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    Melodie P

    Robert, Thank you. I too try and keep an open mind. I would like to speak to you if theres anyway we could achieve that and your open to it let me know. I have little patience for the “experts” that have all the answers. I also feel somewhat reluctant about bringing some things up on a forum, everybody hates ridicule. Especially regarding ideas and theories that I havent even bounced off another person other than my alter.(just kidding!) Sorry I hadent responded sooner but I was gone for a few days.And thank you everybody for your responses! Its great to ponder all of the intelligent ideas and conclusions that everyone has shared

    r v

    I hate to say it, but everything goes out of focus the very second the “object” moves to the right in the background. If you watch the two most prominent trees at the moment of the anomaly they go out of focus at the same time. The palms are definitely moving, but my guess is it’s from the wind. The same wind moves a palm whose leaves are hidden behind the tree in the foreground. It definitely looks cool and “predator”-ish, but look again while not focusing on the anomaly and you’ll see everything go out of focus at the same time. The difference is that the palms are moving, while the trees remain still. I think it’s just a combination of the camera going out of focus for a brief second coupled with the blowing of palm leaves in the background. That being said I’m a firm believer that these beings are in that neck of the woods and Bob knows where to go to find them.

    Dave T

    I’m not a believer that these creatures have supernatural powers like cloaking. I believe they are flesh and blood no different than a bear or deer is. They have just mastered the art of hiding and being stealthy in their environment. Too bad we can’t train them to shoot a rifle, they’d be the most deadly snipers this world has ever seen.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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