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    Rob S

    Please show your support here for a request to have Steve from How to hunt on YouTube to be interviewed by Wes regarding his unsubstantiated claims and allegations of Bob, as well as others being involved in a murder plot against a women and circumstances surrounding the bluff creek film. The alleged events were outlined in a mystery letter with no supporting evidence. I personally would like Steve to have an opportunity to share his evidence of the claims he has made and regardless if they have differing opinions or not, sasquatch chronicles is the perfect platform to do so.

    Quite a few people have again had their careers and credibility brought into question and if Steve is on a truth crusade let the leading podcast be the platform for his evidence which appears to be nothing but baseless speculation.


    Hey Rob
    I hear what you’re saying, but do you really think Steve is dumb enough to slander and defame Bob Gimlin ? And he’s not saying it, he read a letter that was mailed to him.
    Steve seems pretty straightforward to me.
    He’s already very successful at what he does.
    He doesn’t need YouTube hits. I’d like him to be on with Wes too. That would be awesome.

    Steve E

    Hey Mods, shouldn’t this be merged?


    Rob, you know there are already other threads on Steve’s reading of the letter, including a current one that you could have put this in.

    I don’t know how intricate a knowledge Steve has that could shed light on this. He read a letter sent to him. It’s not like he’s invested his life in this. If you want someone who has then MK Davis is your man. Steve says the person didn’t send it by email because they believed their email had been hacked.

    oooowww scary. emails can be traced back to people’s ISP unlike a letter too.

    Come on now. Over-hyped suspense. Most everyone is dead who ever had any connection with that 53 year old event. Who is out to destroy people over this?

    Wes is good friends with Bob Gimlin and I’m sure he would not give this nonsense the time of day. This MK Davis massacre theory pops up and makes the rounds every so often to a new crop of people who are unfamiliar with it.

    All is does is malign Bob Gimlin. And I doubt Wes Germer would commit political suicide by giving this nonsense an audience.

    There is absolutely no evidence for this besides a hearsay rumor that has evolved as it passed through many different people over the decades. There has never been a single direct witness come forward. As a matter of fact all the parties involved at Bluff Creek have denied any kind of killing.

    Bluff Creek is basically in Steven Streufert’s back yard. He’s with the Bluff Creek Project. He was neighbors and good friends with the late Al Hogdson who was helping to coordinate people in and out of Bluff Creek, including John Green and Roger Patterson, and spoke to Patterson on the phone the day before his film about going out to Bluff Creek.

    Regarding local rumors Streufert made this comment. “yep. There are dozens of versions of the classic Bigfoot events told around here. With each telling details have changed, names, dates, locations, what happened, and anything else. Also, fake tall tales are added, and bad memories distort nearly everything.”

    Its possible there could have been a shooting somewhere long ago and it got conflated into the Patterson/Gimlin narrative. But none of those involved corroborate any killing. Moreover, both Green and Dahinden were avid pro-kill to prove the existence of sasquatch, and it’s untenable that they wouldn’t love to get their hands on remains. But that’s another bit of missing evidence, no remains.

    Its just a tale that has changed hands in the rumor mill and was never made public until MK Davis latched onto the fable 40 years after the fact, believing it was true. However this rumor came about it has evolved over the years. As Steve read from the letter the culprits behind the killing involved loggers. But guess what, there was no logging going on in that area then. What had alerted the researchers to investigate is a road crew were finding footprints. They were putting a road through Bluff Creek. That’s one of the false things in this rumor mill, the story evolved into loggers hiring seasoned sasquatch hit men who were said to be hired by logging execs all the time to clear sasquatches out of areas they were logging.

    Its a tall tale that has grown and evolved into this bigger than life fantasy.

    Rob S

    Oh i agree completely, id just like to see this clown who is spouting absolutely unsubstantiated claims as fact explain it on a platform that is highly popular.

    Its not okay what Steve is doing, its complete slander and I feel that Wes would be the perfect man to set the record straight permanently.

    R p

    M.K Davis exposed this years ago. Truth is truth, let the chips fall where they may. If Gimlin and his supporters are liars, I say, let’s hear all about it. If not, let’s hear about that too.

    Lisa B

    I wouldn’t want to put Wes in the middle of all that.

    Denise F

    Amen Lisa.
    Anyone smart would be like, “I’m ‘Paul’ and that’s between yall” lol

    Debbie S

    I agree…Wes does not need to be involved in this. Please everyone just quit suggesting it. 🙁


    Thanks knobby.
    I didn’t know this story had made its rounds before.


    Wouldn’t it be great to drag Wes in all this crap? That way we can tarnish everybody’s reps at one time? Why can’t people see this for what it is? Stand back and see.

    This is a ploy to destroy the bigfoot movement and it’s surrogates. The more that get involved with it the better. Who would want this? Who indeed.

    Denise F

    You’re probably right Chris.

    I had come up with it was to intentionally slander Bob enough for him to sue and bring it to the publics attention or a recognized suit of some kind (as you can see I hadn’t worked out all the details ?).

    I try to always give people the benefit of the doubt. I think we all should and not get caught up in a mob mentality.

    Denise F

    I do understand your thought though. Wes can be diplomatic and it would be a way to try and clear things up. I can see your pov even though I don’t think it would be a good idea at this moment.

    R p

    I think it’s important to remember that if people haven’t been “truthful” about this stuff over the years, it’s almost certainly because they’ve been co-erced or outright threatened. Those threats aren’t just made against the individual, but also against their loved ones. Sometimes it takes a third party (like Davis or Steve) to come in and expose the truth. I don’t think this should be considered slanderous or defamatory towards anyone.

    Steve E

    @Rp QUOTE: “I don’t think this should be considered slanderous or defamatory towards anyone.”

    Lol, well then it’s obvious that your values (or definitions of what slanderous & defamatory mean) are different than others and that’s ok, it’s what makes the world go round..!

    QUOTE: “Sometimes it takes a third party (like Davis or Steve) to come in and expose the truth.” Question: How many Time Shares do you own?

    My opinion is that- I wouldn’t waste a second on listening to anything the guy had to say…

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