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    Robert V

    Hell if I’d stay. Sounds like it beats the crap out of car. Whoops and stuff….creepy. It was creepy enough, when I believe one was around, and I didn’t hear anything. If I heard this. That car would be moving. I’m assuming this is real.


    That’s a good one, huh? I’ve asked about it too but didn’t get much talk time regarding the question. I think in a different thread they talked about the guy and said he and the owner had a falling out, so he doesn’t go out there any more. I’d like to hear any follow up. And yes, I believe it is real.

    Stephan B

    Sasquatch Ontario has been a debatable topic for many researchers and fans alike. Wes and Woody played some of these a couple of years back. I personally like the guy, and wish he could be interviewed on the show. I know there’s a lot of negativity due to his claims of “miracles” and disappearing footprints, but we’ve also had a few paranormal versions of the show here as well. So, who knows? My 10 cents.



    One of his vids has some pretty convincing fresh foot prints in snow…


    Here’s a video by Thinker Thunker who has mimicked and presented S. O.’s sound as being completely different in range and quality:

    Personally I DO believe him, and yes, he had to be very brave with his friend out there. So was the crew from Sierra Sounds, but they aren’t called hoaxers by many.

    What do I believe about the Sasquatch? (Come’n, everyone has a “belief”, just some people have had close encounters, and have “seen with their own eyes”, not me though)…

    I believe these things are a human and primate hybrid, and possibly an offspring of Nephilim. I also believe the government underground doesn’t want the general public (or even parts of the operational governments of the world) to know of their existence. Why? The theories abound, but I personally believe it is because they’re used in research then released into the wilds. When the creatures become a problem (showing themselves, or getting too friendly, or scary with the human inhabitants) the “government” sends in kill teams to demolish the creatures.

    As far as the disappearing acts or footprints showing up without seeing anything, I also have a theory: Jesus was said to walk through walls, and perhaps that’s what he did, but could it have been possible He was moving through dimensions? We as Christians know Jesus said He was going to prepare a “place” for us, and we would be there with Him. So why is the notion of dimensional displacement so difficult to fathom?

    Look, dimensional theory is happening, and that’s what I believe these, or at least some, of these beings are doing – moving through space and time. And why wouldn’t these creatures have the ability to speak, such as the now infamous “Nephatia”? Did Goliath speak? And who knows what really happened to this guy or the people who owned the land? They could have been threatened by the government, just saying.

    Here’s my favorite recording of Nephatia, singing:



    These guys are nuts. No way in hell. Not me. Very impressive.

    Mark B

    It’s curious to me that Sasquatch Ontario’s Bigfoot sounds different from ALL OTHER BF sounds we have heard. Wes always speaks of uniformity from story to story. This guys BF does not fit the norm. So I have to call bs on him. But who knows maybe his squatch is “Special”.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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