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    Douglas K – “I have bigfoots at my cabin on a consistent basis. They like to watch us.”

    I am the Gumshoguy. Thank you all joining us here to learn, share and ask questions. I like learning. I learn something new everyday. I am lidelong Michigan resident born and raised here.I am here to here. I am here to network, share and exchange ideas and to offer my own encounter and to share. I retired in June 2012 and brought my skills and experience to bear from my professional career to this topic subject with a new found passion. The following couple years on that hot humid Michigan day, I had my own encounter that shook me to my core and seared itself into my memory. I am not a Bigfoot expert nor am I a Bigfoot Researcher but I am a data miner.

    I created three databases: Michigan Bigfoot. (I believe have the largest active Michigan Bigfoot Database anywhere), North America Bigfoot and a Bigfoot Reference book. The databases are simple. They are broken down into groups and sub-groups. The Reference Book contains over 100 topic subject titles with brief excerpted information attached to source and reports with over 116 datapoints.

    Michigan Bigfoot Sasquatch
    There are 83 counties in this state of 10 million people uniquely separated but one. For the purpose of study and research it is sub-divivded into nine sector regions:

    1. Southeast Michigan
    2. Southwest Michigan
    3. Eastern Central Michigan
    4. Western Central Michigan
    5. Eastern Upper-Lower Michigan
    6. Western Upper-Lower Michigan
    7. Eastern Upper Penn. Michigan
    8. Central Upper Penn. Michigan
    9. Western Upper Penn. Michigan

    I reside in the Southeastern Michigan region. It is comprised of ten counties ans has a population 4,673,950 = 297 Bigfoot reports.

    Who says Bigfoot Sasquatches only exist in the pacific northwest? They live and thrive on the fringes of modern suburbia, rural and even within some urban inner-cities.

    If you have something to share with the group please do. You can see there is interest.

    Kelly W

    @ Gum.. do you have a link for your Michigan accounts? I found the Dewey Lake reports interesting, as they were 3 yrs before the Patterson film was released and the country became more aware, and reports exploded.

    Douglas K

    Kelly W: No. This is in the Cadillac area.

    Steve E: Yeah, I’ll start at the beginning, eventually lol

    toomuch: This is in the Cadillac area, northern lower.

    Jo M: No, I have not been on the show. Yes, I’d like some help to make sure my thinking is sound. I have not talked to any investigators.

    Shannon D: No, I was not a believer but was open to the idea that they might exist.

    Douglas K

    8/9/20 This past Sunday morning about 1:00a.m. while awake and sitting in the cabin, there was a loud bird squawk similar to a blue heron alarm call out side. It repeated with one squawk about every thirty seconds for a total of three.

    The direction the call came from is exactly in the only spot I was viewable sitting in my chair from the exterior. There is a small gap in the blinds where they meet the door window.

    Guess what I watched from the cabin porch multiple times that Saturday fishing in the river right in front of the cabin? yeah a blue heron. It looked to be the same bird that would fish while walking upstream, then fly downstream and fish the same area again, at least twice maybe three times that day.

    During daylight hours I shut all the venetian blinds like I do at night and looked inside from the exterior. Please do this! because at height and looking down with some makes of blinds, mine are cheap btw, you can see right into the room when close to the window. It makes a difference if the louvers are pointed up or down. If you can see through the blinds in the day I’m sure they can see through them at night. Two inch 3M blue masking tape can be used to fill any gaps in the blinds, can be left on for up to thirty days and not leave adhesive residue on the interior trim.


    Cadillac is in Wexford County noted as the Western Upper Lower Penn Michigan population 377, 801 = 221 Bigfoot reports. That region makes up 13 counties and Wexford county has about 16 Bigfoot reports. I should also add, Wexford has the dubious honor of being known for the Dogman too.


    Hi Kelly- “do you have a link for your Michigan accounts?” As of right now, no. I am collaborating with a professional author and the agreement is for me to co-author it. I’ve done alot of things but I’ve never published a book. Hopefully the entire database will appear in that book.

    I can always be reached at: Michigan Bigfoot Report and Data: Gumshoguy’s Corner or email: Gumshoguy@gmail.com

    Kelly W

    @Gum, very very looking forward to your book, I been to Michigan 3 times, area’s of Cadillac, Kalkaska, and Grand Rapids.. I just like knowing the terrain if I’ve been there, helps visualize the story’s for me.

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    Good Morning, posting pics to this forum has become too difficult and tidious. But I have some pics from that area. I have a friend who is totally into gifting and has been for a long time. He’s told me things on many occassions. I’ve met and spoken to people that know him [I’m not disclosing his name] that know exactly who I was talking about.

    Female Bigfoots Sasquatches
    Females have and leave a floral scent in many instances as opposed to the fetid rank stink male Sasquatches have.

    Clan Family
    When they are comfortably at ease with a person they are guided by their alpha male to gather around and see the human person. They will show themselves then. They will respond to strangers similar to much the same ways a family loyal dog bark and growl and get aggressive to announce the presence of a strangers. I know BFRO has been out to his place and had a class A sighting. I am told it frightened the female investigator she quit Bigfoot business. I’ve been invited several times to spend a couple nights there with him but have turned the offer. Somebody that I know that did, got the full dressing down treatment explained above.

    Provides Entertainment
    My friend tells me he has collection of aold VCR videos and plays these in his garage some nights and that his friend Bigfoot Sasquatches will gather around an watch the videos.

    Overwhelming Ominous Feelings
    Anyone that has experienced a sighting or encounter can tell some interesting things if you listen and carefully read between the lines. There are times when my friend walks out in his yard or his “spot” to meet and greet his friends and something feels wrong and ouf of sorts… one of those UH OH moments and you question: Did I walk into something at the wrong time?

    Fearful and Intimidated
    There are instances where my friend has felt fear as in fear for his life too. In those instances there would be his Clam Family friends and interlopers or strangers who stopped, pausing long enough to show aggressive with him. Those are travellers and not part of usual Clan Family. His Clan Family are residence. They’ve lived there a long time and raise their youn there. They do not migrate. They feel ownership over that territory and they will come to my friends aid if he feels threatened by Bigfoot interlopers passing through.


    I’ve been told he has photos of Bigfoot Sasquatches nobody has seen and he won’t share them. He is suspicious and distrustful of BF investigators and people he doesn’t know. He shared an experience where he had some BF investigators at his place on time. While one of the individual’s distracted his girlfriend outside the other was inside his house alone on his computer downloading his private photos on a flashdrive. For that, he ordered them all to leave and told never to come back. He never identified those indivieuals or the group they were representing.


    @Douglas K ~ Be careful and take good care of yourself and loved ones out there.

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    I agree m99; be very careful.

    Debbie S

    @Douglas K Interesting. Herons call at night just like the “bird” call I heard at our place. Not as likely for anyone to pay attention to unless you ARE paying attention and realize NO WAY did that kind of volume come out of a bird. That and it is usually just a bit “off”. What tipped you off? Loudness or not quite right? I have never said, I don’t think, what type of bird I heard that sent me running backwards off my patio and back inside. It wasn’t as big as a heron though but I literally felt the vibration in my chest. And it was a bird known to call at night. So I questioned myself but there is no way it came from a real bird unless said bird weighed maybe 600 pounds. And like you it was a bird normally seen hanging around. I had to point out the similarities though they used different birds….but night birds. Much like the owl calls some hear. I wonder why. Playing games or halfway trying to be incognito using a “normal” call? My incident happened at 10:30 p.m…..the same “bird call” happened to my neighbor at 2 a.m.

    I discovered the same thing you did not long after activity started: from a height you can easily see into a room through blinds. I use mini blinds, now they ALL stay flipped the opposite of what you would normally see because they can’t be seen into. People ask me from time to time, why are my blinds flipped like that? I always say, more room darkening…sometimes I say, to keep anybody from looking through them. It depends. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear more! 🙂

    Douglas K

    Debbie S: The call it used was not in context with a distressed heron. The only time I’ve heard that type of loud intense alarm call was with a mature adult heron after being scared into flight by my canoe, on multiple occasions. It was definitely a blue heron type distress call but could have had some raven or crow thrown into it. I do hear them butcher other bird calls and is a sign they’re in the area during daylight. I’ve never seen a heron in that call area side of the cabin, there’s nothing for it to eat or significant cover for roosting and no easy unobstructed fly away points for predator escape.

    This call repeated itself and the caller did not move. The windows were closed so it was muffled. It sounded to be right outside the range of the motion sensor light on the cabin exterior, directly in line with the only way to see me sitting inside the cabin in a chair with the blinds drawn. It was calling and watching me at the same time.

    I think it wanted me to come outside and investigate the sound. It was bored and wanted some action. It also could have been communication telling me I was watching you during the day and a heron was frequently present, or both. We have communicated before, me and Gus. He’s the Alpha.

    Another possibility is it was a trap to get one of us outside, but I would dare to say Gus’ clan wouldn’t do that according to past behavior of just under ten years indicating future behavior. A rogue, psycho squatch or two are in the area, we’ll get to that later. No matter what I wasn’t having it and ignored the sound. The rest of the night and day were uneventful.

    Debbie S

    @Douglas K thank you for that explanation. This is going to be extremely interesting for sure. Can’t wait to hear about Gus and the clan. 🙂

    I don’t have constant activity at our new house….but I am in the mountains now and curious things happen from time to time.

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    Gummy said: “I’ve been told he has photos of Bigfoot Sasquatches nobody has seen and he won’t share them”

    Personally, if I was ever able to capture one of these animals on camera (I wouldn’t even try) I would never share it either. And sorry, but I would also never invite any humans to my place as I feel that would be disrespectful to the troop.


    Hi Wolf – He is very funny about that sort of thing. I know he brought his plaster casts for one seminar we jointly participated in and he had one displayed one about twenty-four inches in length.

    He told me woke one morning and found somebody’s (some neighboring farm) pink pig drapped over a fence for him. He never did find out who it belonged to or where it came from.


    @ Douglas K – What was the approximate date and hour of this occurence?

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