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    Sean C

    Has anyone else heard of Bashar? He is channeled through a man that holds events, and is open to all questions from his audience. I ask, because I saw a man question Bashar about sasquatch once. It was very interesting! Bashar claims that we humans, started out as a sasquatch type, that was genetically enhanced to develop alongside the other sasquatch as humans. He says that if this had not happened, we would all be sasquatch today! It sounds crazy to me too, but then if you think about all of the coincedences, like the fact that both alien and sasquatch truths have been so heavily guarded from us, by our so called big brother? Then, it almost seems like there could be some bigger truth being hidden from us, and that’s scary. I’m not saying I know the truth, I’m just saying that what if? I have read so many times, that if we as humans knew our own powers, there would not be a goberning body on the planet that could control us as we are now being controlled. I’m just wondering if anyone else thinks there may be something here worth questioning? I believe in God, but I also think that we have been purposefully dumbed down for control, by those that claim to know what is best for us, while they control all of the wealth in the world. We’ll never wake up, if we don’t start challenging what we have always been told!

    Danny T

    I believe the man, or “Bashar”, is repeating the Sumerian creation story of the Annunaki taking a terrestrial species from earth, and mixing Annunaki DNA to create a slave race, aka humans.

    It could explain why Sasquatch looks like us…or do we look like them?


    So, he says we were all sasquatches in our evolutionary past but with a little genetic tweaking by some unknown big brother we evolved from sasquatches to become us. That rings of some of the new age UFO lore that believe extraterrestrial aliens have tweaked our DNA some way to create us. This just incorporates sasquatches into the mix. It sounds to me like Bashar is versed in various new age mysticism and myths like Danny T mentioned and spins it from there.


    A psychic connection to bigfoot? Who were our engineers? How many bigfoots is he talking to? How does he know they’re being honest?

    Elise B

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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