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    Gabriel H

    Audio’s better in the non-uploaded version but see if you can identify how many knocks in here, aren’t mine ?

    Some updated photos as well:


    Enjoy Eh

    PS – I only knock if something knocks first

    Gabriel H

    PPS ~ it’s a fish bonker. Just thought I’d answer that one now

    Phil C

    Hi Gabriel,
    Thanks for this post. I only heard one reply. But that’s because I’m using my phone. I’ll have to listen again with earbuds when I get home. Your camera takes some really good vid/pics too. The pic of the creek and mossy trees is great. I tried to make it my wallpaper, but couldn’t figure out how.

    Have a good’in

    Gabriel H

    Thank-you sir. Yeah I’m impressed with the video quality as well. It’s an iPhone 5s. There’s a knock while I’m filming the bear prints and then one after each of my own sets of 3. I sunk the camera in the vegetation to keep rolling but that clearly buffered further recording. It’s fine though. Lesson learned.

    A quick “Here phone. Stick to this tree trunk” setup would be a good idea. I’ll come up with something.

    If you can find a way to pull any of my images off the site (haven’t tried it myself) please feel free to do so.


    Kim C. L

    Thank you Gabriel, very cool
    Good of you to share with us.

    Phil C

    I’D like to ask your opinion on something. I’ve listened to all the SC podcasts and lots of other vids and audio on Sasquatch. I’ve heard many theories about wood knocks and what they could mean. Some say they use them to signal during hunting, others say they knock one knock for each human they see in their territory. I kinda think it’s for letting others know their current location, but that doesn’t always seem to fit every situation. If you dont mind me asking, What do you think the knocks are signaling?


    Augustine L

    I think it means INTRUDER. I only heard a woodknock once, and it was a single knock, I got the impression it was from a lookout in a high tree announcing my presence to the others.

    I have heard of others with the same pattern of as many knocks as people coming into their area, but I don’t think it’s always this. It may not mean this, or it may mean this AND other things depending on context.

    Gabriel H

    Phil: at least for this area (south central BC) Augustine’s explanation seems to be right on the money. I’ve been “knocked” two other times in this area. Both were much closer and much louder. One single knock, then all is quiet.

    And yes, true to form, in the above video I was on one of the two rough roads that access the plateau (the other being gated and used for logging in the past). I don’t have a 4×4 vehicle so unfortunately I have to slog it up there.

    But yeah Augustine, the night I heard a loud (locator?) whoop, it came from what would be a lookout over that second gated road just as it crests the plateau. Then came the three knocks, from the NE face. The impression I got was, “OK I’m leaving my post now. Where are you guys?”

    So yes Phil, for this area that recipe seems to hold true

    Thanks Kim. Glad you got something out of it

    Gabriel H

    Let me just clarify. Yes Phil, here they seem to use knocks for location as well ~ three knocks. One knock seems to be an alert to human presence (as opposed to presents 😉 Haven’t tried that one yet.

    Actually on that note, here’s something I’ve never revealed. I carry a couple of beautiful bleach-white bear incisors that I pulled off a skull a year ago. My “plan”, which in all likelihood will probably fly out the window, if I ever watch one watching me, is to acknowledge it with a grunt, leave those incisors in my place, and retreat calmly.

    Phil C

    G and A,

    Thanks for sharing y’alls thoughts on the wood knocking. It does make sense that it could have multiple meanings that depend on the task at hand.
    In regards to the video. After putting on my ear buds I heard a total of three single knocks. Because force and distance do not come across well in recordings how far away would you guess the knocks were from you?
    I seen the tree break photos in your album. Many people believe them to be territory boundary markers. Would you agree? If so, does the direction of the broken down part mean anything in your opinion. I ask because Canadian researcher (T. Standing) once said he felt like the direction mattered but I didn’t quiet get how it mattered.
    I hope I’m not wearing out my welcome with all thsee questions but I’m going to put my fears aside and get back out into the woods and see what I can discover and going in armed with good info is just as important aS a good defense firearm.
    Thanks again.


    I heard two knocks.

    Gabriel H

    Thanks Chris. It’s a beautiful plateau. I’d love to take you guys up there some time. I’ll document it more thoroughly in the future. The views from it’s perimeter are breathtaking

    Phil: not a problem at all. I can only speak for myself but you can ask me any question you wish.

    Speculatively speaking I’d put the knocks at approximately 100 yards & approximately 100 – 150 feet in elevation to my location

    With the tree breaks I feel I should say something. I could take photos of tree breaks and X’s in the forest all day long. They’re everywhere. And it’s relevant to note that an X is entirely directional. Walk 30 more feet, and it’s no longer an X. I would consider an X in the woods to be relevant, only in the presence of terrain features that support its particular placement, and the presence of additional evidence. There are simply too many. So I only document what seems to really stand out.

    The stand-out breaks I’ve chosen do seem to indicate that direction is relevant, *if it’s large. Those have pointed at a water source. One pointed right at a large structure erected among large tall trees (which almost seemed to be a “YOU STAY HERE” structure)

    That being said, another message those breaks say to me (and perhaps to their kind) is simply, “Sasquatch Present”. I suspect they themselves can and do judge for themselves how old any particular forest sign may be.

    Thanks for the questions. Ask any more you wish

    bryan f

    Samsqanches haha I love trailer park boys

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