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    Gabriel H

    Just a quick note that Missing 411 – The Movie – is available for purchase on iTunes ($14.99) and will be available for rent as of June 20th

    Howard K

    Nice info. Thanks.

    Gabriel H

    Brief Update from today’s Paulides interview on Secureteam10 (see additional forum post) Dave reports that Missing 411 has quickly reached #3 downloaded documentary on iTunes. Excellent news.

    Rob C

    I just purchases a digital copy from Amazon streaming app. Looks gorgeous in 1080p!!!

    Kim C. L

    Just watched it with my wife, outstanding, in our opinion.
    Much more moving, we’ve read all the books, but this is just different.
    Every family who camps, should watch it together.

    Steve E

    I went to Amazon and read the movie reviews…

    Teresa V

    I rented this from Amazon Prime yesterday. I was really disappointed in it. In fact, I fell asleep during the first viewing, and could barely stay awake while watching it a second time. Everyone knows or should know that children can disappear from view if not watched closely. I think it would have made a bigger impact to the whole Missing 411 phenomenon if they would have at least included hunters who disappeared without a trace. In my opinion, just including children in this phenomenon downplayed the severity of the situation.

    Howard K

    I got to watch my copy this weekend.

    I thought it was good, but not great. 3/5 stars if you will. Agree with the comments that the main case they seemed fixated on was the wrong case. It almost felt like an attempt to find blame in the parents/grandparents/friend than a review of a strange missing person’s cases.

    With nothing ever found of the child, it wasn’t nearly as interesting as the other cases presented were remains and/or clothing was found in the unlikely places later.

    It was very well produced though which I enjoyed instead of a some of the other lower budget things I’ve seen on the subject.

    sandy r

    I can’t believe I found someone who agreed with my opinion of the movie. The case from year 2015 was to much like your average case: When a parent figure takes their eyes off a kid for 2 seconds in the woods anything can happen.That family needs to take a lie detection test in my opinion. I thought the movie would have more attention on the ‘Dennis Martin’ type cases or the more mysterious cases. They worked hard on it and it was put together well just disappointed in the material they choose to put in the movie. This is your platform to tell the world what’s going on in the parks and in my opinion from listening to many of David’s interviews he/they could have done better. Yes they talked about parks not keeping a data on missing people but they didn’t go very deep into it. But of course others will love it and maybe he will do another one that will go deeper into other types of cases and problems getting parks to step up and get the word out that our loved ones are going missing in our parks and they don’t post it?, Why Not?

    Gabriel H

    Yeah those things that make the 411 what they are in comparison to “the rest” weren’t emphasized nearly enough. Nor was the deliberate obfuscation of the truth of this reality.

    I like to think I’d have the nerve to go all out with this, especially with the publicity David has.

    I don’t go there in my mind that often ~ the level and degrees to which “officials” will go in guarding this and other glaring societal mega discrepancies ~ but when I do, I want to go old school with public hangings.

    I choose to find my niche on the side of peace. But if the situation arose, I’d genuinely consider assisting with event planning for Operation Sticks & Stones.

    Enforcing gender pronouns… give me a break. It’s just a systemic glitter-wrapped attempt to eliminate society’s ability to call a spade a spade

    And as much as I do respect the work, David didn’t hold up the shovel in this movie and go, “Hey everyone. THIS IS A SPADE”


    I wasn’t impressed. Definitely not what I expected

    sandy r

    I finally got my husband to sit down and watch a movie on my interest and I was excited thinking he’s ‘going to get it now he will understand what I’ve been trying to explain to him’ just to almost feel like a fool. Only because of his trust in my judgment on what I’ve tried to explain about the mysterious disappearances of these cases was I saved from feeling such a fool. I bought my DVD and already sold on eBay. No point in keeping it.

    I too really thought Paulides would have went full throttle on this with no care of what public thoughts were.

    A for effort though at least he is doing something.

    Rick F

    I agree with most on this one. I was also disappointed that he chose the young boy and teen stories. What makes the 411 stories so compelling are the strange circumstances that seem to occur with so many missing adult people. Adults who would fight back, scream,holler and leave sign.The weather anomalies that would occur,etc,etc. I was left wanting and I never miss David Ps interviews and am riveted because they’re so bizarre.

    Jacqueline N

    I was so excited for this movie! I bought it on amazon prime yesterday and I fell asleep watching it! I watched it a second time today and so disappointed! I own several 411 books and believe in strange disappearances in our National Parks. I can’t get enough information in the Dennis Martin disapperance. It is so sad, so frustrating and so interesting! My heart just goes out to the family. Most average people have no idea about this family and the struggles they have had after the disappearance of their son. I was hoping for some new info or interviews of family, searchers, witnesses ect!

    But then he focused on this family! So strange. I found them not believable and as he interviewed them more and more I was convinced they are involved some how! The grandpas friend was just creepy. When the movie was finished, my first thought was did the police check their cars for the toddler! David speaks often of eliminating situations of foul play immediately. I don’t know much about this case, but in my opinion it was the wrong family to highlight! I checked reviews and online chatter after watching it just to see if others felt like I did. Guess I’m not alone:(

    No teens or adults? He has so much information to work with, I guess maybe I was expecting something different. I wanted more stories. Maybe he just spent too much time with this family. I love hearing him speak on shows about his new cases. I appreciate his hard work and getting the information out. Beautiful location! Was excited to pass this movie out to family and friends at Christmas! Many who think I’m crazy, won’t be giving this one as a gift.

    Keith S

    Movie was disappointing, the main profiled case was with a sketchy group of people. Didn’t really bring much to the table. 1/5

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