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    Bigfoot is Fakery!
    “People said the same thing about electrical current until they stuck their finger in the socket too. By 1925 half the homes in the U.S. were using electricity and millions went from its a fake crowd, to believers overnight. ” ~Gumshoguy

    To put it another way, the “BS crowd,” “I don’t believe crowd,” and the “Show me proof crowd,” unintentionally block this Raising of Consciousness and Awareness thus, they hypothetically remove the stop signs and traffic signals from busy streets of knowledge leaving people to fend for themselves and chaos reigns. People can’t be informed or forewarned or even learn from the benefit of past experiences. They must blindly take their chances in life.


    So what, ignore them, they don’t believe, they will never believe in bigfoot.
    That goes for “everything – believe it or not”.

    Steve E

    I tend to look at it this way:

    Any intelligent person that takes the time to investigate the evidence “out there” that thinks this is all fake and made up is an idiot!

    On the other hand anyone who thinks it is all fake and made up WITHOUT reviewing the available evidence is just making an uninformed guess…



    “Today we value the right to have an opinion more than the ability to form one” … the Saker

    Thomas W

    Those who say Sasquatch is “fake” are almost always armchair warriors never venturing outside. Take a little time and almost anywhere you are in the US there is a “hotspot” within a couple of hours…….go see for yourself. You might become a “knower” or maybe nothing at all happens but at least you got outdoors and have a better understanding of why Sasquatch can easily make a living.

    Augustine L

    There is this current event and the news says it’s thus n such! BUT really it’s a conspiracy of people in powr or seeking ATTENTION who r faking us all out! Follow the money. You TOO can qualify for the TINFOIL HAT club IF you use enough capital letters and exclamation points and don’t paragraph. The most effective misinformation plays into existing FEARS, especially around health, safety and well-being. There is already so much uncertainties about causes and cures for new and existing DISEASES. EXTRA points for using quotation marks for “emphasis!?”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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