of the group.

    Steve E

    Hello Robert V, I fully respect your thinking that a Yeti killed nine people, but I have not seen any historical evidence of them ever doing this, do you know of any reports of Bigfoot killing groups of people?

    David R

    I heard that wolverines will eat the tongue first, and might of not cared for the taste of humans. It’s all very strange. The only survivor was probably thinking god that he left when he did! Another thing is Wes posted on Facebook that movies nowadays suck! This would make a pretty good movie to see!

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